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WIP- I Wanna Be Like You!

Welp, you guys know what time it is? Print making time. c:< Bronycon isn't until August but now that the first quarter of my school is coming to a close this week, I decided to go ahead and start on some of the prints I'd like to have for this year's con. First up, a redraw of these:
Just Like You by Earthsong9405 WIP- Just Like You by Earthsong9405

Now I really liked this image, so much so that I just had to redraw it as an update to better fit my current drawing style. I don't know about you guys but it feels like my style is undergoing some small but consistent changes. I dunno, but I personally feel like how I express... well, expressions, is getting better. At least I hope so! O: My first lesson in animation has certainly helped, I think. :3

But anyway, this image. The general idea behind it is that, after the death of their parents, Applejack sorta took up the mantle of being one of the primary caretakers of Applebloom. As such, AB sorta sees Applejack as the one she wants to be like the most. She certainly looks up to her Granny and Big Mac, but she definitely looks up to Applejack. AJ doesn't mind this of course. c:

I'm gonna type more but I gotta leave to do some errands so for now, that's all. If you have any questions feel free to ask! :3
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This is gorgeous! Would I be aloud to color this for ya? :3
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Your expressions and styling of the ponies is excellent. Not sure if this has been answered but what's the story about AJ's scars? The one on her nose I could see being from working but some of those others seem like battle scars.
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Thanks! As for your question, AJ and Big Mac are the primary protectors of their farm and as such, they must defend it from the dangers that occasionally wander out into their orchard. This includes wild animals that stray too far from the Everfree Forest (especially Timberwolves), and sometimes even bandits attempting to sabotage their farm in hopes to ruin their current near-monopoly on the apple-selling portion of the market.
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AppleBloom has buck teeth!
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Actually, that's just the dark part of her mouth, not her teeth. She doesn't have buck teeth in my headcanon. o3o
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I wish I had a big sister like that.Or a little one to look up at me
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Color this. Sweet. Are you sure, thats not Apple Jacks mom?
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I'll eventually color it; it's a print, after all. And I don't know what you mean; it's only AJ and Apple Bloom there?
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I don't recall AppleJack having a bandana, so that throws me off.
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Oh, she doesn't have one in the show but she wears one as far as my headcanon goes. It's just an extra accessory I gave Applejack because it looked good on her.
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I really do love how you draw AJ. her hair is so wild and floofy.
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Lovely job, as always. =D
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I love this drawing!! Wish I could draw like this.
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This is beautiful <3
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