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Fate Grand Egypt by PaXingCai
Witch of Dun Scaith by PaXingCai
Ragnarok Online Revisited! by PaXingCai
To protect the one I love by PaXingCai
SNK: Oncoming War by SkywingKnights
SNK: After Thoughts by SkywingKnights
Saiyuki - Just Another Day in Shangri-La by Rurounichan
Free - Todokisou na Deep! Deep! Deep! by Rurounichan
Video Game
1 by Stealthos-Aurion
Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War: The Lovers by MissCarlette
Celica by MissCarlette
Waitin on Halloween like... by AkatsukiAkuma53421
Film and Media
Once and Future... by HimeGabi
Waiting by Stealthos-Aurion
Strike a pose by Stealthos-Aurion
A Different Princess by HimeGabi
Fluttershy  bowtie are cool by neoangelwink
Rogue VS Ms Marvel: Greatest Battles by EccentricCasey
Rise of Nightwing by OhHeyItsSK
Spider Woman by OhHeyItsSK
Literary Characters
Sakizo Alice: Winter Whirlwind by MissCarlette
ASoIaF/GoT: A Mother's Love by ImaginEeri
Lost in a wolrd of wonder by MissCarlette
Tenel Ka Djo - Star Wars - Young Jedi Knights by zhobot
Cross Overs and Crack Shots
Sailor Hawkeye by whitehotroom
AMNESIAxToS: Where are your summons now, kunoichi? by AuroraCelsius
AnE: Why so serious? by AuroraCelsius
I'm simply one helluva a... ermahgerd! by EminenceRain
Tutorials Resources
Frozen: Elsa Makeup Tutorial - plain girl's guide by Stealthos-Aurion
Tutorial: 2 Cosplay and Wig Organization Tips by Stealthos-Aurion
RoTG TUTORIAL: Separating Staff for Jack Frost v4 by Stealthos-Aurion
Cosplay Tips - Starting with the letter S by Stealthos-Aurion
Farewell by lilhevn
Bounty Hunter by lilhevn
Original Design: My Lady by SkywingKnights
Victoriana by HimeGabi
Alive and Unburied by Anesthetic-X
Basic Zombie Transformation by Anesthetic-X
Pan Prosthetic by Anesthetic-X
Reptile Man Prosthetic by Anesthetic-X
Finished Props Wigs
Trost University ~ garrison and military police by HimeGabi
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The shirt completed by allanimerules1
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Concentrate.... by MissCarlette
Halloween Creepy Contest 2012
Twisted Alice by The-Serene
Fall + Back to School Contest 2011
Halloween's Symphony by kurozone
Look Alike Contest 2011
Koste Seselwa by Zayase



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This is a group for East Coast cosplayers to display their works in progress, finished pieces, and any tutorials they created that would help others.
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Feb 27, 2010

North America

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Hi everyone!

Most of the time I kinda forget that DA is a thing that exists. Thus, that's why the acceptance of deviations have been so spotty and I apologize for that. If you have previously submitted a deviation that expired, please resubmit it.

Happy cosplaying!
More Journal Entries

About East Coast Cosplay!

:star: About Joining :star:

This Devgroup is open to cosplayers and cosplay photographers who reside on the East Coast of the US and Canada (plus Ontario -while not "coastal" it has a strong cosplay presence & I love you guys, so there). If your state or province borders the Atlantic Ocean on its eastern seaboard, then you're East Coast.

If we cannot tell by your pictures or your profile where you are from, then we will reject your request into the group. We would like to keep this group specifically to East Coast cosplayers, and we check profiles in order to do so.

:star:About Submissions and Suggestions:star:
- Members are limited to 5 deviations per week. Please don't submit your entire gallery. We're interested in helping you share your best work.

- Submit the best quality photos that you can. We know not everyone owns a pimpin' DSLR camera but good photos can come from point-n-shoot cameras too. Taking good, clear photos with nice lighting can be accomplished with a little practice.

- Remember that pictures with characters from different series go to the "Crossover" folder

- Remember that any wig styling photos such as yourself + wig or WIP pictures go to the "Progress Shots " folder.

