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fun doodles fills you with DETERMINATION

Nothin' much to say on this one! Just some Undertale doodles I did for the hell of it. :3

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I love the way you draw Undyne and Asriel! ^w^

Did I say that I love and appreciate you yet? Because I do.

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for real tho. that Undyne looks awesome as friq

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Adorable, but why is Toriel holding a human's soul? Is she planning something?

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No, it's not even a soul, its just a heart in this case.

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Oh ok, that makes more sense. I thought she was going to become super powerful and become Santa or a benevolent leader.

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So Majestic😢
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The way you made Undyne is awesome!
Crunchy-Cucumber's avatar

the amount of love that has filled my heart upon seeing this?


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I approve of THE HELL OF IT reason. Long as you had fun~ and look at that badass fish lady!!!<3

Rienet-Halun's avatar

I LOVE these!!! Your take on these characters is so good!!!

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This looks great.

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Your way of drawing undyne is one of the best i've ever seen!

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I love how FLUFFY you made the goat monsters,,,,, VERY huggable and good, love them

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all these designs are amazing but that undyne is so good its to a level i cannot properly convey. or maybe it's because i'm gay. either way. its very good.

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Lemme gush for a bit about each in turn: Undyne looks appropriately passionate with her broad grin, and I feel like that top is only for societal norms because as a fish lady she wouldn't have the... ahem, mammalian accessories, shall we say. Asgore and Toriel are appropriately quite fluffy, especially Toriel's ears, and I get really strong parental vibes out of them. Also, adorable hug between Asriel and his sibling Frisk!

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Tapping into Undertale this time I see, and as always, you did excellent! Stay determined, and legendary.

Time will not dull my love of seeing these characters! I'm so excited to see them in your style!

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