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Notes for Rainmeter by :iconeasy-art:
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How to change the level of opacity?

it is good even in 2020!

I ran into a problem on Windows 10 when trying to add a simple check mark to my notepad. For whatever reason the "my.notes" file was saved as "Encoding UTF-8" and I ran into the same problem with other apps similar to this one. The fix is simple. You can find the file here -> "\Rainmeter\Skins\easy-art\minimal\notes\my.notes". Now just open the file with Notepad. Select: File > Save As.., And at the bottom if you see "Encoding UTF-8" this is wrong. Now change it to "UTF-16 LE" as used by Windows Notepad and Save. Refresh the skin and it should display the Unicode in Rainmeter. :)

how can you make it bigger? :((
Thank you for this awesome note widget!

However there's something that is driving my crazy and that's how it expands into a full sized note. Is there any way to manually modify from where it starts expanding? For some reason if I put it at the bottom of my screen, the icon expands from the middle so there's no way to put anything near it since otherwise it will overlap. Same happens if I put it on the right side, it expands both ways.

Here is my problem:…

and how I would like it to expand, without overlapping with my Gmail thingy. But sure, I don't really mind that it currently looks like this:…

but it would have been cool to put it next to my Gmail thing. Regardless, keep up the good work.
dunno if you still need an answer, but for anyone that might still install this skin: you can change the x and y location in the .ini for the mini and that will change where the icon is.
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Simple and very useful <3
Love it! I had to make it bigger, though :)

Here's a large version:

(if this link doesn't work, just pm me)

The link works you liar :) thx

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Awesome! This is exactly what I was looking for. Ty.
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how to change the size?
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any way of making font bigger ? lovely design really dig it!
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read the comment above
Is there a way to make the font or entire interface larger?
Otherwise, very, very nicely done. Just what I was looking for.
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You can actually try to edit "full.ini" find there "[style]" and change "FontSize" value, but then text will not match with the background.

p.s.: sorry for my english ^_^
It's fine haha. Thank you!
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Is there any way to make the notepad bigger?
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Actually yes. Redraw background picture, make it wider. Then edit code, in [style] change W value. Should work
hi, cool man!

Why I couldn't see the content. I can edit it but couldn't see anything.

my os is win7 x64. the skin is installed at drive c.
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Skin must be installed in Rainmeter skins folder, not C drive.
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