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K-boxing I like
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wow such a brilliant and excellent work !
One of my favorite movies is Southpaw and one of my favorite stories is Journey to the West. I like how Xuanzang is tucked into the bottom corner, like he's the boxer's owner watching the match. :D
That expression is awsome.
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your mixing humans with animals is good!!
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es fantástico, ¿Cuánto tiempo tardas en hacer un dibujo tan detallado?
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kick boxing is pretty cool.

is it bad that i laughed so hard at the face down the bottom left? <v<
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Love the way this looks.
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Gloves are off!
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is that SIFU in the back???
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1 done, 80 more matches to go!
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I hope that translator works because I don't speak Chinese at all.


Sometimes, or rather all the time, people who draw, inevitably pour a part of themselves when drawing. I'll be sincere, I don't know very well the tale of "Journey to the West", and I don't know as well how many times that story has been told in your country, therefore making your image just one more reference of the Monkey King. And yet, that expression in your monkey's mesmerizing. I have spent maybe minutes just looking at it, it is bewitching and so defiant that it captivates your sight unlike the other characters (which I assume is the purpose you intended in the first place).
I don't know you at all, but rephrasing my previous comment "people who draw, inevitably pour a part of themselves", I believe that the reason the expression of the monkey is so intense, is because it reflects your inner self when you do that activity you "like", K-boxing.
If I'm wrong dismiss all the comment all together, my bad.
Love your work.
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The detail and atmosphere are amazing!
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Excellent work!
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is it coincidental that the character in the background is a pig?
symbolism for greed and $$?
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dude, I love your Monkey King pics!!!
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wow!! tthere is a very real feel to this picture.. im at a loss as to how much i like this peice
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