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fan John William Waterhouse ~
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Based on mythology and the scene in general, they're about to drown and eat him.

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Silvio Berlusconi ?

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the beloved pig ...
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im not understand this 
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Stunning mermaids!
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nice erotism here
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I find it interesting that you didn't protray the Pig-Man as a disgusting perverted, as ppl would normaly do.
To me he looks kind of grateful for the attention the two beautiful sirens give him, reagrdless of his ugly appearance.
Maybe magical "women" are less superficial than normal ones? :) (Smile) 
Nice work!
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I see a lot of truth to this picture. 

The setting is dark, creepy, and eerie.  It takes place in a swamp where men are led to their deaths to be devoured by those sirens.  When I look at that pig humanoid I see a lot of things.  Seeing how he is wearing boxer shorts and a muscle T-shirt, I see it that he came to that swamp as a man and became a pig with the more time that he spent there.  He succumbed so greatly to the temptations of those sirens in the swamp that he has no awareness of how far he is from home, how far he is into the dead of night, and the actual dangerousness of that place he is in.  He is not seeing those skulls and bones that are partially floating in the swamp.  He is so far removed from who he once was, and he can't even see it.  But he is becoming a pig because he is becoming quite a glutton for whatever pleasure those sirens give him. 

When I look to the very left I see a siren in the act of having sex with a beast behind her.  I see her as tending to a beast humanoid who is yet to become a victim to the swamp.  The siren who's right hand is touching the face of the pig humanoid really knows her stuff.  She's going through the motions of pleasuring him and showing concern.  But I see her as constantly modifying her speech and behavior as needed to drag him further into the swamp.  While the siren not touching the pig is maybe whispering a suggestion to her sister siren. 

The siren to the very right of the picture furthest away from all the action is just sitting there, watching.  Her facial expression is one of deranged concern and worry.  I could see her thinking to herself "I hope all of them perform their duties correctly lest we should have to kill them as well and devour their flesh."

In real life, there have been a number of people that have succumbed so greatly to a drug or addiction of some kind that they basically became as that pig humanoid in the picture.  With some, the need for their drug became so great that they saw no harm in going to dark and dangerous places, or in being with vicious predatory people.  I'm guessing that the artist had a friend or relative who greatly lost their sense of self and descended to being a gluttonous animal for a drug or addiction.  And maybe they eventually lost their lives. 

Tastefully Done & Well Made!!! Clap Clap deviantART deviantART Clap Clap 

Nah, you completely misunderstood this one :):)

The pigman is no ordinary human whom often gets fooled by mermaids & sirens and gets trapped into the deep swarm and become their food. Pigman is just acting like this and his legs are completely out of the water in a tricky way. Meanwhile, that beast is Pigman's pet which is keeping mermaids busy, when its main purpose is to drag away mermaids from water with its mouth whenever its master give the signal. Pigman is obviously a siren catcher, and as mermaids are cheaper so he's not interested on mermaids. All stuffs he's doing there is just to attract & lure at least one siren close from his catching range, and whenever he gets the chance, will drag out the siren from the swarm by pulling her long hair furiously and move backward with her to a safe zone. And signal his pet to drag out a mermaid and bring her towards him. Then it'll be party time for both of them. First they'll use them whole night and fulfill their nasty lust, then next day the mermaid will be on the auction, but Pigman ain't gonna sell the siren unless he catches another one, as he don't wanna miss another sleepless lusty night full of nasty desires. :D :D :D ;) ;) ;)

Pigman is a mutated breed, between human and a very rare type of wild pig. Rumor says that, once a rare breed of an wild pig was angered intentionally by a woman huntress inside the Dead Forest just to tease it. Later that woman chased the pig to a unknown dark pit, which was a den of wild pigs. Pigs trapped her inside and rape her for months, couldnt let her escape till she give birth of pigmen multiple times.

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Great work !
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funny idea and excellent realized!
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I like the idea very ironic, unusual performance and technology, cool
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wwoowowowowowowowowowowooww fucking awesome, i really wanna be there xd
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This is such a unique concept. You executed it perfectly. 
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Such a beautiful picture.
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