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I'm not a big fan of journals to be honest. Also, I'm like writing at least 4-5 hours a day, so that pretty much uses up all my writing energy. However I feel it's high time to freshen this up a little so here's what I've been up to lately.

I moved to Spain, I've been here for the last 6 months, but I'm already planning to move to the UK sometime this year. Fingers crossed on that one. I also started studying again, some more Computer Science, using Harvard and Stanford University OpenCourseware education. If you're also interested on how you can study fro free at an ivy league school, please visit my blog… where you will find mindblowingly interesting details. You're welcome to like it on Facebook, follow it on Twitter, etc

After 3 years of being an editor for a big music website, I decided to gather all the articles I wrote related to music and turn it into a book, now that offers a free solution of self-publishing. In case you speak or read Romanian, I urge you to download the book, which is free at the following link: You might or might not like it, but what the hell, it's a free book, there's not much to loose now, is there? :)

So, yes. Basically this is the reason why I've been hardly posting any new work lately. I've been busy doing everything else. Now I am writing a Computer Science book in English, which I want to finish by the end of May, and also working on Irina Popa's artist website which is basically done, but not yet online.

Other places you can find me:
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Hi there :)

Finally it really seems to be happening... I'm getting myself a Wacom Bamboo Fun graphic tablet (…). Yeeeey!!! I started to want and need one about two years ago, but never really had the money for it, mainly because the Academy costs quite a lot, and whenever I had a little spare money I spent it on CDs or DVDs, which is really cool actually, cuz now i have a really nice collection of music and movies, all in original! But it's really time to get a Bamboo! It costs me around 110 euros, which compared to what the prices were about 2 years ago, is quite good. Oh, I can hardly wait... about two more weeks to wait. That a lot of time to wait when you want something so much... Does any of you out there own this piece of great technology? :D
  • Listening to: to my minf goin' all crazy on me...
  • Reading: wacom specifications
  • Watching: wacom videos
  • Playing: with an imaginary wacom tablet
  • Eating: an imaginary pizza
  • Drinking: an imaginary kinley
Wazzup people? The swine-flu took ya or what? I just got my 2000th pageview. It ain't much in a little over a year but it's sure something and I'm proud of it.
So, if you're not too busy doin' nothin', you might wanna tell me how the hell you're all doin' :)
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I have an announcement to make... No, it aint my birthday, I haven't just got married, none of my pets died, so there's no reason for celebrating. I just started my first stock account, which you can find here:
Now, the stock items are not actually all my work, there will be hopefully some of mine too, but this account will start with photos of people i know and who want their images to be manipulated in any possible and impossible way. So, i am starting with hosting their photos. Feel free to use them as long as you credit them via me. I hope you'll like them and will inspire you.

A few simple stock rules:
1. Whenever you use one of my stock items, be kind and link back in your comment crediting me and the model.
2. None of my stock items can be used for obscene art.
3. Don't use any of them outside deviantart, unless I give my written permission to do so.
4. Don't forget to credit me with a link!!!
5. Download for full size.

Take care and have a great weekend!!!
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