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Pirate!Spain x Pirate!Reader x UK - Norway Ending
Antonio starts to laugh and you all look at him.
“You have tried before. What will make it different this time?”
“This time?”
He turn and look straight at you.
“This time you both have something you desire, but which is also your weak point”
You knew he were talking about you. He were determined to get you with him today at all cost. Due to it ensuring the capture of the other two captains at a later point.
“That will be over my dead body, as I told to the other marine soldiers”
“You have already met Tino I assume”
You smile. Right now, he were fighting with Thomas, who would keep him occupied. His plan were working as he intended it to.
“I am sure he will be here any minute”
You look at Lukas dumbfounded. Did he just say that. He did not even know who his captains were fighting with. You still had Arthur behind you and you needed a plan. You could not take on both Antonio and Lukas at the same ti
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OOTW1 by Easy1Vision OOTW1 :iconeasy1vision:Easy1Vision 16 2 OOTD by Easy1Vision OOTD :iconeasy1vision:Easy1Vision 3 0
Pirate!Spain x Pirate!Reader x UK - UK Ending
Antonio starts to laugh and you all look at him.
“You have tried before. What will make it different this time?”
“This time?”
He turn and look straight at you.
“This time you both have something you desire, but which is also your weak point”
You knew he were talking about you. He were determined to get you with him today at all cost. Due to it ensuring the capture of the other two captains at a later point.
“That will be over my dead body, as I told to the other marine soldiers”
“You have already met Tino I assume”
You smile. Right now, he were fighting with Thomas, who would keep him occupied. His plan were working as he intended it to.
Arthur have not yet said anything, but you feel his hand on your shoulder. With the two of you being together gave you an advantage, but both opponents were strong and you kind of feared them both. Lukas were strong and could both fight with a sword, but also had magic. Anton
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Natsu Dragneel by Easy1Vision Natsu Dragneel :iconeasy1vision:Easy1Vision 12 0 Waving by Easy1Vision Waving :iconeasy1vision:Easy1Vision 0 0 BookGirl by Easy1Vision BookGirl :iconeasy1vision:Easy1Vision 3 0
Pirate!Spain x Pirate!Reader x UK 41
“That is actually quite clever, dude!”
“That can actually work and it will make it easier to get rid of all the top class marines. Let’s do this!”
You all start running in different directions. You look around the fighting crowd trying to locate the one you wanted to see least in this world right now, Gilbert. You get to the other railing of Antonio’s ship and see him fighting with Kirkland on his own ship. You look out to the side and see the marines’ ships are almost beside all of the fighting ships. You again look at the fight before you and take a deep breath. You take a hold of the rope hanging down from one of the sails and step up on the railing. You swing yourself over on the other ship and land just behind Gilbert. Gilbert turn to see the source of the noise and see you. You stand up straight with a sword in hand and trying to look as though Gilbert didn’t affect you.
“Well, well, well… Who do we have here? Lost?
:iconeasy1vision:Easy1Vision 3 6
The day of the dead by Easy1Vision The day of the dead :iconeasy1vision:Easy1Vision 4 0 Satisfied by Easy1Vision Satisfied :iconeasy1vision:Easy1Vision 2 0
Pirate!Spain x Pirate!Reader x UK 40
Inside you feel relived and just want to throw yourself into the arms of Arthur. It was quite selfish of you for thinking that, but you didn’t care. Right now you had waited for Arthur to come for a little over two months and here he was. Standing right before you ready to take you with him, but Antonio was still standing in his way. You start to trash around in your bonds once again to try and break free. Antonio smirk and begins to laugh.
“Its funny. For a time she was mine. I had broken her spirit and completely made her submissive, but when she heard about you alive she regained all her hope”
He takes a glance at you.
“When I have gotten rid of you I will pleasure myself in really break her a little at the time and enjoy every second!”
At that moment Arthur attacks Antonio. He is in rage over Antonio’s words. The sword and the axe meet and a high metallic sound echoes through the room. Arthur jump back when he feel Antonio pressuring him and crea
:iconeasy1vision:Easy1Vision 2 5
Pirate!Spain x Pirate!Reader x UK 39
You sit there alone for the reminder of the afternoon. When the night comes Antonio again walks into the room and completely ignores you. He gets his jacket and hat off. Lay his pistol and sword on the table. He walks over to the bed and sits on the edge and starts to take off his booths and shirt. He takes a glance at you out of the corner of his eye. You are sitting in the exact position he left you in multiple hours before. He resumes his task and takes of the rest of his shirt. He takes of his pants and gets under the covers of his bed.
The sun breaks through the windows and illuminate the floor and your hand, which is lying on the floor. You have tried to go to sleep for the whole night, but no matter how much you tried you just couldn’t. Your position were beginning to be really uncomfortable, but there was not much you could do about it. You could only switch your position a little thanks to the chain around your neck, which only let you be in a sitting position. Antonio w
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Manga Creator: Romance page 1 (Mobile friendly) by Rinmaru Manga Creator: Romance page 1 (Mobile friendly) :iconrinmaru:Rinmaru 744 103 Mulan by NeoArtCorE Mulan :iconneoartcore:NeoArtCorE 7,794 173 Peace by iraisavampire Peace :iconiraisavampire:iraisavampire 1,143 153 Watch your tongue by shilin Watch your tongue :iconshilin:shilin 1,239 33
Pirates!Hetalia Part 4
Finally, he was able to write on his journal after you have fallen into a deep slumber...
A loud slap echoed around the room.
It hurt, but the pain he felt in his heart was hurt more. 
His mother, Marionette gasped, but stayed on her ground. 
Francis couldn't bare to look at his father's eyes. Not after what he had done..
"You selfish child! How could you let her fall onto the hands of the pirates?" Abélard said harshly as Francis swallowed his hot and dry throat. 
"I'm terribly sorry pére." He apologized. He imagined your scared expression when you were kidnapped by that English bastard. Another pain pierced into his heart as  his hands turned into fists.
"Why can't you do anything right? Not even once! You are a disgrace of our family name."
Francis dropped onto his knees, his teary blue eyes hid behind his blond hair hanging in front of his face. His body was still injured and was still not treated as he went straight to his father after the raid
:iconnoirxantlers:NoirxAntlers 11 5
Eighteen Years, eighteen styles by DuckLordEthan Eighteen Years, eighteen styles :iconducklordethan:DuckLordEthan 1,566 118 Don't fly away! by Queen-KittyKat Don't fly away! :iconqueen-kittykat:Queen-KittyKat 991 58 [+Video] Commission - Bunbun Chibi by Hyanna-Natsu [+Video] Commission - Bunbun Chibi :iconhyanna-natsu:Hyanna-Natsu 3,500 110 [Com]YCH Summer 3 by MiruukiiART [Com]YCH Summer 3 :iconmiruukiiart:MiruukiiART 211 12 SM: Uranus and Neptune by iza-chan SM: Uranus and Neptune :iconiza-chan:iza-chan 144 10 We're Okay by Jyundee We're Okay :iconjyundee:Jyundee 544 22 Creme brulee by sandara Creme brulee :iconsandara:sandara 5,223 236 Shark Week Day 4|1 by Yamio Shark Week Day 4|1 :iconyamio:Yamio 852 38 Boku No Marvel Academia art 3 by DuckLordEthan Boku No Marvel Academia art 3 :iconducklordethan:DuckLordEthan 1,011 54 Mikasa Ackerman :18+ optional: by Axsens Mikasa Ackerman :18+ optional: :iconaxsens:Axsens 3,506 78 Nsio Body Practice2: Hips, Thighs and Butts by Nsio Nsio Body Practice2: Hips, Thighs and Butts :iconnsio:Nsio 4,790 190



