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Legends Tell about heavens greatest warrior the monkey king 
sisterawesomeness's avatar
I'd love to see more. 
Zekkentak's avatar
deviantART has been lacking with seriously cool
and stylish work like this for a while.

I'd love to see more ^^
Spooky-Username's avatar
Permission to say it's adorable?
Well too late. Monkeys are adorable.
Hesjing's avatar
Looks like a Native to the world of TES with the design... Could also be a D&D (Pathfinder) Vanaran... Great work on this!
Fantastic work , would love this as a tattoo 🐒😄
KawaiiKemonomimi's avatar
Very good detail. I like the little smirk.
stoneMonkeyHi-v's avatar
they really should consider you for doing the character design for the next "journey to the west" TV/Movie, at this point, the TV show on 80s still consider the best in my book, rest of them.. the design of monkey king are just a piece of %^&*
The best thing I've seen in this kind of picture
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Awesome work, love the Monkey King ! :)
Vysse's avatar
Sun WuKong?
Ya know? I thought Terada's take on the Monkey King was insurpassable, but now.....

samuraidwight's avatar
probably my favorite character ever. Amazing work.
illustratemurphy22's avatar
i remember watching monkey magic and this just is so greaT ^_^
Gopez's avatar
This is something similar to what I imagine Lord Hanuman looks like. Love this and inspires me to draw more monkeys. Love monkeys!
your works were always Aweeesome bro..
Ntocha's avatar
The best Hero of all time ! Really outstanding work man !
SonicUnderground316's avatar
Is it Sun-wukong? Anyway, amazing job!!!!!!!
thomasdrewsen's avatar
A little too glossy to me, compared with for instance your pencil stuff, but still an awesome piece of work
blackfeathers's avatar
this is how the monkey king should look like. :)
kaikasim's avatar
nicely done dude...
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