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Star! UPDATED (8/24/21): Star!

* These slots are designed to be worked on throughout the duration of months  late May, JuneJuly, and August, hence the numerous amount of slots present. *


Due to the changes that will be made to my patreon and my commissions, this price journal is no longer current and as such should not be used for price reference for future commissions. If you are interested in a commission from me, the new price sheet will be available soon. This journal will be edited with current prices when the next opening of commissions commences.

Bullet; GreenStar!Bullet; Green Current Commission Schedule Bullet; GreenStar!Bullet; Green

Star!Star!Star! AVAILABLE DISCOUNTS Star!Star!Star! 

REPEAT Clients Discounts!

My way of saying thank you to everyone who's commissioned me multiple times! Below are the discounts you qualify for depending on how many times you've commissioned me! owo After you reach these points you will get these discounts indefinitely unless you say so otherwise!
Bulletbrown Bronze (Commissioned me at least 3 times) $10 off any commission
Bulletgrey Silver (Commissioned me at least 6 times$20 off any commission
Bulletamber Gold (Commissioned me at least 15 times$30 off any commission
Bulletwhite Diamond (Commissioned me at least 25 times$40 off any commission

* Stackable with Patreon discounts *

-Want an indefinite discount at all times? Supporting my Patreon gives you access to stack-able discounts you can use on any type of commission at any time as well as free merch!

Check out my Patreon and what it offers HERE!

If you're a Patron and want to use your pledge's discount please give me your patreon username while ordering your commission!

This here is the official price chart for my commissions! If there's something you're interested in, be sure to check everything below for what I'm offering, rules of my commissions, and the prices! And of course, if you have any questions you're more than welcome to ask. :3

IF YOU ARE ORDERING A COMMISSION: Please read my TOS and everything below beforehand!


Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green RULES Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green

- You may order more than one commission at a time but you can only hold THREE SLOTS MAX.
I ALLOW SLOTS TO BE PRIVATELY AQCUIRED. If you, for whatever reason, wanna remain anonymous on my commission schedules PLEASE tell me! Alternatively if you don't want the amount you spend on the commission be visible (Schedule doubles as my secondary logbook) please let me know and I'll make that private!
- If there's a type of commission you're interested in that I'm not actively offering (icons, animation, emotes, so on) or a subject you want me to tackle but are unsure about, send me an inquiry and we may discuss it.
- SLOT RESERVATION IS ALLOWED, even when commissions are technically closed! If you wish to reserve a slot for a future commission before commissions officially open, order as normal but put "slot reservation" somewhere in the note!
- About a week after the slots are filled, I will contact you regarding us scheduling a day for your commission to be streamed
- IF THE EXAMPLE IMAGE IS BLURRY PLEASE CLICK TO VIEW IN FULL RESOLUTION! They only get blurry because they are too large for the journal!

What I WILL do:
Bullet; Green OCs of any sort
Bullet; Green Fanart (fan OCs from any fandom also entirely welcome)
Bullet; Green D&D and Fantasy
Bullet; Green Animals
Bullet; Green Anthro/Furry
Bullet; Green Human/Humanoid
Bullet; Green Mythological/Fantasy characters
Bullet; Green Simplistic animation
Bullet; Green Concept Art
Bullet; Green Next Gens and AUs (This includes designing a NextGen or AU for you)
Bullet; Green Outdoor/natural environments, fantasy-based or no

What I will do but is not my focus:
Bulletorange Machines
Bulletorange Modern Vehicles (like cars, motorcycles, boats, spaceships)
Bulletorange Interior scenes

What I will NOT do (so please don't ask):
Bullet; Red Extreme gore
Bullet; Red Explicitly sexual content/porn and Fetish art
Bullet; Red Cityscapes

Star!Star!Star!  Commission Types: Star!Star!Star! 

TIER 1- Fullbody:

-1 fullbody flatcolored character sketch with a very simplistic, graphic BG included
-CHARACTER MUST HAVE ESTABLISHED VISUAL REFS. I will not design your character using this tier.
-Suggested usage of this tier: Character focused art, character interaction-focused art

-Additional Characters: $60 each
-BG Window $40 (stylized bg panel that sits behind the character)
-Complicated Armor/clothing/Markings/design: $40


Flatcolored: $75
-Flatcolored character with a simple graphic BG/BG gradient

20 by Earthsong9405
SilverOPs13_2 by Earthsong9405
SilverStarStrike by Earthsong9405 
Milefire97 by Earthsong9405  Kittenpurple27 by Earthsong9405RoFlo-Felorez by Earthsong9405

  N-the-giraffe 3 by Earthsong9405 Blakethecryptid by Earthsong9405

Shaded: $95
-basic shaded character  with a simple graphic BG/BG gradient

  Shonee by Earthsong9405
Sora-Kingdom3 by Earthsong9405 HaycartesianGeometry by Earthsong9405
Goldfencer422 10 by Earthsong9405MariamTiarko 3 by Earthsong9405I WANT YALL TA STAND UP by Earthsong9405

Star!Star!  UPDATED  Star!Star! 