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Antonio starts to laugh and you all look at him.

“You have tried before. What will make it different this time?”
“This time?”

He turn and look straight at you.

“This time you both have something you desire, but which is also your weak point”

You knew he were talking about you. He were determined to get you with him today at all cost. Due to it ensuring the capture of the other two captains at a later point.

“That will be over my dead body, as I told to the other marine soldiers”
“You have already met Tino I assume”

You smile. Right now, he were fighting with Thomas, who would keep him occupied. His plan were working as he intended it to.

“I am sure he will be here any minute”

You look at Lukas dumbfounded. Did he just say that. He did not even know who his captains were fighting with. You still had Arthur behind you and you needed a plan. You could not take on both Antonio and Lukas at the same time.

“Love, I have a plan. Close your eyes”


You take a few seconds to process what he had said and then do it. At the same time you close your eyes Arthur recite a spell that fills the room with a blinding light. When you open your eyes again the light have almost faded and Arthur and Lukas is already in a magical fight with each other. You saw them fight and it was like that time when Lukas attacked your ship. You realise something as you are standing there in awe of the fighting. If Lukas and Arthur were already fighting then that meant there were only two people left. Yourself and Antonio. You look to your side at where Antonio were just before the blinding light, but he is not there.


You do a spin to quickly scan the room and you discover Antonio’s attack just in time to block it. You move away from him to collect yourself. Tht was a little too close.

“Aw.. Here I had the chance. You are always too lucky, _______”
“I am not feeling lucky”

You take a stance to be able to both attack, but also block a sudden attack. Antonio does not even look like he were serious about this fight at all. He just swung his axe on top of his shoulder and held his hand on his hip with a big smile on his lips.

“It was some trick he pulled there, but it didn’t work. I have fought him many time. So will you fight me?”
“If I can avoid it, no”
“Come on, Chica. You are so cold”

You just keep an eye on him without answering. He frowns for a second and then look like he just got an idea.

“I have an idea. Why not make this fight more interesting?”

More interesting. Were he insane? If you got of these ships you could run to the end of the world and be free.

“If you win this fight. I will let you go and never bother you again, but …”

Always a but.

“… If I win. You have to be here willingly and so does he”

He points to Arthur behind you. You do not look afraid to take your eyes of the enemy.

“Why should I even agree to that. It is what will happen if I do not win anyway”
“It would just be fun”
“You have a twisted vision on fun”

You dolt forward and swing your sword downwards towards Antonio, but he blocks the attack and push you backwards. He does not wait for you to recover and attacks instantly. You block the attack, but the impact pushes you backwards and you stumble on your feet.
You land on the floor and start to roll to your side when you see Antonio bringing his axe down towards you. You dodge the attack and get up on your feet. You turn to face Antonio, but when you have turned towards him he is already right in front of you and he pushes you backwards towards the wall beside one of the windows. He lifts up his axe and position its handle right at your chest. It pins you to the wall. You try to push away the axe by holding it with your hands, but Antonio is strong. He looks down at you.

“I have always loved this view”

You look up at him with angry eyes.

“It looks like I win”
“You have not won yet”
“Oh but, chica. You have been pinned against the wall and not a sword at hand. What will you do? Stare me to death?”

He leans in closer and you try to move away. He were right you could not run and your sword were laying behind him somewhere. Why were you so helpless?
Just as you are thinking that somebody comes in the door and it was not somebody you had expected. Tino and Berwald were standing in the doorway looking at the two parties fight. Antonio is taking his attention of you for a second and you take this chance to push his axe away a little and drop down to the floor to glide in between his legs to get the sword behind him. You get up and now stand face to face with Tino and Berwald and has Antonio behind you. If this turned into a fight you were not the one coming out of it alive. You wanted to back away, but didn’t know how far behind you Antonio were.
You get your sword up in front of you. You had to fight if necessary.

“Just follow along quietly, _______”
“Every pirate or marine on these ships are trying to get to me. I am quite popular so get in line”

You flip your head a little backwards without taking your eyes of Tino, to motion for Antonio.

“Though, I won’t mind giving you Antonio”

Tino looks behind you at Antonio who is probably giving him or your neck a good stare. You use the distraction to get a feel on Arthur and Lukas’ fight. They seem to be at a stall for the moment. They both breathed heavily while starring each other down. You turn your attention to your own fight.

“Please step aside and let me pass”
“You will be coming with us. Whether you like it or not”

He was losing his patience.

“I am afraid I can’t do that”

You move forward and attack Tino to make him and Berwald move away from the door, but as soon as you try to land a hit on Tino Berwald’s long heavy sword is blocking your attack. When you stop in your tracks to comprehend the situation Tino starts to attack you. He were not kidding when he earlier said that they could take you with a few body parts short. He were directing his attack directly at your left arm. You did not have time to move away, but just when the sword is almost hitting your arm you are being pulled back by your dress and an arm is making its way around your waist holding you tightly.
You look to your side. It was Antonio who had snatched you away. This made your own emotions into a conflicting uproar. On one hand you hated him, on the other you were grateful for him saving you. He swings his axe in front of him for protection.

“How dare you touch her. She is mine and only mine!”

And then you feelings were back to normal. Of course that is why he did it. You peel yourself of Antonio.

“Get your hands of me!”

