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Zombie AU- The CMC

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I had these drawn for a while now but I'm only just now uploading them because I... kinda just remembered to do so. >.> So uh... here ya go! Zombie!AU CMC! :3 I actually tok the Sweetie Belle sketch from an earlier sketch and I redrew Spike because I felt his legs were too long; I think it fits his body better now. c:

But yeah, before I launch into how the characters are in this AU, here’s a quick recap of this AU in general:

This AU takes place about 6+ years into a zombie/infection outbreak. The Mane 6 actually don’t know each other prior to the outbreak, however they WILL meet up with one another eventually and making a journey toward what they hope is safety. Where that is, no one really knows (rumors lead them to different places) but they’ll continue to try. Now, as for these four, Spike and Sweetie were traveling with Twi and Rarity, Scootaloo with RD and Fluttershy, and AB with Applejack and Pinkie Pie. Just like the Mane 6, these four came together when their guardians met one another, and having other kids their age in this sort of setting to hang with is something they greatly appreciate.

Now with that out of the way, about the characters themselves:


First up we have good ol' Spike! Of the four, Spike is the bigges and oldest (13). I didn’t think it necessary to give him clothes, so I didn’t. However, I do think he would carry around a jacket and perhaps some pants just in case it gets too cold even for him. Spike has the advantage in that, even as a youngster, he has a tougher hide than that of ponies, so him being bitten isn’t as pressing. Despite this, he must avoid being bit at all costs; even with his tougher hide, it doesn’t take long before a zombie’s unrestrained bite will pierce right through it. His tough scales doesn’t amount for much when in the face of a gun either. Spike, while armed with claws, still has his own switchblade and a pistol of his own. Despite having firebreath, using them on zombies is a TERRIBLE idea.

Spike, being as young as he was when the outbreak started, actually doesn’t remember much from before the outbreak.  As such, he doesn’t know much about the time before, so he doesn’t have the same understanding and pain the adults do when it comes to their situation. Even still, he recognizes that the danger is very real, and remains on his toes. Despite their situation, Spike is still very much the same drake that we know; he still likes to joke, he’s kind-of a smartass, but he’s dedicated and hardworking and reliable and trustworthy. He’s far more interested in reading, and he loves learning things about the time before the outbreak from Twilight. His outlook on the world isn’t naive, however he still likes to remain as optimistic as he can. Despite his age, Twilight has made sure he is taught everything she knows so that, if anything were to happen, he would be able to fend for himself (she even gave him his own pistol and knife to carry around). He isn't as fazed by many of the horrors of the land as the others, and due to his experience, he's often the one who leads the rest of the CMC when the adults aren't around. Spike often takes it upon himself to teach the rest of the girls the skills Twilight's taught him.

Secondly we have Apple Bloom. Despite Spike being the biggest, AB is the tallest of the group and she's about 12 years old. She's also the second most experienced when it comes to survival, so she takes turns playing leader with Spike when the situation calls for it. The poor gal suffers from night terrors every now and then and, as such, has a hard time getting to and staying asleep. She carries around a switchblade Big Mac once gave her before they were separated.

Like the rest of the group, AB doesn't really remember much from before the outbreak but she has a better grasp of the pain the adults have than the rest of the group does. This primarily because the safezone she and her family once stayed in during the beginning of the outbreak had several luxaries the "Before" had, and it remained that way for a solid few years before it was inevitably compromised and attacked. It's during this attack that AB and AJ were separated from Big Mac and Granny Smith, and from that point on Applejack and Apple Bloom travel the country in search of their missing family members. Despite her lack of sleep and having a more subdued and cautious sort of personality, Apple Bloom is still quite amiable and friendly to those she meets.

Third we have Scootaloo. Scoots is the second shortest and youngest (10) of the group but in turn she is the fastest, and her speed is what save her life more than once. She's no stranger to the violence of the world around them and, as such, often carries around a baseball bat she found in a store once. That said, while Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy has taught her some essential skills to survive, she actually doesn't have that much experience when it comes to fending for herself. Despite her tough persona and her attempts to keep a cool facade, she's actually very terrified of the zombies (she tries not to show it) and will latch onto anyone she trusts that has the capacity to protect her.

