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The Clash of God and King

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The Battle of the Century. Clash of the Titans. East meets West. The King of the Monsters faces the Eighth Wonder of the World. God and King. Godzilla vs King Kong.
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Fantastic! They both look excellent.

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Forces17Student Traditional Artist

MechaGodzilla will enjoy crushing both of those fools

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More like to get his ass whooped by them. Lol

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The best fighting scene of the Monsterverse but with a kilometer long carrier at the sea.

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kingkong19100Student Filmographer

Fantastic! While this is what we'll be seeing, Kong is going to be bigger. You can tell by the footage he isn't jumping, but swinging with one foot planted firmly into the ground, in a twisting motion! Love the little details, especially that weird dust coming out of Kong's hand!

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Kind of. It’s hard to tell for sure, but I’m also accounting that Godzilla was clearly not fully standing in that footage and that made them look roughly the same height. So I’d assume Godzilla would be a bit taller once he’s fully up. I actually initially used that exact footage as the main reference and looking at it back-to-back,.... Kong does look like he would be smaller no matter what. How much? It’s hard to tell. we can only speculate until something official has been released.

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kingkong19100Student Filmographer

No dude, you're actually 100% right! I brought it up in Toho Kingdom and Sayaka (someone who accurately leaks GvK stuff) confirmed it!

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ragman2002New Deviant
Its time for a DEATH BAAAAAATTLE!!!
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SBArtiSTedNew Deviant
Awesome artwork great job!👍🔥
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I have been waiting 50+ years to see Godzilla get his revenge on Kong. I will be a very happy camper when this happens!

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Wow! Can I share this(with credit and link) at

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yes. As long as there is credit and/or link. 🙂

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Well Kong, it was nice knowing you. You will be missed.
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kingkong19100Student Filmographer

We all know the only way Godzilla is winning this fight is with another random powerup!

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Respectfully disagree. Godzilla, after all, tanked nukes multiple times, possibly meteor strikes as well, has an atomic breath that can disintegrate other Kaiju, and basically has superior stats all around.

Kong may or may not be smarter (a lot of people assume this because he's an ape but since Godzilla doesn't actually approximate any known creature it's impossible to say), has longer reach on his melee strikes, and can grab...

Sorry, but I'm putting my money on the real King of the Monsters.

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The "tanked nukes" argument is irrelevant. Last time I checked Godzilla feeds on RADIATION and is Bio-Atomic. He feeds on the exact thing nukes release. And stays very deep in the ocean in a place with high pressure and temperatures

No shit he's going to tank one. Guess what? Kong also feeds on radiation. That's the reason he got as big as he did and in the leaks Kong made the subteranian hollow earth vents his new teritorry. The same as Godzilla he stay in a place with high pressure and temperatures.

"has an atomic breath that can disintegrate other Kaiju". 😂 I can't but laugh at this statement when his atomic breath barely inflicted scortch marks on the female muto and Ghidorah and was ineffective against Muto Prime. No where is it shown that Godzilla's atomic breath desintegrates his targets on impact.

The meteor feat in the awakening comic is complete utter crap. Godzilla "tanked" 100 teratons of TNT yet blunt force from the muto's and especially muto prime was enough to bring him to his knees, lesser muto filled him of cuts and gashes and overpowered him 2v1, Muto prime could cut trough his skin like trough butter and shattered his dorsal plates easily? If he really had "meteor tanking durability" the muto's wouldn't have been able to even scratch him.

Godzilla has been literally said by Gareth Edwards to be a grizzly bear/komodo dragon hybrid. Apes like gorillas own komodo dragons physically and can fight toe to toe with even grizzlies.

"Has longer reach on his melee attacks and can grab". You took the last part straight out of your ass

False. Godzilla's hand are shorter than Kong's. Kong's hands are longer and more muscular than Godzilla's, Kong's entire fost is bigger than the entirety of Godzilla's head. And Kong has something Godzilla doesn't.

Opposable thumb on his hand, semi-oposable on his feet.

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kingkong19100Student Filmographer

He tanked nukes but still bleeds to kaiju attacks. He definitely didn't survive that meteor strike pointblank, otherwise Shinomura (an enemy with heat-based weaknesses) would have been incinerated. He's also shown atop a chasm the next panel. Godzilla's atomic breath does not incinerate anything other than Shinomura who has a weakness to heat.

Kong IS way smarter. He's sentient. He knew Packard and Riccio were causing explosions on the island and moves to kill them rather than other people present during the events, he creates weapons on the fly mid-battle, and he uses tactics to win his fights. Godzilla does not have greater reach, Godzilla has shorter arms that can't bend the way Kong does, which will help Kong get out of all Godzilla's primary attack positions.

The only way Godzilla is winning is if Kong is nerfed. We all know an ape this size would be at least 70,000 tons, and that apes can lift anywhere from 6x-10x their own weights. But of course, the fans will get mad so Kong must be nerfed.

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Amazing ❤
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Ooh, that's pretty badass right here.

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SP-Goji-FanStudent Digital Artist

This is pretty accurate than what Fans expect. I do expect Kong to jump when he’s on that carrier, but in Land of Skull Island (presumedly on the Beach).

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SpeculaTimsauru5Hobbyist General Artist
hehe, love that you have long the little beard he has in the posters. :)
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