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Reese Griffith
United States

This is my photography and stock account. You can find my other account here -->

This will be where I put my photography (the images that have borders and copyrights) and stock images.

Stock rules:

1. Only images that are specified as stock are allowed to be used. My photography is not stock and will say in the image description.

2. You do not have to credit me in the image but if you could link back to me in the image description that would be really nice of you!
I'd also like to see what you make with my stock :)

3. My stock is free for whatever (manips, drawing references, pineapple) but do NOT repost my unedited images as your own.

The Horses

I thought it would be nice to have descriptions of the horses in my photos. Maybe you'd like to read about them :)

Mystic</b> earthtones-photos.deviantart.c…
Mystic is a fleabitten grey arabian gelding about 24-25 years old. He was my first horse and I've had him for 12 years. He's pretty much taught me how to ride and I love him more than I can describe.
When we first bought him he was twelve and belonged to my dad's girlfriend at the time who used him for racing pretty much. She had bought him as a foal and said he had been born solid black and at age 12 he was now a rich dark grey. The woman was going to sell Mystic because she thought he was too much to handle so my dad offered to buy him. When we brought him home my dad began schooling him to be a horse that I could ride. Mystic was a challenge because all he wanted to do was run and he never wanted to stay still. But he was a fast learner and soon enough I was on his back as he carried me (age 6) through mountainous trails made for experienced riders.
To me, he is perfect in every way and when I'm around him I feel complete.

Calamity Jane earthtones-photos.deviantart.c…
CJ is a bay tobiano paint mare out of a black and white paint stallion and a sorrel qh mare. She is 12 years old. She belonged to my dad's friend who had owned her mother and raised her from a foal. When my dad's friend got bucked off her when she was three he stopped riding her. Seven years later my dad's friend got divorced and had to sell CJ so my dad offered to buy her since he was the one who has broke CJ when she was 2. CJ was intended to be my next riding horse as the trails I like to ride are up to 20 miles long and I feel bad making old man Mystic carry me that long. The only thing was that the last time CJ had been ridden was 7 years ago by a man who knew very little on how to ride. Seven years is a lot of time to develop a nasty attitude and boy does CJ have one. When we brought hr home you could hardly walk her for far she would stomp you into the dirt. My dad forbid me from going into her pen but I did anyways...
I began working with CJ everyday for a year. She was 10 years old at the time and was pretty angry that her freedom was over. She has stomped me, kicked me, bitten me, drug me, smashed me into buildings, and busted all our fences but I continued to work with her and eventually, when she was 11, I trusted CJ enough to lay down next to her while she grazed.
Then one day we saw Mister Robin's Boy while we were driving home one day. I begged my dad to stop and ask about the stallion so he did and with a stud fee of only $500 we decided that we would breed her. The only thing was that it was already late june and the stud's owner doubted that CJ would come into heat, especially since she had never had a foal before or had even been near a stallion. I was hopeful though and we took her to the stud farm to stay until she was bred. She stayed for a few weeks and was bred twice, both times the stud's owner said that she did look to be in heat at all. My dad later took her to the vet to check if she was pregnant but the vet said he couldn't see anything and said that she probably wasn't.
Despite the odds, CJ foaled Mojo in late May the next year.

Mojo earthtones-photos.deviantart.c…
Mojo is a six month old bay tovero paint filly out of a bay tobiano mare and sorrel overo stallion. Mojo has one blue and one brown eye and one white and one brown ear. She is so curious of everything and if she can't get to something, she'll just bust through the fence to get it. I've never had a horse give me so much trouble. I'm constantly pulling her out of fences. Mojo doesn't have really any manners at the moment but that will change as soon as she's weaned and I start schooling her. I'm hoping to make her into a nice trail horse and eventually breed her.

Little Man earthtones-photos.deviantart.c…
Little Man is a sorrel quarter horse gelding about 9 years old. Little Man is my dad's horse and is the half brother to CJ (same black and white sire). My dad bought LM and his brother Scooter as weanlings for a quick train and sell project for the summer but he liked LM so much that he kept him as his own. Little Man is like a big dopey dog that just follows you around all day if he isn't out causing trouble. Little Man is always sticking his legs into fences and digging through the trash. He has pulled down fences and let all our horses out multiple times and has driven my dad to insanity haha. He is very gentle though and protecting. He thinks it's his duty to guard the herd and if he see's a stray dog get too close, his cow sense kicks in and his chases them down. He's broken my dog's nose twice and stomped her several times before she learned not to mess with him.
Little Man is probably the most willing horse you could ask for. He will go all day with o complaints even with my 200 pound dad on his 14.3 frame. Though he's still cautious of water, it only takes a few nudges to get him to go through. On a random note, Little Man loves soda and will steal your drink if you aren't looking.

Bubba earthtones-photos.deviantart.c…
Bubba is an 18 year old dark bay morgan/quarter horse gelding. Bubba was bought about 9-10 years ago from a friend of my dad's who had bought him from someone that was going to send him to slaughter. My dad's friend thought he could break him but Bubba proved to be too dangerous so my dad bought him for $100. Bubba had been proud cut (allowed to mature into a stallion then gelded) so he wasn't aware that he wasn't a stallion anymore and had an unpredictable temperament. He had been beaten bad by his first owners and wouldn't let anyone get near him or he was run them down and try to kill them, seriously. My dad was an idiot to buy him but not long afterward, Bubba was so broke that my dad gave him to my little sister who rode him all up until last year when she decided that horses were 'lame'. Bubba is still a bit headstrong though and has to be handled differently that the other horses because he is so mistrusting. Unfortunately, Bubba's stallion mentality caused him to attack Mojo not a week after she was born and he almost killed her. This forced us to sell him to an older man who will take great care of him and give him the attention he needs.

Red earthtones-photos.deviantart.c…
Red is a sorrel paint mare about 7-8 years old. We bought her last year off a friend for my dad's then girlfriend but shortly they broke up and the woman didn't want her. My dad kept her and has been schooling her since and she has become me dad's favorite project. He says it's like riding a huge tank when you sit on her, I'll take his word for it. Red is the biggest horse we have and is solid muscle, her neck doesn't even jiggle. She has nice muscle structure but her hips are bit down hill (not apparent in the photo but believe me, they are funny looking) and caused me to not like her at first. That soon changed though we I got to know her sweet personality. She's so bomb-proof that Mojo climbs all over her and she doesn't budge. My dad wants to eventually breed her although I frowned on it because of her hips but I think that if we found an exceptional stallion, she's guaranteed to produce a stunning foal.

Mister Robin's Boy earthtones-photos.deviantart.c…
Robin's Boy is Mojo's sire and is a sorrel overo stallion. I'm unsure of his lineage because the owner tends to ramble so I don't listen to him really. Robin's Boy is so beautiful, I'm rather ashamed at how crappy my photos make him look. He is unbelievably massive and has one piercing blue eye that he uses to stare you down with.

That's all for now but I can tell you about any of the horses if you'd like to know :)


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