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WIP- Element of Laughter

So it's been a few days since I last posted something, and I figured it'd be fine to go ahead and post a sneak-peek of my next installment of the "Standard Model" series. This is the WIP of, obviously, our one and only Pinkie Pie! :3 Of all the poses I've drawn so far, hers was the most fun. Then again, drawing Pinkie has always proven to be a whole lot of fun so I wasn't surprised. And if you're wondering, she isn't necessarily falling.... kinda. She's kinda floating AND falling at the same time, and there's actually a good reason for that! :3

So some of you have already made your guesses of what her magic revolves around, but I'm honestly surprised that a y'all haven't figured it out yet, especially since I've mentioned it a few times before. o3o First, let me copy and paste the mandatory explanation of the series and my headcanon on magic:

Being living embodiment of the Elements of Harmony has inhanced the Mane 6's magical prowess so that it surpasses that of the average pony when they aren’t directly using them, and have their magical power increase significantly when in direct use of the Elements (to deity-like levels to be specific). Just in case it’s needed, here’s the link to my headcanon on magical elements and their subcategories.

Now with that posted, let's talk about what Pinkie here has in terms of her magic. Pinkie’s magic is strongly associated with the Air element and the Energy element, although her connection to the Energy element is somewhat chaotic in nature, which in turn kind of explains how she’s able to do half the things she’s able to get away with. She has a particular talent with manipulating the air itself to form strong gusts of winds and, sometimes, even a gale storm. Despite what people may think, Pinkie is a pretty talented magic user, and is able to perform spells and techniques that are otherwise  seemingly impossible or improbable. Fun fact: Pinkie likes making tiny gusts of wind to allow herself to float. Which is exactly what she's doing here. :3

Buuuuuut yeah. As soon as I find the time to finish it, I'll upload the completed product here again and just notify y'all about it. Speaking of, though, I'm thinking about attempting a livestream for this... would anyone be interested in watching? Let me know! ^.^

Also, if you like my work, perhaps consider pledging to my patreon? c: $1 will get you stuffs, and the pledge will always be much appreciated! ^.^
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I love how they have magic

Pinkie is so awesome! 
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Uh, will we ever get to see the finished product? It looks great so far, and I'm really looking forward to it!
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Beautifully done. If this is gonna be a finished project, I can see balloons involved. ^_^
OnceLersexgirlfriend's avatar
So cute! The hair is amazing
Earthsong9405's avatar
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I love how you do eyelashes and hooves, that always stands out to me.
You're the reason I try to diversify my characters :D
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Aw, thank you! ^.^ I'm just glad you like my work, and I'm happy that it's inspired ya to diversify. It's a lot of fun! c:
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Best one so far. The proportions seem to work better here than with the others, but I couldn't say why. Maybe it's just the pose.
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Hmm, I couldn't really tell you either... maybe it is the pose? ',:/ Either way I'm glad ya like it. :3
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You're welcome ^^
Ember-the-sandwing's avatar

It looks disturbing tho XD
but great skill nontheless!
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That is one hell of a pose to make D:
Starduststruck's avatar
Im just gonna
Steal ur talent
Ok thx bye
Earthsong9405's avatar
Good luck with that, because I have NO TALENT TO STEAL HAHAHAHA! >8D
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Considering her display of tail powered flight in the show, this actually makes sense.
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Such a fitting pose for Pinkie Pie. ^^ Very fantastic job!
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Thanks so much! It was so much fun to draw, though I'm glad I managed to keep her anatomy in tact. O:
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Oh yeah! I'd say your anatomy has come leaps and bounds since I first watched you. ^^
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I just ADORE her facial expression... it really shows her personality off very well!

BTW, the mane looks GORGEOUS!! :heart: :-) :la:
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