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Rising Shadows Chapter 1
  Rising Shadows: Chapter One
     The Legacy
Long ago in a land called Kanjii, The Shadow Lord ruled. He treated all the
cats of his kingdom like slaves, doing all his work for him, and building shrines in
his honor. If a cat did not do as told The Shadow Lord would get that cat killed or
severely punished.
      But one day a warrior of light came and vanquished The Shadow Lord, sealing
him away in a temple high on a mountain peak where no one could reach him. The light
warrior summoned the ten elemental cats and they're gems to the temple, using the
stones to seal the temple completely, and using the cats as guards for temple. Before
the warrior left she gave the Guardians one rule to follow; never allow any cat -even
Guardians - enter the Temple under any circumstances, or else the Shadow Lord will be able to escape easily.
      The Guardians followed the Sacred Rule flawlessly for hundr
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Okami Creepypasta WIP
I was going through my box of old Wii, DS, and X-Box games when I found
my old Okami game. I had beat it once, but stopped because instead of the front of the disk being blue at the front it was a dark purple and specked red. I didn't want to play it much because i was afraid it would glitch-up my Wii or something, but I was super bored today and decided to play it.
"Dad!" I called up the stairs "I'm gonna play Wii now! Don't bother me!". After the clang of pots and pans being put away my Dad answered
"Fine! But study later!". I then took the disk and popped it into the Wii, and plopped down on the couch, grabbing the Wii remote. I waited for the Wii channels to come up. The Okami game came up in one of the channels and I clicked on it. The Okaimi sound sounded weird though, it sounded slower, darker, scarier. I quickly shrugged it off and continued playing, thinking it was nothing. How wrong I was. I clicked 'New Game' an the story screen came up. The story was different though, the b
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