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Zombie AU Doodle- Applejack and Rainbow Dash

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I know I said that I was gonna post this up on Halloween, but I decided to wait until a little later to post it simply because of reasons. Anyway, to continue the character ref things, here is Zombie!AU Applejack and Rainbow Dash! C: Applejack had been drawn long before October, but I haven’t uploaded her until now because I’m actually kinda… “meh” about how I drew her. She didn’t come out bad, but I want to redraw her anyway to better obtain the anatomy I want for her. Rainbow was actually pretty easy to dish out this time around; she was very cooperative. o3o

I was gonna draw Scootaloo and Applebloom with these two as well, but I’m tired so I’ll do it later and edit this (or just upload them separately. *shrugs*) But anyway, as a refresher for those who’s been following this AU or a heads-up for those of you who are just now tuning in, this AU takes place about 6+ years into a zombie/infection outbreak. The Mane 6 actually don’t know each other prior to the outbreak, however they WILL meet up with one another eventually and making a journey toward what they hope is safety. Where that is, no one really knows (rumors lead them to different places) but they’ll continue to try. Now, as far as these two go, even though AppleDash is one of the ships in this AU, they actually don’t start out traveling together. Instead, AJ was originally traveling with Pinkie Pie while Rainbow was in a group with Fluttershy.

Once again, due to the circumstances, AJ and RD are a little different in this AU, however they remain relatively the same at their core.


First up is Applejack, who is still the tallest and strongest among the Mane 6 even as an anthro. She’s a little over 6 feet tall, and her body is heavy and thick with powerful muscle. AJ’s so strong, her punches have enough force behind them to actually kill a zombie if directed to the head; she’s even managed to decapitate one with her bare hands once by literally ripping it’s head off (it helps that a zombie’s decaying body makes it a little easier). Her kicks are far more devastating. Her physical power allows her a little more of an advantage of being able to easily defend herself without a weapon against a zombie, but she prefers not to do so for obvious reasons. As such, she always carries around a hatchet and a woodcutter’s axe (of which she can wield with one hand without problems).

Applejack, similarly to Twilight Sparkle, does not like to stay in one place for very long, however she is more willing to set up camp for a few days before deciding to move on. Unlike Twi, AJ is on the move specifically to find her missing brother and grandmother, both of whom she and AB were separated from rather recently (around a few months to a year). Due to this, she actually seeks out safe zones, in hopes that maybe Big Mac and Granny Smith might in one of them. While she still remains very cautious and alert, this makes her a little more willing to put some trust in strangers. Despite this, AJ isn’t a fool, and she will always be at the ready to react just in case things go south (especially because she has Applebloom to protect). It’s because of her willingness to give a stranger a chance that led her to meeting and traveling with Pinkie Pie, especially due to her discovering  Pinkie’s  knack for being resourceful (and also knowing how to fix items and hot-wire vehicles). The three of them end up meeting Rainbow, Scoots, and Fluttershy in one of the safe zones they stumble upon.


And Rainbow Dash, who is relatively short in this AU, but still has a lean body meant for speed. Due to the necessity (mainly conserve energy and keep attention to a minimum), Rainbow Dash doesn’t fly as often as she’d like. But this doesn’t deter her from being the fastest in the group (only rivalled by Pinkie, who can easily keep up with Rainbow Dash on the ground). Some knowledge in parkour is pretty much needed and known by all and any survivors, however Rainbow has it down to an art, able to navigate her environment with relative ease. She keeps her hair very short in this AU (she cuts it herself) and always has her pants taped up to keep them from being too loose. Her favorite weapon of choice is usually a dagger and a glock in case of emergencies.

