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Zombie AU Doodle- Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie

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I found the time to doodle these two after working on some homework, so I did! :3 To continue with the character ref things I’ve done for the others, here are Zombie!AU Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie! :3 The main thing I tried to do with all of the characters is, like I do with their canon form, give them distinct body types. I actually scanned the very rough sketch of them before I went into detail with them, so if you wanna see that to get a better look at their actual bodies you can look HERE.

So before I launch into how the characters are in this AU, here’s a quick recap of this AU in general:

This AU takes place about 6+ years into a zombie/infection outbreak. The Mane 6 actually don’t know each other prior to the outbreak, however they WILL meet up with one another eventually and making a journey toward what they hope is safety. Where that is, no one really knows (rumors lead them to different places) but they’ll continue to try. Now, as far as these two go, even though PinkieShy is one of the ships in this AU, they actually don’t start out traveling together. Instead, Pinkie was originally traveling with AJ while Fluttershy was in a group with Rainbow Dash.

Now with that out of the way, about the characters themselves:


First we have ourselves Fluttershy. Like she is her canon!pony form, she is slim and thin with a slight bit of lean muscle to her. Her wings are still very large and more built for endurance flight, but like most pegasi in this AU she doesn’t fly unless it’s necessary in order to conserve energy. This Fluttershy would probably have a slight bit more muscle to her due to the constant movement and such a survivor must do in order to stay alive, but even still she isn’t the strongest of the bunch. But like Rarity, she is very accurate with a gun, so as helpless as she may seem she can easily gun someone down. Because of her dislike for direct confrontations, Fluttershy does carry around a light-weight hunting rifle and a dagger for close-ranged encounters, just in case she can’t avoid it.

Fluttershy is still the meek and compassionate pegasus we know in the canon, but for a while she acted far far worse than what she does in the show (at least in terms of being scared of some things). The beginning of the outbreak effected everyone, of course, but it really dug deep in Shy’s bones and scared the shit outta her. What really lingered with her about the outbreak was that turned ponies used are now nothing but a literal shell of themselves, and one of her biggest fears was that, when you turn, you lose complete control of your body but you still remain conscious, even after reanimation. She remained able to function, but it’s thanks to Rainbow Dash that she didn’t break down at an inopportune time and put herself in danger. Years later and now she is more used to the whole zombie thing, however she still holds some sort of sympathy toward the undead because she still knows they used to be living beings.

One of the largest obstacles she had to face was dealing with a broken leg. Thankfully she and Rainbow were part of a helpful group when that happened so she was tended to and will make a full recovery. It’s at this camp that she and Rainbow meet Pinkie and AJ.


And of course Pinkie Pie! Pinkie still has a bit of pudge to her as an anthro, but doesn’t matter because she is still a very healthy and fit mare. Also, don’t let her short stature fool you; she’s very light and fast on her hooves and can easily outrun anyone that attempts to chase her, even Rainbow if Pinkie really wanted to get away. Her speed gives her a great advantage during the apocalypse, of which she is uses to the most of her ability without draining energy.

Pinkie’s personality pretty much remained the same, but the mare has indeed seen some changes thanks to the outbreak. Pinkie remains optimistic, kind, fast-talking, and always willing to help and put her trust in someone, even during the apocalypse. Now that said, Pinkie isn’t naive nor attempting to delude herself. She knows that the living are the ones you have to watch carefully, since the living are unpredictable while the dead are very predictable. In addition, Pinkie Pie is a very resourceful mare, the type who’d know how to make a radio out of scrapmetal, start a fire with water, or how to fix and jumpstart a car. This is because, before the outbreak, she had several odd jobs before she settled on working for the Cakes and at a garage as a part-time mechanic. 


And there ya have it. I was actually gonna write more for each, but I’m really tired so I’ll just do that later. Also, please forgive any spelling errors here; I was half-asleep when I typed this but I'm definitely coming back to correct them later. o3o But as usual,  if you guys have any questions, feel free to ask. And thanks for takin’ a look! 8D

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How fast are the zombies? Walkers (Walking Dead, can almost power walk) or runners (World War Z (movie) where they can really scramble)?

I feel like Fluttershy would be the type to 'mercy kill' trapped zombies if the opportunity presented itself.
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If they're freshly turned and no detrimental damage has happened to their legs (ex: paralyzed before turning, legs torn off or crushed, one or both legs broken) then the fastest they can go is a power walk/slow jog, but that's only if they're in pursuit of prey. After the first week and decay sets in, though, their gate becomes stiffer, sluggish, until eventually they will be slowed to a shuffling crawl. They're still very dangerous though, ESPECIALLY up close. Decayed or not, a zombie will literally throw itself at you if you get within arm-reach, so when up close and personal they can get pretty fast since there's much less distance to cover.

As for Shy, like you said she does feel sympathy for the zombies if only because they were all living ponies once, and IF the opportunity presented itself with no danger to her or her group, then she probably would do a mercy kill, so long as it didn't involve wasting supplies (although she'd rather just shoot and get it over with instead of beating a skull in). That said, because of the brutal way a "mercy kill" usually entails due to the lack of ammo, and because sometimes it calls for her getting close and personal, she usually ops not to do so. That probably won't stop her from at least giving some sort of words of prayer or respect toward the dead soul though. o3o
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makes sense. I read somewhere about the disease presumably having started as airborne, is that still the case?
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The "virus" may still be airborn because everyone is infected, so regardless of how one dies they will still reanimate unless the brain is destroyed (shot to the head, crushed skull, so on; decapitation doesn't work). 
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How did you get so awesome at drawing!? This art is amazing!!!!!
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Your welcome^^ Love your art style!
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You're very welcome. *Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) 
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Make a fire with w-water?! Serious- You know what? It's Pinkie. I'm not gonna question her abilities!
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Actually, there's an actual survival trick to that! What you gotta do is have a plastic bottle or bag filled with water and hold it up over dry tinder in the sunlight. The water will act as a makeshift magnifying glass and direct the heat to the tinder and, if in place long enough, will start a fire. C:
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Oh. My. GOD!! What kind of sorcery is that?!
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Inorite? It's pretty cool! There's videos of how to do it on youtube, too. :3
What's Pinkie's weapon of choice?
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She typically keeps a baseball bat on her, along with the nearly mandatory hunting/combat knife and pistol of some kind.
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Love these designs.
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