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MFS 6, MechaGodzilla, Monsterverse inspired

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This is my depiction of MechaGodzilla in the Monsterverse. It's essentially a living battleship created by humans with the help of a new advance alien tech that's built on top of the bones of a particularly large individual from the Godzilla species as its base foundation after discovering it to be surprisingly tough despite its age.
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Guess what, it will be canon.

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This is even better than the actual Legendary MechaGodzilla. 
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ZECTCustomUnit General Artist
The Final Member of the Toho Big 5
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Now it is Confirmed in Godzilla vs Kong!
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This is what they should use, THIS CONCEPT RIGHT HERE. This is so good, and it’s hard to believe it isn’t a 3D model of some sort! I absolutely love this, and I wanna see Legendary use this.

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God, I wish.

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LightsourceHero Digital Artist
If could be in Ready Player One
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so this how they bring Godzilla back to life

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giganusHobbyist Traditional Artist
I hope Monsterverse use this concept art as their official Mecha-godz :))))
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How fast you drew this? :O insane
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Haha fast is not the word for this piece. It took a long time, on and off.
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Goddamn, I'm in awe of this.  
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Even though I don't see Legendary including Mechagodzilla in the Monsterverse since they're trying to make it not too outlandish/unrealistic (What purpose would it fulfill to make a Godzilla-shaped mecha instead of a human-shaped one after all?), this looks awesome.
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It’s already being hinted at by Legendary, they might add Mechagodzilla in Godzilla vs Kong

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If we go by those articles, they have hints for half Toho kaijus from the Japanese Godzilla, but they'll have to choose out of those. They'll probably won't even use them after Godzilla vs Kong if you ask me, since I think the Monsterverse will either be over with Godzilla vs Kong, or there will be one more movie at best.
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Hm, I think it’s too early to end the monsterverse though, right? From what I know, they don’t really have any plans of stopping.

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SteveHardonProfessional Digital Artist
I love this. I love this so fucking much. I require an articulated figure of this design now.
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My friend argued that it would be impossible to design a western adaptation of MechaGodzilla, reasoning that he can't look faithful to the original design without appearing outlandish and ridiculously cartoon-ish (in the standards of Hollywood movies of course). I was bummed about it because i thought he made a valid point, until i found this and showed him, and there was a brief moment of silence before he said... "My God this could actually work!" XD
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His armor should be a synthetic diamond coating.
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Anything scifi that would allow him to take a hard hit from Godzilla.
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Love this, it be cool in the new movie but I doubt it....thanks for sharing
The new trailer for G2 looks great...hopefully it doesn't go too overboard with things....
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Yeah, I think it's unlikely MG will ever show up, but it's fun to imagine it.
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ToonHoltStudent General Artist
So badass
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