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Inspirational Words For New Beginnings
I never thought
It would be a pair
Of hands that soothed
The hurricanes in my
Autumn eyes taking in
Scars and bruises and
Misconceptions, molding
These faults and flaws
Into strengths.
I never knew that having
Fingers on my throat could
Teach me how to breathe again,
Teach me how to love again,
Thank you.
:iconearthy-rah:earthy-rah 5 0
Poor Atlas
It's midnight and I'm
Lighting the end of my own
Suicide, inhaling poison
And trying to exhale poetry.
I'm trying to remind myself
That roses can still grow in
Graveyards and the tombstones
Under my skin are not ugly.
Memories are a beast of a burden
But I wouldn't trade the nightmares
For ignorance, the bruises for bliss,
Life lessons for peace of mind.
Broken does not mean defeated,
And even if there are cracks in
This weathered heart, it's still
Beating, and I'm still
:iconearthy-rah:earthy-rah 1 0
Sad Poetry For Sad Times
I've got the whole world
Resting on my shoulders, like
Atlas reborn, and it's sadness
Is an open wound in my chest,
Gaping, right next to my heart.
Life is a goddamn beautiful
Disaster and I can hear every
Birth and mourning cry like
Cathedral bells ringing in
My own head.
I can feel their freedom
Cries shrieking down my spine,
Threatening to tear through
My skin, threatening to
Lay my bones bare.
And I weep for them.
:iconearthy-rah:earthy-rah 2 0
GrayGreen Angel Dragon Adopt CHEAP by earthy-rah GrayGreen Angel Dragon Adopt CHEAP :iconearthy-rah:earthy-rah 2 0
Rage Is Not Kind
Rage is not kind.
Having a cemetery between
Your thighs is not romantic,
Bruises shaped like (his) hands
Are not beautiful.
Wanting to carve 'regret'
Into your skin a thousand times,
So the coroner can write 'broken
Heart' under cause of death in
His little notebook, is not
[Drowning the memories in rum
Blurs the lines but my god it can't
Erase the whole picture.]
:iconearthy-rah:earthy-rah 2 0
1:24 A.M
It's 1:24 a.m and
I can still feel the
Bruises on my neck, your
Fingers on my thighs, and
It's like the tombstones
In my rib cage are breaking
And reforming all over again.
All the whiskey in the world
Couldn't make me forget how
The moon turned her back on
Me that night, how the stars
Themselves shivered but
Showed no mercy.
[I hope regret tastes just as
Bitter on your tongue as it
Does on mine.]
:iconearthy-rah:earthy-rah 0 0
Drinking to forget isn't
As easy as it sounds when
You look down into that
Bottle and see the shadows
Under your own eyes.
When you feel his fingers
On your neck even though
You know there's a thousand
Miles, galaxies, oceans
Between you.  
When you look in the mirror
And see your own ghost hovering
Over your shoulder, mumbling
Hail Mary's you didn't know
You knew.
But Mary isn't here,
And all you've got is the spite
In your smile and the bottle
You're holding in your palm
Like a lifeline.
[Don't let yourself drown just
Yet, love, there's more fight left
In you than you know.]
:iconearthy-rah:earthy-rah 0 0
You left a graveyard
Between my thighs.
You touched me, scorched me,
Left me hollow on these
Hallowed grounds.
All the whiskey in the world
Couldn't erase the bruises
From my neck or the hurricanes
In my chest and
I will never forgive you.
:iconearthy-rah:earthy-rah 3 1
They said they could calm
The storms under my skin with
Pills, tablets, a prescription
For (broken) I-love-you's.
They said my smile was too
Bright, but they didn't look
Close enough - they didn't see
The monsters behind my teeth.
Cracks in old armor are easy
To miss (especially when your
Eyes are closed) but what
Do I know?  
[What could I possibly know
About my own demons.]
:iconearthy-rah:earthy-rah 2 0
What I Know
You asked me once,
"What do you know?"
I know that you can't
Escape life without scarred
Knuckles or scarred wrists
Of a scarred heart.
I know that bitter gin
Makes for bitter tears and
Bitter poetry, scrawled in
The margins of a diary at
3 a.m.
And I know that the sun,
The moon, the stars do not
Think less of you for your
Battle-worn frame.