You stand beside Antonio who let you go and you stand before Tino and Berwald. You were all in your fighting stances ready to attack or defend at any moment. You were again standing in front of Tino. If the fight should break out as it probably would you would fight him. You had never really seen him fight, so it would be hard to predict his movements.
Just as you were thinking that Antonio made his move and swung his axe in Berwald’s direction. He blocked the attack and at the same time Tino started attacking you. You block, but he keeps attacking and it requires your full concentration to keep up. You had to admit that it were quite lacking from the constant captivity and your earlier fights. You do the best you can, but it were not quite enough. You get cuts on both arms, stomach and legs. You try to come up with a plan, but Tino does not make any room for making up plans. He hit your cheek, but you dodge it in time to only get a small cut. You jump back to get some space between you. You are breathing heavily, while he did not seem that out of breath.

“Can’t you see you are no match? Just give up”
“If I were one that gave up I would not be standing here right now. I would be chained to a wall for the rest of my life and that I would like to avoid! You will have to drag me along!”
“If that is how I should do it, then so be it”

He takes a fighting stance again and so do you. You had not yet come up with a plan to beat him. You just hoped it would all work out.
Suddenly a major explosion is happening just right in front of you and you are blown away and land on the floor on your back. You groan and your ears a ringing. You get up on your side to see that most of the wall that were the only protection between people and the sea, were gone. Fresh wind is blowing into the room. You sit up and look around. The whole room is a mess. Papers are flying around the floor from all the books and maps. Wood are falling from the ceiling and smoke rise from the small flames here and there. You get up on your feet unsteadily. Tino is also on his way to his feet and the same with Antonio and Berwald though a little slower. You look in the direction the explosion came from. You knew that it had to be Lukas and Arthur who somehow made it. There is thick smoke and you can not see them through it. You start to walk closer to the smoke and as you do you see two blurred figures inside.
Dread starts to take over. They were both standing still. You try to make out who is who and determine that the one to your right, closets to the sea, is Arthur. The smoke starts to disappear and Arthur collapses to the floor as you make your way. You panic. You get yourself together and run over to him. You clumsily land on the floor beside him.
He were covered in bruises, cuts and wounds that were much worse.


You say quietly to him as a question to see if he would respond. He groans and you start to look him up and down to assess all wounds.

“Arthur say something!”

He does not really answer and tears start to form in your eyes and roll down your cheeks.

“Arthur! Don’t do this! Don’t! Please!”

You look down at his face. He opens his eyes a little. He were covered in blood. You reach out for his hand and take it with both your hands.


He says your name weakly and a little smile form on his lips before he twist it in agony.

“Arthur… You are going to be okay!”

You felt his hand get weaker, as it got heavier. Arthur were losing his strength. You look around. Antonio, Tino and Berwald were already fighting again. You get eye contact with Lukas. You quickly look away and back to Arthur.
You wipe away some of your tears. Lukas approaches you and when you hear his footsteps you flinch.

“Stay away!”

You scream at him, but in vain he just walks closer. You turn with a defiant look to protect Arthur from Lukas. You were still holding his hand. You find get up your sword and hold it in front of you.

“He is done for. Give up”

His words hit you like a rock to your head. He could not. You would not let it happen. Not ever. You had just recently discovered your feelings for him and now he were going to disappear. You feel a light squeeze of your hand and turn your head to Arthur completely ignoring Lukas.

“….________.... Listen…., Love…”

You come closer to him.

“I lost…”
“We haven’t lost yet. You were going to change my future right. You are not done”
“I’m sorry….”

Suddenly a faint light starts to emit from his hand and it started spreading. You had seen this light before. It were the light that emitted right before you had met Arthur. More tears started streaming down your cheeks. He were going to disappear.

“NO! Don’t go! Don’t leave me!”

You squeeze his hand in an attempt to make him stay but it were in vain. Suddenly you are being pulled from behind and you try to struggle. Lukas have grabbed a hold of you and are taking you away from Arthur.

“No, let me go!”

You try to struggle as tears stream down your face and more light emitting around Arthur. You could not just let him go. You had not told him yet. You had not told him that you loved him. You still struggle as much as you can, but it is in vain. Lukas gives you a last push and you are stumbling back and hit somebody. Arms are locking themselves around your body. You can’t escape. More and more of Arthur disappear. You did not want him to go.
Berwald is holding a tight grip around your waist and is hoisting you up in the air so you are not touching the ground. You kick and hit him to get free, but he won’t budge.

“Let me go! Let me go!”

The light gets so strong that it is blinding. You cover your eyes from the light and when it is gone so is Arthur. Nothing left of him than the blood on the floor. You stop struggling of shear chock. He was gone. More tears start to stream down your cheeks and on to the floor. You just stare at the spot he were laying on moments before. You do not feel Berwald loosing his grip and dumping you on the floor. You were just starring at the spot were Arthur were seconds ago.

“Where is Carriedo?”
”He disappeared. Should we pursue?”
“No leave him. He will come to us eventually”

He looks at you who looks completely broken. Lukas says a few magic words and chains appear around your wrists, which is connected by a chain to your neck.

“We retreat. Inform all”

Lukas starts to walk out the door. Tino and Berwald with you in his arms walk right behind. You all get out on the deck were the fighting is still ongoing and more people are lying around injured or dead. You are not seeing much. You are still in shock.
They all move over the decks of the ships to get to their own ship, who were now just right beside yours. You look down at the deck and your eyes widen. Thomas. He were lying in pain on the deck. A pool of blood below him. He had been fighting with Tino before you left to help Arthur against Antonio. You start to struggle again upon seeing him. More of your crew members were scattered around the deck.


He looks up at you and his eyes widen.
Mathias, who were covered in blood together with his axe comes up to Lukas.

“We are retreating”

Lukas orders and Mathias takes a look at you. You give him a weak glare and still try to struggle. Mathias nod at Lukas and inform some men. You swing around your arms and legs in a last attempt to get free and you hit Berwald hard on his thigh making him loosing his grip. He drops you on the deck and you get up. You were about to run when the green monster is suddenly in front of you. Its big hand comes down and throws you across the deck making you hit the railing and land on your side. You try to get up, but it is hard due to the chains.
Lukas walks over and crouch down.

“You are not free anymore”
“I never were…”

You say before you lose consciousness. Lukas get up and the green monster takes you up from the deck and all marines are making their retreat back to their ships.