Scootaloo's deep fear of the undead comes from a far too close encounter with some of them while traveling with RD and Fluttershy. The three were camping out in an abandoned gas station when a stray and insane survivor ambushed the group, actually biting Rainbow Dash while attempting to steal their supplies. The comotion the insane pony caused drew a lot of undead attention to them, and in their attempt to escape Scootaloo was yanked from Fluttershy's grip by a zombie and was nearly bitten. Thankfully, the two adults acted fast enough to save her before that could happen, but it unsurprisingly tramautized the poor thing. It's because of this that she often refuses to stray too far from Rainbow or Fluttershy, and while she's slowly overcoming this life-long fear of the undead it will never fully go away. That has not stopped her from attempting to help if she can, however.

And finally, we have Sweetie Belle. She’s the second youngest (11) and the shortest of the group, but like the rest of them, she doesn’t much remember how it was before the outbreak happened. All she really remembers is that Rarity has been there for her for all of her life. She isn't really equipped with anything to defend herself; this is because, when in a large group, they didn’t really see it necessary for foals to carry anything with the adults around. That quickly changes and, after being separated from the group, Rarity will eventually give Sweetie a weapon of her own.

Sweetie, while knowing the basics of survival, doesn’t actually have the experience needed to survive on her own. This is mostly because Rarity was lulled into a sense of security with their group, but this quickly changes when the sisters are separated and poor Sweetie was shot in the shoulder during their escape. The foal survives, but this is enough for Rarity to see that she needs to better teach Sweetie about living in such a hellish world. Despite all of the crap she’s seen, Sweetie is still… well, a sweetheart. She’s a bit naive at times, however she isn’t stupid; while not as much as Spike has endured, she’s seen enough cruelty in her life to know that not everyone can be seen as a possible ally.

Aaaaaand there ya go! I may add more a little later but for now I think this will do. Still, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! And thank you for stopping by for a look! 8D
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I feel like they'd be the Tranzit crew.
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I love the way that you drew Spike in this! His design in the show is, well, degrading to him as a character.
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I don't see how his show design would be considered degrading so I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with you there. He's cute, he has a recognizable silhouette, and he's interesting to look at while remaining simplistic enough for the animators to animate him with some ease; his design looks like it works fine in the context of the show.
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I can see your point, and while isn't exactly degrading to his character (I only said for lack of a better word.), I feel like the artists for the show could have kept him cute but make him a little less, of, well, a baby. I mean, I just think that they should make him, I don't know, argh! I don't know where I'm going with this. I have a whole headcanon about this actually, and it allows his show appearance to make sense. But with this being generally a kids show, I doubt that my headcanon would be what actually happens.
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Sweetie Belle is Clementine confirmed.
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Not quite; unlike Clementine, Sweetie Belle doesn't know how to defend herself yet.
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Sometimes I forget these are actually ponies.
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I'm assuming that's a compliment.
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Dang! Shot in the shoulder! Can she still use her arm much?
oh no she didn't 
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Yes, she can, although it gets stiff sometimes and pretty sore during the cold months. o3o
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Oh my gosh! N7 shirt! Love it!
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Thanks so much! I wish I had that shirt. ;_;
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I :heart: Scoots' shirt so very, VERY much.

And Sweetie Belle reminds me of Clementine from Season 1 of Telltale's Walking Dead.
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Aww yiss, Scootaloo's shirt has the best shirt. xD Surprisingly not a lot of people caught the reference, though. o.o

And indeed! That's actually whom she's sort-of based off of for this AU. :3
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Brilliant work. I saw a cover of mlp issue that there is a reference of walking dead.
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Thank you! And really? What cover is it, if you don't mind my asking? O:
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I think its from IDW comics. I found it from google gallery.
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I absolutely love that Scoodaloo is wearing a Mass Effect shirt!!!! I am a dummy! 
Earthsong9405's avatar
Thanks! And I'm glad ya caught the reference; not a lot of folks seem to know what the N7 means. o.o
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Hmm, Walking Dead meets My Little Pony, not exactly new to me but this version sounds a lot more interesting than the few I've read.
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Actually it's not the Walking Dead. It's a zombie AU, yes, and it does take some inspiration from the Walking Dead (along with several other zombie movies/books), but it isn't a mashup between it and MLP. o3o
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