They won't forsake you
For the hollowness in your eyes
Or the ghosts in your smile,
They will still shine for you.
:iconearthy-rah:earthy-rah 2 0
Mama there's a war going
On under my skin - it's
Making my veins burn
And my eyes blur.
The whiskey is making my
Tongue too heavy and
My heart too light, mama,
My armor is cracking.
I'm tearing at the seams.
The offerings on the altar
Of my lungs are dying and the
Gods have turned away their faces.
[Mother Mary can't save me now.]
:iconearthy-rah:earthy-rah 1 0
I'm tired of flaying open
My skin like I'm trying
Dig out the secrets that
I already fucking know.
Switchblade kisses and
Shots of rum aren't erasing
The nightmares from the
Backs of my eyelids, they
Aren't softening the scars
On my arms or the rawness
In my throat.
They can't stop the floodgates
From opening.
[And don't bother asking
If I'm okay.]
:iconearthy-rah:earthy-rah 1 0
Je T'Aime
she's got her sins painted
on the temple walls of
her lungs, wears the bruises
that her lover gave her
like they're trophies.
she's got last nights
cigarette smoke on her tongue,
shots of rum and drunken
poetry scrawled in the shadows
under her eyes.
it never mattered to her
that he had scars on his wrists
or demons like pinpricks in the
tips of his fingers - love
is love, no matter how ugly.
:iconearthy-rah:earthy-rah 1 0
I opened up my skin
And found poetry etched
Along my bones.
I opened up my skin
And I watched the hurricanes,
I watched the flood water
Filling up my veins, the
Chaos in the void between
My lungs screaming -
"Wolf-girl, the bruises
On your knuckles do not
Make you lesser, the verses
On your arms do not make you
Bare those teeth to the sun,
Show the gods that they are not
The only ones with stories
Worth telling."
[And I promised my open
Skin that it's sacrifice
Would not be in vain.]
:iconearthy-rah:earthy-rah 0 0
I'm drinking down shots of
Gin, hoping for some divine
Divination that'll show me
Your face one last time.
No matter how good freedom
Tastes, the memory of you
Dancing on my tongue will
Keep me captive.
:iconearthy-rah:earthy-rah 0 0
King and Queen
She's got a mean tongue,
Scraped up knees and bruised
Knuckles, but that didn't stop
Her from finding home in the
Curve of his switchblade smile.
She's a queen with a jackal's
Grin, rose-thorn teeth and ink
Stains on her skin, tempests
Finding sanctuary in the shadows
Under her eyes, and he,
He is a king, regret and longing
Tiptoeing down his spine, scars turning
Skin into uncharted territory, a
Battlefield, a cemetery for a
Childhood left unfinished.
[And he'll never know much she
Loves him.]
:iconearthy-rah:earthy-rah 0 0


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It's been a long time and I'm back now, in need of points.

I read tarot. So, if you'd like a tarot reading, here's a price list: 

Three Card Draw: 30 points
Four Card Draw: 40 points
Five Card Draw: 50 points

5+ points for every card after the fifth. (6 card reading, 55 pts. 7 card reading, 60 points.) 

Tarot is a form of divination. I've been reading tarot for people via my Tumblr for months now, and it has been a part of my craft (I'm a witch) for over three years. I do NOT answer specific questions, only general readings based on what the cards tell me. 

I will also feature your art in a journal for points. 

5 points = one piece of art featured
10 points = two pieces featured
20+ = three pieces plus a feature on my page for one month

Comment or note me for a reading/feature. 
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Welcome aboard. My name is Grady. I am 20 years of age, I live in Kentucky, and I like to write poetry. Just about every poem I've ever written is in my gallery, since I really didn't start to write until I joined dA. I am a witch and reader of Tarot cards. My pronouns are he/his or they/them.

I love to read just about anything, watch anime, and spend time with my rats. I'm a pretty open person and I like to talk to people, so if you ever want to chat, feel free to note me.

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