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street fighter IV

By EastMonkey
Sreet Fghter IV fan art

put it again
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Where's Cammy :(
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she wasnt part of the original SF4 arcade lineup 
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Incredible!! Wonderful painting effect :clap:
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better than the official artwork
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Better than the art used by the company
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Sure, great. But cmon... *this* kind of pics really need a bigger Sample to be posted on
Nothing happens if i click now... and the upper End looks also cut now -_-

No, imho Zoom-Functions in Browser, Tools aso... or to decrease Monitor Resolutions @home...
(btw Opera is good in this, meant with keeping quaility)
did not match the facility to investigate the Art as it should be possible.

So, please fix this or upload a bigger one... thx


@KdiOtox: Please stop your Comment-Spamming... Its not like a signature and with your same gauge text in dozen of Threads... also show not much of respect to the Artists. Rethink about this behavior, THX!
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This illustration has faithfully as sense of the Beautiful,... Beautiful!

M. Bison: Eyes of the tonality of a White Dwarf Star.


these are the links to my works



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Aww where's Fei Long?!?
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wooo!! awesome!!
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Where's Juri?
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Wonderful! Wonderful! Beautiful drawing!

Hello! I am looking for designers to partnership.

and my (maybe Graphic Novel) script [link]

“In his conception, M. Bison understand their own actions as if it were a god.
However, all of his methods are the same philosophy of Lucifer.” - Rose

Street Fighter – Chronicles of a Saga
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Super cool !!!
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Very very good!
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Amazing, I love it!!!!
you are great!
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fanart? that's nuts, this should be a poster, it's srsly insane, must've taken forever
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mind blowing!!!!
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