TIER 2: Character Sheets:

-Commission type where the focus is on the design of the character
-TIER 2 Comes in two separate types: Reference Sheet and Design Sheet
-Suggested usage of this tier:  Reference Sheet, Character Design/Redesign, Customs, costume/outfit design, Character personality sheet

-Animal Companion: $35 (have a small animal friend accompany your character in the sheet! Includes one drawing of animal interacting with character and 1 basic drawing to act as simplistic ref. Add $20 for complex animal companions or large animal friends (like a mount))

-Armor Design/addition: $40 extra
-Back view of character: $45 extra
-Grayscale rough character sketches: $30 each (maximum 2)
-Additional flat-colored fullbody: $55 each (maximum 2)
-Headshot expressions (grayscale): $15 each (maximum 3)
-Headshot expressions (flatcolored): $25 each (maximum 3)
-Close up of trinkets/weapons/cutie mark/important accessories/tattoos- $15 each (maximum 3)
-Additional outfit designs: $35 each (maximum 6)
-Full turnaround (front, 3Q front, side, 3Q back, back. Will be made into a gif): $200

Example of full turnaround:
Pixeldee-Turnaround by Earthsong9405

Reference Sheet:

-Character Sheet focused on showcasing the design of an existing character. Best suited for those who is looking for a reference sheet of their character OR looking for me to design costumes/outfits for an existing character.
-Base price includes: Fullbody + flipdrawing, 2 greyscale expressions, color palette, and the character's name

Price: $110+ (price may change depending on character detail and complexity)

Corvus-no-Genmu 2 by Earthsong9405
shadowFuka by Earthsong9405
Snekinabox by Earthsong9405
11 by Earthsong9405

WildWolf227 7 by Earthsong9405


Design Sheet:

-Character Sheet focused on designing a new character or redesigning an existing character 
-Base price includes: 3 silhouette sketches (one chosen used for final design), 3 blob-color variations (one chosen used for final design), 1 fullbody + flipdrawing, color palette, and character's name

Price: $130+ (price may change depending on character detail and complexity)

Akatsuki782 7 by Earthsong9405
Demidemongoddess by Earthsong9405
4 by Earthsong9405

4 by Earthsong9405
1 by Earthsong9405
RagnarockDoom by Earthsong9405
1 by Earthsong9405
Warcrafter12 by Earthsong9405
TexasManticore FINAL by Earthsong9405

TIER 3- Character Roughout:

-Character-focused piece that comes with a lively pose, simple shading, and a uniquely framed speedpainted BG
-The name of the game is movement and gesture, something that showcases the character themselves, a theme, or the character's personality
-BG must be simplistic and showcase natural landscapes. Interior BGS may be inquired but will cost extra depending on difficulty
-This piece only allows for one character. Extra characters currently unavailable for this tier

Price: $160


Baycatperyton by Earthsong9405  The-Zakuru by Earthsong9405 Lycanark by Earthsong9405
Shadowdragon99 by Earthsong9405 Bleuace by Earthsong9405 MariamTiarko 6 by Earthsong9405
SorixaenChaotic by Earthsong9405Corvus-no-Genmu by Earthsong9405 MariamTiarko 4 by Earthsong9405

TIER 4: Posters

-Large stylized rendered artwork with simplistic or stylized backgrounds
-Suggested usage of this tier: Posters, cover artwork for stories and fanfictions, character-focused artwork

Extra Character: $60 each

Price: $200+ (will vary depending on complexity and amount of time required for completion)

ChibiRenamon 11b by Earthsong9405
ChibiRenamon 11 by Earthsong9405ChibiRenamon 11c by Earthsong9405ChibiRenamon 11d by Earthsong9405
HaycartesianGeometry by Earthsong9405 18 by Earthsong9405 Silver-OPs by Earthsong9405 when your gut says you're being followed, listen by Earthsong9405

Star!Star!  UPDATED  Star!Star! 

TIER 5: Comics:

-Artwork composed and situated in comic format with the purpose of telling a story, whether short or long
-There are two separate types of Comic commissions:  Sketch and Colored
-Suggested usage of this tier: character interaction, story-based pieces, character-focused art, depicting a scene with full-on dialogue and character acting
-NOTE: While I can ab-lib the dialogue (if there is any), I'd highly prefer if you scripted it out for me please!

