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Really need to upload some of the backlog I got from Patreon, so here's one of 'em!


I really love Rosalina’s design; she’s so pretty ;w; At any rate, have some quick facts about Rosalina in this AU owo


-Tall, slim, and the loving adoptive mother of all Lumas, Rosalina is the protector of the cosmos. Like King Boo, she is a god, and as such she is amongst the most powerful entities in the universe.

-There's a very small number of divine in this universe, and that's specifically because gods are immortal. To maintain the balance of their universe there can be only a set number of divine in existence, but Rosalina is a unique case in that she essentially counts as two. Lemme explain:

Someone asked me if it were possible for a mortal to ascend into godhood. The answer is no. Gods in this world does exist, but there’s so few of them because of how they work. A god is immortal up until they choose to have a child, and that is regardless of how that child is conceived. They can simply choose to pop one into existence, or they can have one “the mortal way”. Whichever the case, when a god chooses to have a blood-related child, all of their magical power is passed to their child, and that includes their immortality.

This is how Rosalina lost her parents: she is a unique case in that her parents were two gods, something that is taboo among divinity due to the possibility of power imbalance amongst what few divine exist. God of the Sun and Goddess of the Moon: when they had her, both of their power was transferred to her, and when they finally passed it made her the sole entity responsible for protecting and maintaining the cosmos.

Given her state, Rosalina is probably rather lonely; Since her existence is taboo, many of the other gods shy away from her. They don't shun her, but they're hesitant to interact with her unless strictly necessary. The only exception to this is King Boo.

-When she isn’t tending to the state of the galaxy, Rosalina likes to hang out amongst mortals for a little while. The Lumas are excellent company, but still she does wish for a little more in terms of friendly company, and so she tries to make some time to interact with the very people she’s tasked to protect. It usually comes in the form of her simply choosing a cafe or park and playing a guitar she picked up all those centuries ago. She’s good at drawing crowds but often direct interaction to a minimum; she knows how fleeting the mortal lives are and it pains her every time one dies, so she attempts to keep herself distanced to avoid the pain of losing someone close.

-Unfortunately that doesn’t work out! One fateful night, she hears a distressed little girl wishing on one of her stars and something in her gut tells her to investigate. And when she does, showing up in the royal gardens of the Mushroom Kingdom, she’s charged head-first by a tearful young Peach. This marks the start of Rosalina further engrossing herself in the lives of mortals, and making her first human friend. uwu


But ye! Ifn ya have any questions please feel free to ask me! Otherwise thank you so much for takin’ a peek! uwu

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*reads description in its entirety* ...I did not know I needed a blast from the past. yet, your wording and creativity 'shine' (heh) brightly enough that my mind almost instantly recalled that game's initial lore. Now I wanna bust out my old Wii and play Galaxy again. maybe I'll visit the library while I'm at it...

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Oh my gosh the backstory of how gods reproduce and her being the offspring of two gods, thus being in charge of both of their domains, IS SO COOL. Amazing idea!!

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Having offspring is a necessary function of a mortal life cycle. It only makes sense engaging in it as a god sacrifices some of your immortality.

At the end of DC's 'Kingdom Come' , Wonder Woman was last seen pregnant. It wasn't obvious. But at a breakfast between herself, Superman and Batman, Batman knew before he was told. She was eating more than normal, and had visibly gained a little weight for the first time in all the years since he'd met her. He coyly said "there were other signs" as a panel zoomed in on her temple... where there were now a few gray hairs.

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I simply want Rosalina to be the tallest girl.

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She unfortunately is not: That honor canonically goes to Pauline

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Ahhh. I always got weakness to really tall lady specially blonde ;)

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Amazing headcanon! I love this! Also star mama is very pretty qwq

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p- p- pretty... pretty lady ;-; Good void this is gorgeous, and her background is heartbreaking. Why you gotta do me like this?

Sunstar-Of-The-North's avatar

Oh my gosh this is my new headcanon!

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Beautiful very beautiful im glad to see your art again.

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Beautiful art. Also your description make me curious to see how King Boo looks like here( I imagine your are going to wait till spook day to let us know). Also it would be cool to see the design of Rosalina parents.

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Her parents won't be shown because in the grand scheme of the AU, they don't matter. King Boo, however, will be shown soon owo

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Love your art style so much.

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You drew Rosalina very beautiful!Rosalina Animated icon

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Ah so you’re retconning the aspect of Rosalina and Peach being half sisters?

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Eeyup. Anything before 2021 is retconned and should be ignored. Even easier: anything that isn't included in this folder:

Should be ignored.

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Ah okey thanks! Also Rosalina is my favorite, you made her very well ;)

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Star Mamaaaaa! ;A; She's seriously my favorite of the Mario characters other than Yoshi. She's just so pretty, and I absolutely love how you've drawn her in all of these. I love your headcanons for her, too! I love the idea of her befriending a young Peach and that being how she ends up spending more time among the mortals.

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