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Ireland's Scars

Meme By: Humon [link]

((She has other misc. scars from various fights/bar brawls (she calls it bar-boxing). These are just some of the bigger ones.))

Head: That scar was from a car wreck. Ireland cracked her head open on the steering wheel. (This is why she hates being in cars/trucks/what-have-you and much prefers being on her bike.)

Left Shoulder: Bullet wound. Attained during the Irish War of Indepence. (Her shoulder still causes her trouble in modern times.)

Right Side: Bullet wound.

Right Thigh: One of her oldest scars. Was shot by an arrow.

Left Thigh: Bullet wound. ((Friendly fire, actually.))

Stomach: Dueling swords with England.

Back: These are from being beating with her own sword. These scars still hurt her sometimes, like her shoulder.

Knees: These are from falling on rocks during her childhood.
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Getting hit with a sword doesn't count as 'flogging'. Flogging is only when a whip is used.
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Then the use of a sword would be...?
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Attempted murder? Slashing? Hacking, chopping, cutting... Stabbing, though not with wounds like those. One does not get 'flogged' with a sword.
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Flogging isn't just with a whip or cat-o-nine-tails. Birch canes and switches have been used in punishing via flogging, and Wiki defines flogging as 'the methodical beating or whipping' of a person.
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Well, it wouldn't work with a sword. To make cuts that were shallow enough to be non-lethal, a person couldn't use any kind of 'beating' motion at all. They'd have to do it very slowly and carefully, like carving a pumpkin, otherwise they'd do more serious damage than they meant to. Either that, or the victim would have to be able to dodge so that they barely grazed her.
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I kinda think that'd depend on the sword. Ireland's sword wasn't a broad claymore or anything. It was more like a saber or rapier; thinner metal. I know with a rapier if you make a whippy-motion with it, the metal will bend. If you hit someone across the back with something that bends like a switch (i.e; a rapier) it'll raise welts at the very least, and cut skin at the most. Wouldn't it?

I can see how your logic would pertain to a larger sword (like the claymore or a gladius). That can't be used as a whip; the metal doesn't bend. But with a rapier or thinner fencing saber...
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It wasn't? That's not very accurate then, historically speaking. I think claymores WERE originally an Irish weapon, and sabers were used more by European cavalry, I.E. British, French, German, Italian, etc. Not only that, but I've never heard of "flogging" with a sword, ANY kind of sword, being used as a punishment. If your "Ireland" is at all Irish, then this just has no place in her story.

I did find an article in Wikipedia that specifically defined 'flogging' as being whipped with a cat o' nine tails (a whip with, as specified, nine tips, each one holding a piece of lead. It did tremendous damage, and could easily be lethal. Her marks are not consistent with that at all.) 'Whipping' was when a standard whip was used. I know of no punishment that involves hitting someone with a sword.

So. Flogging is done with whips. Historically, traditionally... Using a sword for "flogging" is an odd departure that makes a good tale in modern media (so I suppose that lends your use of it some vague validity) but, it strikes me as completely unauthentic and historically invalid.
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Irish/Scottish, I believe. You mostly hear about the Scottish using the claymore. Being that Ireland is 5'5 and rather small, larger weapons (say, pikes or battle axes, or particularly large claymores) are a little harder for her to handle (not as to say she can't use them, it's just a little more difficult).

She always preferred using shorter swords/dirks or her bow. In around the 17th-18th century when she saw the thinner, lighter swords used by England and his soldiers, she wanted one for herself. Thus, she came to have one in her possesion. Lighter, longer sword = easy to handle for a short chick like Bridget, also bendy and whippy and cuts when the flat of the blade is hit against skin.
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It would be flogging.
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I kinda figured it could be considered flogging.

Gist is she was beaten and it left scars on her back. =w= '
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Yeah. It doesn't have to be a whip. I can flog you with my finger, a wooden spoon, a pizza pan... The list runs on forever :3
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ffft please don't beat me with a spoon. xDD
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