It had already been two months since the big fight between the pirates and the marines. You had been captured and were now a prisoner at the marines at the main headquarter. You had not received any conviction for piracy, due to your “usefulness” as Lukas called it. You had received a private cell in an isolated part of the facility. You were no near the other prisoners. It was actually just a room with no windows and a door with a little window with iron bars. You had a bed, which were decent considering your current status. A little table adorned the other side of the room with two chairs and a plate with some leftover food.
You were visited once a day by Lukas or one of the other marines. Either to get food or for them to get information about Arthur or Antonio. You were trying to give them a hard time. This isolation were beginning to get on your nerves. You were going insane. At least you had company for max five minutes a day. More when Lukas came. He were really interested in your Arthur, how he came, what his goal were and all of that. At first you did not tell him, but as time went by you saw no point in fighting.

You were sitting in your bed against the wall looking at the ceiling when you heard voices down the hallway. You were going to have a visitor. Not long after did you hear the sound of the lock. The door opens and reveal Lukas. He steps coldly into the room with his poker face and a plate of food. He walks to the end of the room and places it on the table, you just study him and do not go for the food. Lukas leans against the opposite wall from you with closed eyes.
You sit in silence before Lukas moves away from the wall, takes a chair and places it in front of the bed. He sits down and crosses both his legs and arms. He stare you in the eyes. You look away and start to study your hands.

“Kirkland have made a move”

You look up at him when he says that.

“He is looking for you. He broke into one of the other marine facilities in the hope of finding you”

You study him. Trying to figure out if he told the truth.

“You are more valuable than first anticipated. I never would have imagined that he would ravage one marine facility after the other”

You go back to studying your fingers. You did not how to respond. Inside you were a little happy that he were looking for you. Also if it were not the Arthur you fell in love with. Just thinking about him made your heart hurt.

“When am I not useful anymore?”

This was a question you’ve had for a long time. You just asked. There were nothing you could lose anyway.
You look up again awaiting Lukas answer. He shifts in the chair and then answer.

“When we have both Kirkland and Carriedo. Though Carriedo is nowhere to be found at the moment”
“Hmm. What awaits me on the other side. Dead?”

Lukas is now the one studying you.

“I would like to know what you have in store for me after I’m useless. I have not much to do anyway”
“It has not been decided yet. Probably hanging for piracy”

It were what you had expected. You lean your head back against the wall again and look up at the ceiling. Lukas does not leave even though you were now ignoring him and his presence. He were just sitting there on the chair looking at you. You did not move an inch. Suddenly Lukas moves and you look at him standing up. He walks over to the door and opens it up. He stops and turn around to face you.

“Enjoy your stay. At this rate it will be long”

He turn on his heel and walk out of the room locking the door behind him. The last thing you heard before the silence were the sound of Lukas feet hitting the floor as he walked away from the cell and let you swell in your isolation.
Pirate!Spain x Pirate!Reader x UK - Norway Ending

It has really been a long time, but I have been really busy in school the last many months. So many things have happened.

For those of you who are still following this story and hopes that there will be more chapters are both fortunate and not so much, because the endings are finally here. I have decided to do different endings for you guys and this is the first which were how I wanted the story to end, but what if did not end like this??????

I will do the following endings:
- Lukas Bondevik
- Antonio Fernandes Carriedo
- Reader ending

I hope that you will look forward to these other endings, but while I will do the other endings you can have fun reading this extra long chapter with the ending of Arthur Kirkland. I believe that there s over 35 pages of content in a word document, so enjoy!!!!!

Chapter 38:…
Chapter 41:…
Arthur Kirkland…
Lukas Bondevik ending: --------
Antonio Fernandes Carriedo ending:
Reader ending:
Antonio starts to laugh and you all look at him.

“You have tried before. What will make it different this time?”
“This time?”

He turn and look straight at you.

“This time you both have something you desire, but which is also your weak point”

You knew he were talking about you. He were determined to get you with him today at all cost. Due to it ensuring the capture of the other two captains at a later point.

“That will be over my dead body, as I told to the other marine soldiers”
“You have already met Tino I assume”

You smile. Right now, he were fighting with Thomas, who would keep him occupied. His plan were working as he intended it to.
Arthur have not yet said anything, but you feel his hand on your shoulder. With the two of you being together gave you an advantage, but both opponents were strong and you kind of feared them both. Lukas were strong and could both fight with a sword, but also had magic. Antonio were covered in wounds, but that did not make you fear him less. He were also strong and the big axe did not make him less intimidating.

“Arthur do you have a plan on how we can get out of here?”

You whisper to him as you are still eyeing your two opponents. He clear his throat.

“I have one, but it is not a good one”
“Anything will do right now”
“How’s outside?”
“Thomas and Kirkland is keeping the marines and the other pirate captains occupied”
“Good, then my plan gets a little better”
“Care to share?”
“Keep your eyes on Antonio”

Before you can even react, Arthur chants a spell, which makes everything blurry for a second, but as soon as you can see again. Lukas and Arthur are already fighting in a fierce battle of magic. You look up and realize that you are standing in front of Antonio who rubs his eyes in an attempt to see again. You get back to your senses and attack Antonio. You cut him on his upper arm and he flinch in pain and takes a few steps back, while swinging his axe around. You get into fighting position. Antonio stops and starts to remove his hand from his eyes and you can see his beautiful green eyes between his fingers. They are staring or fixated on you as he regain his sight. You do not know which spell Arthur casted, but you just assume that it is a part of his plan and he meant to set you up against Antonio. You just hoped that you could take him down taken into consideration that you did not have much luck doing so in the past.

A smirk is forming on Antonio’s lips. He were up to something.

“_______ …, I never thought that it would be you against me. Feeling lucky today? Think that you can handle me alone? Your little boyfriend had trouble”
“It will not be a problem”

You lunches forward to try to check Antonio’s current strength and see if he were lowing his guard at some points after having been fighting for some time. If you were going to win it would not be by brute force, but through taking it slowly, looking for flaws in his style and observe him overall. You had to be smarter and put your faith in your skills in fighting. Antonio blocks your attack with his axe and you jump back to avoid his counter attack. You land on the ground on your feet and do not take your eyes of Antonio as Arthur said you should.

“Of course it will not be a problem, because it has not been so far, right?”

