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Oh my goods she is lovely!
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Fairy! Whoo! Love the wings.
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cuteeeee :P like a bitch xD be my slut :))
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She Looks so Real. Just Beautiful. I Love it. :clap:
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Haaaan~ so cute !

Her wings are very well ! Beautiful and colorful.
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Pretty Nice Work!!!
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Very cute. The eyes have lots of emotion, and this is an excellent position (like the hands). Good use of background on this, making it seem more like a photo.
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So cute! Pay no attention to the prudes. Beauty is beauty.
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This is a very lovelly piece. She and the wings are both beautifully done.
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Nice expression!
Happy New Year!
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To the author: :clap:

To some other visitors and those interested:

I guess many people haven't yet understood how to treat titles and "information" authors give us. You know, when Newman asks you "Who's afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?", you don't have to answer him! :XD: And believe me, Nabokov is not a pedophile, or at least, even if he did write Lolita, we can't say that he is, because it's....*drumroll*...fiction! (my favorite example ^__^)

Don't get me wrong, I'm very very sensitve towards humiliating and ...well... "bad" works of art and wannbe art, but in this case I have to take the author's side.

Everyone who assumes it is provokative to have a semi-realistic (very cute and well done) drawing of a butterfly-girl with ONLY the title "My Little Sister (HB?)", without no further description, should not necessarily waste their time to comment on art at all, but start learning some veeeeery basic theory about it first before getting on other people's nerves. Especially on those of the artists themselves who might not even be able to follow this whole debate due to a lack of language skills.
It's pathetic.
Why do you only ask if he's got a Sister-complex and not whether his sister can actually fly with her wings and whether she feeds on flowers and nectar?

He could have named it Cabbage, Rhinoplasty or Where's my glasses?
You can interpret anything in any title, but pleeeeeeaaaase, stay reasonable and plausible.
this makes me think of dirty tricks i could play on my kids...get some preserved butterfly wings. 'sometimes, fairies will give their children to be raised by humans that can't have children. fairies are magical, so the fairy babies turn into human babies for the rest of their mortal lives, and turn into fairies again when they die, but it has to be old age or accident.' that or just get some pictures of them done with fiancee loves butterflies.
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Hi there! You have been featured in my latest article Collection Features Day 3.

Please spread the love in the featured works there. And don't forget to fave the news article too! Let's make the news be exposed to the whole DA world so that they can see the very beautiful featured works of our fellow deviants there.

Thank you so much and have a good day. :hug:
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indaah skali....
warnanya sangat lembut..

veryyy beautiful....
the colors very smoothly
erotic sister ahahahahha
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damn,. that wings made me frozen for a while! marvelous!
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A guy having a Sister Complex is fine when it's coupled with his sister having a Brother Complex.
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