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Waiting for Daydreams

This is a "sister image" to my previous painting featuring Luna, Fishing for Nightmares:
Fishing for Nightmares by Earthsong9405

The initial plan was to have this finished and sold alongside Luna's, but I didn't finish it in time so I went ahead and finished it yesterday morning. I'll just sell the original at the next Bronycon. o3o

ANYWAY! This image is basically following the same theme and feel I hoped to capture in Fishing for Nightmares, only this time Celestia is simply taking a nap instead of actively fishing for a daydream. Originally she DID have a line tied to her horn and a cloud tied to the other end of the line, but I didn't really want a straight black line disrupting the warm colors because, when I ended up finishing it, it didn't really seem to fit. So I opted not to add it or the tiny cloud.

So like the previous one, this isn't necessarily "canon" to my headcanon (aside from Celestia's wings; I tried to make the feathers shimmery and maybe reflective but I dunno how successful that was...) since it was only for fun, but if I had to describe what was going on: Celestia wouldn't fish for daydreams because, as far as daydreams are concerned, they are often pleasant and fantastical and as such it wouldn't really warrent any sort of drawing out or luring because a daydream sometimes just comes to you. So that's what Celly is doing, basically: she's basically playing the waiting game, taking a short nap in knowing pleasant daydreams will come. I decided to make the shapes representing the Daydreams into fish with wing-like fins because why not. I was also gonna have the sun be more like her Cutie Mark but decided against it so I could put her in the middle.

Now that she's finished I think I'll try to get it autographed by Nicole Oliver before Bronycon... just gotta figure out how. :/

Anyway, this was painted on an Artist Panel with acrylics and took me about 5-6 hours. I honestly wasn't keeping the time. >.> But she was a WHOLE bunch of fun to work on. I love working with warm colors as much as I love working on cool colors and night skies. I hope you guys like it as much as I do! :3

Also, if you like my artwork, perhaps you could maybe consider supporting me on Patreon please?  Even $1 is a huge help, and I'd really appreciate it! C:
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so pretty btw if you look at it from far away the sun is face with hooves for eyes and Celestia's hair as her hair, its a floating head
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Cool! I very much like both this and its companion piece.
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Thanks so much! ^.^
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Everything looks so beautiful TUT Those Daydreams...
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No problem thats what fellow artists are here for 😉😊😀
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I want a bunch of ghost Koi things in my house...
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I think everyone does! They're very friendly and love to be petted and they're kinda like dolphins in that they'll protect you as much as they can from nightmares that come to plague your dreams. o3o
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Thanks for the suggestions, as well as the example you provided. I think the image could do with more contrast, specifically in the sun's brightness like you talked about, but maybe not so close to Celestia herself since in the example image a lot of her form gets lost in the glow. Those areas can be the dark sunspots the sun actually has in real life, so there's that.

And honestly it wasn't so much me being afraid of going bolder than it was me simply not paying attention to making it bolder, since the overall idea was to make the entire image basically soft and more "gentle" in the dream aspect and not necessarily "BAM", in your face. The contrast of the blue in the example image is nice but I think it draws a bit too much attention from Celestia and maybe makes the image a little too bottom-heavy. Maybe even a little more... foreboding than what I want in the image. So I might go back and darken the bottom, if only to bring the Daydreams out a bit more, but not as heavy as shown and with a much softer blue. The main concern for me personally would be the sun and not so much the bottom part because I honestly really like how that came out.

But yeah, as said, thank you for the suggestions. It's nice to get feedback every now and then. ^.^
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That is so gorgeous! Amazing job!!
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I don't need to wait for daydreaming. They come pretty quickly when you work on something boring, redundant and mostly that you don't like. And I mean AT work. I know that it's not good, but... *sigh* when you do a job that you don't like, your mind escape for surviving the day. Still bad, thought.

I like the idea of associating Daydreaming to Celestia. Also, she looks so much better without her royal attire. Seriously. Between her and Luna, which you wish to meet in your dream?

Wonderful work
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No one really has to wait for Daydreaming, not really, since it literally just comes to you, sometimes when you want it to and sometimes when you don't. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing, so long as in the long run you don't let it completely distract you from a task at hand that's important to complete.

As for the question, either would be pretty cool to meet. :3

And thanks!
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My pleasure

Sorry for the late reply
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Celestia's Spa.  Occupancy Limit: 1 Alicorn of the Sun.
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Lol, best spa ever. x3
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