You want to say something back to him, but he were right. You had not once won against him. What would be the difference now? No! You couldn’t think like that. He was trying to get to you as always. He knew exactly which buttons to push to get on your nerves or tip you out of balance.
You swing your head from side to side to get rid of all your thoughts and again you attack Antonio. Once again he blocks your attack with his axe, but you notice that he were not guarding as well as before. You get caught up in your thoughts for a counter measure for his newly sloppiness and gets caught unguarded by one of Antonio’s attacks. He pushes you back and swings his axe and cuts you on your left leg. At least it were not the right, which were your support leg, but it still hurt. You cringe and hold against the fresh wound on your leg. This would make it a lot harder to fight. You curse yourself for being too reckless and get caught up in your own thoughts during a battle. Why is it that this guy is so hard to win against? Why couldn’t you win over him, contra all the other men and pirates you had defeated? Was it because that he were a country just like yourself?

“Whats wrong? Do you not have your head in the game?”

It was too late. He were already in front of you before you could react. He moves the handle of his axe behind your legs and swiftly unbalance you so you fall on your back on the hard floor of his quarters. You close your eyes in the fall and the next thing you see is Antonio trying to weight the handle of his axe down on your throat. Your body reacts fast by releasing your sword and taking a grip at the handle of the axe to try to get it away from your throat. Antonio leans forward and the weight becomes heavier. He lean so much forward that his face is right in front of yours, A few inches above. He blocks your vision with his face and it forces you to look him straight in the eye. You knit your brow in pain, as the weight on the handle gets heavier. You can feel his breath on your face as he begins to speak.

“There is actually one thing that I have thought about ever since I found out that there were two Arthur’s and that one came from the future”

He stops to look at your face and then continues.

“What will you do when he returns?”

You open your eyes wide in surprise by the question. Even you had not thought of that. It was like Arthur had never dumped into your world the first time you had fought against Lukas. What would you do? You knew that you loved him, but you had never thought about that.
A new smirk forms on Antonio’s face, but it is not the dark one, but the annoying and happy go lucky kind of smile. He were enjoying your surprise.

“Guess you didn’t thought about that yet, but I am curious. What will you do? Will you be defenseless? Stronger? Find new allies? Tell me”

The weight of the handle were too much for your strength. You had to get him away from you right now or the handle would fall on your neck and suffocate you to death.
Arthur who is fighting with Lukas sees your predicament and tries to come to your rescue, but Lukas blocks the way with magic and makes sure that he could not get past.

“He is killing her you bloody bastard!”
“What is she to you? You are nothing, but a lowlife pirate”

Lukas attacks again and Arthur blocks with a counter spell. Arthur had not told anyone about his true identity except for _______ and a part of her crew. It was to both protect her and himself, but this situation required action and an action which could have consequences later.

“You have to listen to me. I am not the one you are really after”
“You are Kirkland are you not?”
“Yes, but not the one you are trying to capture. You know the rules of magic and the power and possibilities behind them. Am I right?”

Lukas stops for a second and nods.

“I am also Arthur Kirkland, but I am not this time’s Arthur Kirkland. I come from the future. I came back to save her and I am not letting her be killed. I want her to exist in my life time”

Lukas is eyeing Arthur from a distance and take a quick glance over at _______ and Antonio and then back at Arthur.

“In my life time she is dead. She has been killed and I came back to change that destiny. I can not let her die again”

Lukas thinks for a second. Arthur just wait while he looks at you trying not to get suffocated by the handle of Antonio’s axe. It felt like time were passing by so slowly. Finally Lukas makes his decision if he believes Arthur’s story or not and he moves to the side without saying anything.
Arthur takes this as a cue to start running towards Antonio and you. Arthur takes the handle of the sword and pound it into the back of Antonio’s head. Antonio suddenly moves very slow and falls down upon you. You see Arthur standing behind Antonio panting heavily. He gets Antonio of off you and you get up and he embraces you. You get your arms around him as well. This were the first time in months that you had been held by his arms and it felt really nice. It felt comforting. Suddenly you hear his voice in your ear.

“I really thought that this would be the end. That I would have failed”

You hug him harder as answer. You look over his shoulder and spots Lukas standing there looking at you and Arthur. You part from Arthur and he turns around also to face Lukas. Lukas steps forward so there are only a few meters between you. He looks down at Antonio who is unconscious on the floor.

“I believe your story, but that does not change the fact that she is a wanted pirate”

You sink a lump in your throat by his words. There were clearly some information in this conversation that you were missing. You look at Arthur and he looks at Lukas. Lukas again takes a glance at Antonio’s body.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances I will let you go, but I will take Carriedo into custody, but mark my words. The next time that we meet I will not be as generous as now”

You nod, as his cold stare is boring into your eyes. You take a hold of Arthur and start to drag him out of the room. It felt strangely freeing to walk out of the room with somebody that you loved and knowing that you would not see Antonio for some time. You close the door behind you and Arthur and stop up in the hallway. You lean Arthur against the wall and he glides down and sits on the floor. He has a lot of cuts all over his body and they were all inflicted by Antonio. You feel rage well up in you and you feel like going back and just stick your sword through Antonio’s heart. Your hands start to shake as you tend to one of the many wounds and Arthur puts his hand over yours and you look up at him. You look into his carrying eyes and he leans down and kisses you deeply. It were a kiss which told you that he had missed you and that he loved you. You kissed him back. It was so long since you had given a kiss that you meant. All the kisses you had given Antonio and the ones he had given to you were just not the same as this one. You part and for some reason you start to blush. You don’t know why.

“I love you, _______”

You look at him in surprise and blush even more. He smiles at you as you just look at him dumbfounded. He were really saying it. The thing you had come to realize as you had lived on this ship. That you loved him back. You are just about to answer him back when the whole ship starts to shake. Another cannonball have hit the ship. You get Arthur up from the floor and just before you reach the door, he lets go of you and take all his last strength to stand by himself. You open the door and you both step out to an even bigger chaos than before. The marines had now joined the battle and they were everywhere.

“Lets go”

You follow Arthur through the crowd and fight pirates who came to near. You two get to the railing of Antonio’s ship and get over on Antonio’s ship. When you land you slay down a few enemy pirates and you take a glance at the upper deck where Thomas is still fighting with Tino.

“Arthur, what is the plan from here?”

He looks at you with sweat on his forehead.

“Actually, the plan did not include an escape, so if you have any ideas then please share”

You look at him dumbfounded. Did he just say that he engaged in a battle he did not know how to get away from? You look around and try to think up a plan. How to get your whole crew away from these ships. You look up at Arthur again and get an idea.

“I have an idea. We need to get the crews over to the ships little by little. It is a risky plan, but it will probably work”
“That’s all we have, so how to alarm the crews?”

You smile.

“That is the easy part”

Arthur looks confused at you and does not understand what you are plotting.

“Can you handle Tino for a second I need Thomas?”