- Keep your cosplay as the focus of each photo. We understand that not everyone has a photographer or the opportunity to do photoshoots but we strongly encourage you to find a background that does not have extraneous details (stuff in your room, open closets etc.) unless they are relevant to the character/series (train/metro stations, forests etc).

- Submit a variety of images (angles, poses, etc.) that show your costume. Photos must have your costume shown in some way.

- Be sure you have the rights to post/distribute said image. You must be the cosplayer in the photo or the photographer who took the photo. Please note that only one of you may submit the image to this group.

- Submit myspace-style photos, super grainy, low quality, badly-lit, dark, and/or blurred images. If you added any effects, be sure to control them before hitting "Submit".

- Submit closet cosplay pics (re: items you put together from your closet to create a costume)

- Submit "convention" photos with random people in the background. Remember you can easily have your photos taken in spaces without people in the background or in front of blank walls.

- Submit more than 5 deviations of the same costume. Please pick your favorite/best shots. The photos you submit should make viewers want to check out the rest of your gallery but if you submit "everything" they won't bother.

- Submit photos that have been heavily/overly processed and lose the costume as a focus as a result. Obvious shoops will be rejected.

Please submit your deviations into the correct folder or your submission will be denied and you will have to resubmit it.

Please be aware that we have implemented a rule called "Three Strikes and You're Out". Please go here to learn more about the rule and how it works.

:star: Sub-gallery Directory & Definitions :star:

- Animanga: Cosplays from anime or manga

- Comics (non-Japanese): Cosplays from Western comics, webcomics etc.

- Cross Overs and Crack Shots: OOC pictures or that feature multiple categories (ie. a video game and an anime).

- Film and Media: Cosplays from films of any genre, media such as TV, music videos, etc.

- Literary Characters: You've read the book, now you can showcase your costume. We don't discriminate about the type of book (kids, YA, whatever)

- Progress Shots: Anything in progress you want to share. This is the only place for "unfinished" photos!

- Tutorials: Any tutorials you have created and want to share with the cosplay community

- Video Game: Cosplays from video games. This also includes Vocaloid

:bulletred: Other Functions :bulletred:
If you stumbled across something you didn't personally make but still want to share, use Suggest a Fav so we can add it!

- To suggest a fav, click "Suggest a Fave" on the group homepage.
- To submit a picture, click "Contribute Art" Choose an appropriate folder for your image, and hit submit! All entries are subject to moderator approval.

If you don't have images to contribute or you're not from the East Coast
We kindly invite you to Devwatch our group so you can see all the submissions without worrying about contributing!










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Roanam Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your about page is really well organized. c:
I'm moving to Mass so I'm checking out cosplay groups.

If you know any Mass cosplay groups please let me know!
Ashbrie Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
If I may advertise~ We are hosting a cosplay photoshoot at Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA on May 11th and are seeking cosplayers and photographers!

Check out the facebook event for more details! [link]
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Members have the ability to post journals so I would recommend writing one so that it gets sent and seen by everyone, not just people who happen to read the profile comments. :)
Ashbrie Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
I totally forgot I could do that @_@ I'll write up a journal post soon then!
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Hi- I was just wondering why submission to the gallery folder entitled "Original" is closed...
Stealthos-Aurion Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for letting me know!
It was a problem with a setting but you should be able to submit to that folder now.
HinamoriMomo98 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
Oh, okay. Thanks!
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Like to cosplay?
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Hey we're PockyBoxx Productions and we're a three girl cosplay group ( :iconcosplaydolliee: :iconginis44123: :iconlilycat101: ) that likes to get together and make silly videos.
You should check us out!
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-Green Tea Pocky
jessibaxx Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
Is anyone here going to NYCC this year and is cosplaying from blue exorcist? I want to put a group together :3
Stealthos-Aurion Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
For better results you could type up a blog entry explaining what you want to do and the recruitment process and submit it here. That way it will show up in every member's inbox!

To do that, you just have to click "Submit a Blog Entry" at the top of the main page.
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