In this AU, RD still has her temper and the tendency to jump to conclusions, a

nd she’s still very much pigheaded and rash with her actions. She’s also very distrustful toward strangers, maybe even MORESO that Twilight, and she will almost always be the first to go on the defensive if she feels threatened. That said, Rainbow is still a very loyal pony, and once you gain her trust it’s hard to find a more dependable pony. She and Fluttershy have traveling together since the beginning of the outbreak, and the two of them stumbled across a lone Scootaloo sometime later. While Rainbow herself doesn’t have much faith in safe zones, she still holds onto the idea that maybe, just MAYBE, there’s a place out there that provide adequete safety, food, community, and is without the constant fear of surviving. This is partly due to her desire to keep Fluttershy and Scootaloo as safe and as content as the hellish world they live in allows, which is one of the reasons why they try to find safezones. The current one they’re in is the longest they’ve been in one; around a couple of months, at most. It’s in this safezone that she meets Applejack, and then eventually Twilight and Rarity (which, around that time, the safezone will end up being destroyed by a sudden disast of some sort).


And there ya have it. I was actually gonna write more for each, but I’m really tired so I’ll just do that later. But as usual,  if you guys have any questions, feel free to ask. And thanks for takin’ a look! 8D

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Dang Apple Jack- You pack some hard punches and kicks! 
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I thought that was Scootaloo LOL
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"hot-wire vehicles" in other words this sin't just anthro, it's human modern world type... though I should have guessed that from the guns.

Gonna be honest, when I didn't see Applebloom my heart sank and thought she might have gone the way of Shining who I'm guessing bought it pretty early on. Glad to know that is not the case. Though the fact we don't get an Alaskan whaler Shining survivor saddens me for a number of reasons.
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Indeed, indeed. They do have guns but they wouldn't have the exact same type, due to their science and technology having a basis in magic as well. For example, models of pistols and hunting rifles that's current for them would be an older model for us, however they also have rapid-fire crossbows and still use the bow-and-arrow far more often too.
Shining Armor's whereabouts are unknown; it isn't known if he and Cadance are dead or missing; Twi wasn't with them when the Outbreak happened and they were pretty far north for business. Twi kinda wanders Equestria sorta-kinda looking for them, but she has no doubt in her mind that they're alive and well. At some point the group will choose to go north due to rumors of it being a safer place against the dead (Twi doesn't believe in "Safe haven" rumors but for the sake of her newfound companions, she'll eventually agree to travel there). The north, specifically the Crystal Empire, is quite possibly where Shining and Cadance are if they did survive. o3o

But no, Apple Bloom is certainly not dead. She's still alive, although plagued by night terrors now.
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Also, without the alicorns to ascend her, Cadence is still a pegasus right?
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by the way, you mention hunting rifles specifically. Does that mean this AU feature's omnivorous ponies?

I'm starting to think I might drabble in this... seeing as I have an OC with a history of interdimensional travel and I love to abuse my OCs.
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Yes; in my headcanon the ponies are completely omnivorous too so I always bring that to the table of any AU I play with, including this one.
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Oh yeah, some have fangs too. Forgot about that.
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All of them do, although like humans some have longer and sharper teeth than others.
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Okay, this is my favourite out of all your Zombie!AU sketches. I love the designs!
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Will you ever reveal what happened to Big Mac and Granny Smith later on? O3O
Earthsong9405's avatar
I'm personally leaving it ambiguous because I want you guys to draw your own conclusions on some of the plotpoints of the AU. A lot of the story is open the way it is because it's available to anyone who wants to write a drabble or story on it, and that includes the fate of many of the characters that aren't the Mane 6, the CMC, and Spike.
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Ah, OK.  I see what you mean. :)

OH, I know in the past you've drawn some sketches of the undead, but do you plan on redrawing them soon?
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Amazing!!! Love it!
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I seriously love your style. I wish you can draw me a poster like this. I would totally have it on my wall in my room. I am serious. :)
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May I reference the anotomy on the 2nd one if you wouldn't mind? It's amazing work btw!
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the tape onthe legs remind me of hunters tape from Left 4 dead2
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That's because it's a common thing for people who parkour to do. It keeps loose clothing from being free so, while they move, it doesn't get caught by anything. o3o
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lol i love this alot!
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I honestly can't stand MLP, but this is very well done :)
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