Arthur nod and you start to run towards Thomas and his battle partner, Tino. You jump up the stairs and as soon as Arthur is behind you, you take a step forward and yank Thomas from behind and out of the way from Tino’s sword and instead he is coming directly for Arthur. He blocks his attack and counter attack. You take a hold of the surprised Thomas.

“I need your help”

You smile at him and he get up on his feet.

“We need to get our crew on to the ship, but also Arthur Kirkland’s on his ship. Lastly, I have not been able to spot Mia yet, so we need to find her as well”

He nods.

“Antonio is going to come out of that door any moment and in custody of the marines, when he does be ready to yell for a retreat. The other pirates will probably be trying to get him back. The other captains are fighting the marines, so they will be no problem”

He nods again and knows what to do. He starts to run and jump over on the other ship and again run over the deck of Antonio’s ship to get to Gilbert’s. Not a few moments after his Antonio being dragged out from his quarters and you start to yell. As you had predicted the pirates, who is a part of Antonio’s crew is starting to move in on Lukas. The ones from your crew, whom you can see is starting to move away from Lukas and starts to move towards your ship. You can see that Thomas have alerted the others on the other ships and to your surprise also Arthur Kirkland and his crew. You smile at the success of your plan and moves back over Francis’ ship. You yell to Arthur.

“It is time to bail!”

You cut down a pirate and start to move towards your ship. Arthur hears you and he attacks Tino with full force and injures him on his left leg. You stumbles and Arthur takes the chance, jumps over him and run down the stairs. He meets up with you and you both run to the railing. You take a look and realize that you have to swing yourself over on the other side. Arthur is faster than you in realizing and have already taken a rope, ready to swing over. He takes a hold of you by putting his arm around your waist. You get surprised by the sudden closeness. His grip gets tighter and he sets off from the edge of the railing. Before you know it you have already landed on the deck of your ship. Arthur lets go. You look around and sees that most of your crew are already back. Thomas comes up to you with Mia just behind him.

“Many are already back, but we still miss a few. Should we wai….”

Before he can finish his sentence you are throwing yourself in the arms of Mia, who you have missed so badly. You had not seen her for a really long time.

“You are okay. I was worried”
“I am okay _______. Just a few bruises”

She smiles. Thomas jump in.

“I found her just a few meters away from Kirkland. He found her fighting for her life”

You separate yourself from her and looks at her with a questioning look.

“Fighting for your life? Can you fight?”
“You do not know everything about me”

She smirks and you smile at her happy that she was safe. You turn to Thomas.

“We can not wait to long. The crew knows this. Wait for a little time, but get everything ready”
“Yes, captain”

Thomas follows your order and yell at the crew members present. You smile ones more at Mia, but she does not smile at you she points at Arthur who is behind you. You turn around and see the awful state he is in. He is breathing heavily and he has gotten some fresh wounds. Probably lost a lot of blood. You run over to him and takes a hold of his arm. You slip in under his body and helps him walk to your quarters. Mia opens the door for you and you drag him inside. You lay him down on your bed with a little help from Mia. Mia finds some water and a rag and starts to tend to his wounds. You wanted to stay by his side, but he had already lost consciousness.

“This looks really bad”
“If we treat the wounds now he will survive. Your wounds are also pretty bad”
“I’ll survive”

It was weird being back in your own quarters. It felt like you haven’t been in this room, in this bed for a lifetime. You smile as you look around. You look back at Arthur and let your fingers glide over his sweaty skin and removes some hair strands from his forehead.

“Mia, will you take care of him?”
“Go out and do what you have to. He will not go anywhere”
“Thank you”

You hug her and is about to walk out the door, when you see something out of the corner of your eye. It was your jacket and hat, which where nicely hanging on the wall. You stop up and take the jacket down from the wall and swing it over your shoulders and put the hat on your head. This felt really nice. You walk out the door after taking a last glance at the pained Arthur and walk up to Thomas who were by the rudder.

“Is everyone aboard?”
“We can’t be sure, but time is running out”

You take a glance at the ships. You could not wait any longer.

“Set sail!”

Before you know it the ship is moving and the distance between your ship and the others start to get larger. Some of the marines have seen the move and tries to stop you, but in vain. When you are far away from the other ships, you look back and see Arthur Kirkland’s ship also on the move. You plan actually worked. A little to your surprise. It were a risky plan, which could have had a lot of casualties, but when you looked over your crew it didn’t seem like you were missing a lot of members. Some may even not be alive anymore. It were a rough battle.
As you were escaping Antonio, Francis and Gilbert were probably being defeated by the marines. It were making you happy. The people who had tormented you for a long time, especially the last two months were now getting as they deserved. Even though it made you happy that they were not on the seas for at least some time, you knew perfectly well that it would not be long before they would escape and probably look for you all over again.
Thomas approaches you.

“Captain, any directions?”

You turn around a little dumbfounded.

“Yes, where are we heading?”

You had not thought that far. Your first priority were to get away from Antonio, Francis, Gilbert’s and the marine’s ships, not where to go from there.
You think for a moment and then think of something Arthur told you a while back.

“Now that you know so much about the future. What do you suggest I do next?”
“To keep yourself away from Antonio. I suggest you go … here!”

You look at were he is pointing at the map there is laying on your table. He holds his hand out and his fingers are in the middle of the sea between the nordics and England.
You look up at him with a little mistrust.

“Are you kidding me? This is the home of two commanders of the Marines and the you from this time. I would die!”
“_______, relax. Keep low profile for some time”
“How am I going to do anything for my own country if I am keeping low profile?”

Arthur sighs and shifts position in the chair.

“I have already thought about all of this. While you were trying to setup a meeting with Antonio to deliver Arthur Kirkland in exchange for your freedom from him I made some arrangements with the Arthur Kirkland from this time”
“You did WHAT!”

Who did he thinks he are? Making plans behind my back.

“I knew that I had to tell you everything about me as soon as you had your freedom, but I also knew that you wouldn’t have anywhere to go after and therefore arranged with Captain Kirkland how he could escape fastest and without too much loss and join you in an alliance”

“We are going to meet up with Kirkland. Do you remember the place?”
“The place up north?”

You nod and you both smile at each other.

Arthur starts to wake up, but his whole body is hurting from the multiple wounds. He opens his eyes sluggishly and look up in a familiar ceiling. He turn his head and sees you lying beside him in the bed with your hands entwined. You are breathing heavily giving away your sleeping state. Your wounds have been treated and you have bandages on multiple places on the body. Arthur sits up without waking you up and leans back on the headboard of the bed. He breaths heavily from the pain. When he is sitting somewhat good the door to the quarters open and Mia comes in. She directly look at Arthur and hurriedly gets up beside the bed and put down the bowl with water.