Extra Character: $100 each (NOTE: this is for the whole comic, not for each page)
Additional pages: $100 each (1 page contains 4-5 panels)

Sketch Comic

Super rough, small-canvased comic that can be told in comic-strip (top-down) or traditional fashion (pages with 4-5 panels). Drawings are gestural and loose.

-Included in base price: 1 character, BG gestures, 1 page (4-5 panels), written or typed text for character speech
-Color may be added but will increase the price. Cleanup is not an option with Thumbnail comics.

Price: $100+ (price varies on complexity of commission as a whole)

1 by Earthsong9405 2 by Earthsong9405 3 by Earthsong9405 4 by Earthsong9405 5 by Earthsong9405 

Colored Comic

Flat-colored comic that can be told in comic-strip (top-down) or traditional fashion (page with 4-5 panels). BG optional

-Included in base price: 1-2 characters, BGs, 4-5 panels, written or typed text for character speech
-Shading may be requested but will increase price (how much is dependent on difficulty)

Price: $300+ (price varies on complexity of commission as a whole)

Pyritkyrit8 2 by Earthsong9405

All Panels by Earthsong9405  Love You Just The Same by Earthsong9405 Small by Earthsong9405LoZ: from ah-CHOO to awoo! owo by Earthsong9405


Send me a note, chat message, OR just comment with the following information:

1. Tier/Type of Commission: Tier 1, Tier 2, Full-body flat colors, ect (basically tell me the commission you want)

2. Add ons: (extra characters, backgrounds, ect)

3. Reference of the character(s): (if you don't have a reference please give a short summary of what the character looks like (Tier 1 commissions MUST have references))

4. Additional Info: (if a specific scene or pose described here; additional references or mock-ups of what you want for your commission go here too)

5. Email address: (PLEASE only send this via note/chat, never through the comments!) Please make it the email you plan on using to pay with!

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask! And thank you so much for giving my commissions a look! :3
© 2017 - 2021 Earthsong9405
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momopanda95's avatar

Hello, do you have ping lists or do I just need to be on the look out come September?

Earthsong9405's avatar

I will soon! I plan on opening a general discord that will be solely used to ping interested folks when commissions open. :3

momopanda95's avatar

Sweet! I can't wait ^-^

KaeWolfe's avatar

Is there still early reservation slots for Q2? :0 I just wanna double check lol

I really wanna get two for character design and I'm really excited to commission it! I think you'll enjoy it :D

Earthsong9405's avatar

As a patreon supporter you're able to ask for slots before and after early reservations is open to everyone! That also includes when commissions are technically closed owo SO! TL;DR ye you still are able to reserve now if you'd like! owo

KaeWolfe's avatar

Ok good to know! I'll send ya a note! Realllly excited! I couldn't stop thinking about it XD

Lunafea's avatar

Would it be possible to get a mini commission character design for a main/regular commission or should I wait for the mini commissions to open?

Earthsong9405's avatar

Minicommissions aren't open so reservations for them are not available! I'm not too sure if I'm actually gonna open minicommissions this queue, but I will def be opening a commission special at some point of the queue ;3

Lunafea's avatar

Woo! That is awesome! Is the queue still open? Am I still able to apply for it?

Earthsong9405's avatar

As in the regular queue? It will be, but on official open day! As for the specials, that's not open for early res, not yet owo

Lunafea's avatar
Oztrichbunz's avatar

Sets up camp here to wait for the next opening. As the person whose bitchen bowsette art helped inspire me to make my own koopa, I'd be remiss if I didn't try and snag your next comm, even if i have to wait a while.

Solis-oculus's avatar

Are these still owpn

Earthsong9405's avatar

They're technically closed, although I've recently had a slot open up if you're interested in just snagging that one? O:

Earthsong9405's avatar

Okie dokie! Be sure to shoot me a note with what you'd like whenever you're ready! :3

n-the-giraffe's avatar


The-Zakuru's avatar

Can I reserve a slot as well? :3

Earthsong9405's avatar

Yep yep!! owo Shoot me a note with whatever you'd like when you can! Thank you so much! ;w;

ZheMari's avatar

Can I snatch the last early reservation slot? ovo

Earthsong9405's avatar

Yes you may!! ;w; Thank you so much!

RBloodwolf's avatar

I know these usually fill up so quick but is it possible to reserve a slot?

Earthsong9405's avatar

Of course! owo Whenever you're ready shoot me what you'd like! ^.^

NightfallBlessing's avatar

I am going to save up for some years and hopefully I can get a tier 5 full body of mine and my fiance's Oc's that we can get printed and framed. ;~; I love your art so much and you are a big insperation to mane and a few people I know.

Would you be able to do a price estimate? So I know in what range I have to save?


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