“What are you doing sitting up. Lay down right away!”

She yells, but Arthur hurry and motion for her to be quiet, due to you sleeping. Mia look in your direction and understand.

“Let me see your wounds”

Mia sit down on the edge of the bed and take a hold of Arthur’s other arm.  Arthur look at you sleeping.

“She looks so peaceful”

He smiles to himself. Mia look up and also takes a glance at you before looking back at her work at hand.

“She is. Too calm for what just happened”
“She deserves it. From what Antonio said she have been fighting for her survival in two months”
“She did more than that”

Arthur look up at Mia.

“She never really lost hope. She always believed you would come for her”

Arthur looks at Mia in surprise. It made him sad that he would not be here by her side for a long time after this. He knew that he would have to disappear from this time and return to his own and just hope that she would be there when he returned.

“Where are we heading?”
“To the meeting point where we are supposed to meet Kirkland”

Mia stop for a second.

“When will you disappear?”

Arthur look down and study your sleeping face.

“When she is safe with Kirkland”
“So soon?”
“Yes, I have to. I do not belong here”
“Good luck telling her that”

Mia finishes her work and leaves the room leaving Arthur and you alone.

You start to wake up from your sleep and slowly open your eyes to be meet by Arthur’s green eyes. You are taking by surprise and move back in the bed and blushes heavily.

“You surprised me!”
“Good morning, love”
“Don’t sound like it is no big deal”

He smiles at you and you smile back. You had really missed this. This were not a moment that you had ever had on Antonio’s ship. You move closer to Arthur and hide your face in his clothes. He smelled really nice. So familiar.

“I’ve missed you so much”
“I have also missed you, love”

Arthur strokes gently your hair.

“Please never leave me”

He stops.

“Of course”

“These are perfect Mia”

You admire the pants, which you had just put on. You had not worn anything but dresses for a long time and finally you could go back to your most desired pants, shirt, captain jacket and hat. You smile at her.

“You needed a new pair, but don’t think that this means I will let you wear them all the time”

She warns you, but you just childishly ignore her. You were all finally back to your old routine. It had already been three days since the fight and yours and Arthur’s wounds were healing just fine. You were heading for the destination you were supposed to meet up with Kirkland. Right now everything were calm.
You had spent some much desired time with Arthur and he had tried to make you tell what had happened on Antonio’s ship, but every time you had avoided to talk about it. It both scared you, but some of the things made you feel weak and embarrassed to talk about. In a few more days your ship would reach its destination.

Mia takes her things and leave the quarters. You look up from your new pants and look around the room. It was so familiar and nice. You look out the window and the sky is blue with white cotton clouds on. You look down again and spot one of Arthur’s teacups. You walk over to the table and take it up by the handle and study it. It were one with a flower decoration on. His favorite. You smile sadly at the cup.
You were so happy that you and Arthur were back together again, but now that the fight were over, Antonio were long gone and that you were going to form an alliance with his former self only meant that his time here were shirt. You knew you had acted selfishly when asking him to never leave and you knew he had lied. He had to go at some point. He did not belong here. He never had. You had to say goodbye to him.

Beside the teacup is a book that you had not seen for a long time. It were your worn out diary, Arthur had taken with him from the future. You slide your fingers across the cover of the book. This action gives you an idea and you hurriedly sit down by the table and take a hold of some paper.

The ship glides through the sea. In the horizon another ship can be seen. It were much bigger than yours, but in the mast were a familiar and friendly flag swaying in the wind, and English flag. It were captain Arthur Kirkland’s ship. He had reached the destination before you as you had expected. You were standing on the upper deck with Arthur, Mia and Thomas.

“So, it is really now”

You were actually kind of nervous. This were the first time you had ever made an alliance with any other pirate and with none of less the famous pirate captain at that. You brace yourself and just when the ships are starting to get in line, you go over to the rope ladders, which connect the deck with the observation post. You ascend the ladder with Arthur right behind you. It had been decided that You, Arthur, Mia and Thomas would be the ones to aboard Kirkland’s ship to make the deal.  
You take a hold of a rope at your side and swing yourself over on Kirkland’s ship and with a thud you land firmly on the deck, with your jacket flowing in the wind. Upon landing you take a hold of your hat to prevent it from falling. The others land securely behind you. You straighten up and look straight forward to be meet by a familiar face, green eyes, huge brows and messy blonde hair, Arthur Kirkland.
You get into a casual position with one hand on your hip and the other dangling by your side.  You smile at Kirkland.

“Shall we get it over with?”

He smiles back at you and step to the side and motion for you to go first. You do so and you, Arthur, Mia Thomas, Kirkland and Alfred walks into Kirkland’s cabin and the door closes behind you all. You dumb down in the chair in front of Kirkland’s huge desk, with Arthur and the rest behind you and Kirkland does the same with Alfred behind him. Kirkland starts the conversation.

“As promised I am ready to make a partnership with you, but tell me…”

He leans forward in the chair, towards you.

“Why should I make a deal of partnership with a small country as you? The only reason right now is due to my own future self, assuring me that you will be valuable in the future”

You lean forward as well. You had something up your sleeve. You lay your hand on the table.

“I do not know if you have heard, but Lucas Bondevik have gotten a new idea”
“Is that so…?”
“He believes that I am the key to ruin both you and Antonio at the same time”

Kirkland’s eyes widen by this new information. He could not have heard it due to the fact that it happened during an attack on Antonio, Gilbert and Francis’ ships.

“If it were me who were in that situation, I would keep the key to my destruction close as not to take any chances”

You smile at him and lean back in the chair. Kirkland study you in the hopes of clues to verify this new information.

He begins to laugh after a few seconds. You are taken a little aback by this, as it was unexpected.

“So your protection, for not ruining my “career”? I like it!”
“Of course I am not gonna stick around all the time, but help when needed would be appreciated and of course it would be returned. So do we have a deal?”

You get up from the chair and stick your hand out for Kirkland to shake it and close your deal. Kirkland looks once at your hand and then stand up and grab it.

“We have a deal!”

You smile and release his hand. You look back at your party and smile at Arthur, who smiles back at you. Kirkland addresses your party.

“We are going to celebrate this new partnership, so stay for the party?”
“A good party is not to be missed!”

You say and smile once again. You nod in his direction and walk out the room with your group.
The party held on Kirkland’s ship were huge and all members of both crews had a great time. Much alcohol were being drunk, there were music and dance. You had gotten a lot of alcohol and maybe a bit too much, but you didn’t care.
You gather up your courage and get Arthur up to dance with you. He himself had also gotten a lot of alcohol, but he seemed to deal with it a lot better than you did. At first he protested, but you persuaded him and he gave in.
Mia is looking a little sadly at the both of you. She knew that you both loved each other and that your heart would be broken once it were time for Arthur to return home to his time period. She sighs and Kirkland dumbs down beside her with a bottle of rum in his hand. He takes a sip.

“They couldn’t be more obvious? No wonder he was so bloody insistent for me to play along!”

He takes another sip of his bottle.

“She is not thinking”
“Who is when in love?”

Mia sighs.

“He will be gone any minute and she will not see him again”
“Wrong. He is me. Just the future me. She only has to wait for me to change … into that”

He adds with a little disgust by pointing at Arthur with the bottle.

“Oh, well times changes. I have seen many different ages and there will be times that do not look like this”

He takes another long sip of the bottle and get up from beside Mia. Mia sits back and take another look at you and your happy, but drunken face. He was right. She would meet him again in the future she just had to wait. She gets up from the barrel she was sitting on and walk back to the ship for the night.

You and Arthur dance for a long time, but it is not long before you have gotten so much alcohol into your system that your body can not take it and you can almost not stand by yourself anymore. Arthur takes a hold of your arm to try and keep you standing.

“Arthur… let’s keep dancing!”
“You’ve had enough, love”

He takes you up bridal style and maneuver back to your ship. He jumps down on the deck with you in his arms and walk over to the doors to your quarters.
He lays you down on your bed and tries to untangle himself from you, but you do not make it easy in your drunken state. When he finally gets free from you he tries to help you get out of your captain jacket. After several minutes of struggling Arthur succeeds. He puts the jacket on the floor. You have fallen half asleep already and he moves some of your hair out of your eyes.

“You really are a little helpless, love. Even though you won’t admit it”

He smiles at his own words and are about to go away to put your jacket away, but he stops when his clothes are stuck. He looks down and sees you holding on to the hem of his shirt. He turns around.

“Don’t go just yet”
“Love, I am not going anywhere, right now”

You look up at his green eyes and a tear is falling down your cheek.

“I just can’t know when you will suddenly disappear on me”
“I will never go without saying goodbye”

Arthur reaches out and catch the falling tear with his thumb. He leans down and kisses you. You part and he walks over and hangs up your jacket. He comes back and lay down on the other side of the bed. You move closer to him.

“I wish this could continue forever… I love… y…”

You fell asleep before saying the rest, but Arthur knew what you were gonna say and he answered to the silence.

“I love you too, _______”

A few quiet days go by and it is now the day you had feared for some time now. Arthur had announced that he was going to return to his own time.
You are all gathered on the deck, made a circle around the spot Arthur was going to use for his spell. You stand in front of the crowd with Arthur in front of you.

“Do you really have to go back?”
“Yes, Love, but we will meet again”

He looks at Kirkland who is looking from his own ship.

“I am right there. You just have to make sure I survive”
“Who do you think I am?”

You smile at him and think for yourself how the hell you should be able to protect the famous Arthur Kirkland. It would probably be the other way around.

“Keep your chin up and see you in my future”

He smiles at you and then kisses you. When he is finished he nods at Mia and Thomas who were right behind you.

“Keep her save… I know she is reckless”
“Hey! I am standing right here!”

Arthur steps back to avoid your punch and go out to the middle of the deck. He takes a glance at his present self and they nod as if they had come to some agreement. Arthur stands with his face towards you. You try to contain yourself. You were not going to run to him. You had a reputation to maintain. Oh, how much you really wanted to. Arthur starts his chanting and a strong light comes from above and envelopes Arthur. This is the same bright light which saved you from being captured by marines when you went on your search for Arthur Kirkland. Like last time the clouds have formed a circle around the beam of light and Arthur is disappearing little by little, like fading away. Soon he is gone and the light fades away as well. The deck is now empty, where Arthur ones stood. A tear rolls down your cheek. You swipe it away when Mia lays a hand on your shoulder.

“What are you landcrabs looking at?! This ship is not gonna move itself!”

A gib goes through your whole crew at your words and they scramble to their positions. You take your hat, which have been in your belt and swings it up on your head as you look up at the railing of Kirkland’s ship. You smirk at him. You were going to see to it that Kirkland were going to live all of these centuries ahead, so that you could meet Arthur again. You turn on your heel and walk up to the upper deck and stands beside Thomas who as always were at the rudder.

“Where to captain?”

You look up at the sky. It was a beautiful blue color and now not a cloud in sight.

“Hmm… The weather is perfect for raiding a pirate ship”

You take a glance at Mia and Thomas standing beside you with a smile on your lips. They smile back at you. You were finally back to your old self. The girl they knew before all of this mess started.
They nod at you as answer to your statement and the ship began moving. You walk over to the railing. You take off your captains hat and bow at Kirkland when you pass him and give him another smirk as you leave him behind. That is until one of you needed help to get through.

“Everybody! Quiet! We do not get anywhere this way!”

The whole room gets quiet when Ludvig yells to silence the conference room where almost all countries were assembled for one of the big world meetings.

“We need to come up with a plan to tackle the problem at hand. Any suggestions!"

Alfred hops out of his chair.

“The hero will save all and then be the leader! Hahaha!”
“That is not a suggestion you git!”

Arthur jumps up from the chair beside him and starts to choke him. You sit beside Arthur and tries to calm him down.

“Arthur that is a little overdue”
“Forget about him, mademoiselle”

You turn to your left and sees Francis sitting there with a rose in his hand waving it at you. He were trying to flirt with you. You take your hands up in front of you to try and defend yourself from him.

“Forget about it you stupid frog!”

You are being pulled from behind and your back hit Arthur’s chest.

“She is mine”

He stares at him.

“Arthur, you can let go now”

Arthur lets go and you turn around and smiles at him. You had now been together since the deal you struck with him in your pirate era. That period quickly ended and you went home to your own country and tried to build up a prosperous nation with the help of Arthur. You were grateful for all of his help. You really still loved him even though he had changed a lot over the years.
Pirate!Spain x Pirate!Reader x UK - UK Ending

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Arthur Kirkland ending: --------
Lukas Bondevik…
Antonio Fernandes Carriedo ending:
Reader ending:



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