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Twilight Sparkle: Headcanon Character Sheet

A quick little experiment I threw together for two things. The first thing is to act as a simplistic reference for my headcanoned version of the MLP cast. Secondly, and mostly, I'd love to try and animate little fan thingies with the characters but keeping my own headcanon intact as far as their designs go, so this is mostly a reference test for a animateable design. I wanted to do something relatively easy and quick to draw but still keep my own style true to it, and this is what I ultimately came up with for Twilight. I might tweak her, but for now I think she looks good. :3 I'll say more but I have to go to class so for now, this is good enough. Until then I hope you guys like! ^.^

PS: Have a WIP height chart:
Height by Earthsong9405

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star153's avatar
How did Twilight get a scar on her face?
JousimusPrime's avatar
I love it how beutiful she looks.
fishgay's avatar
would it be alright if i used the shape pass as a refrence for body shape? (along with the applejack shape pass?) your art and anatomy is very inspiring to me
Cherry-Treats's avatar
I love when people give Twilight the yellow/orange accent, it looks so good c:
shadowzero20's avatar
Love that you added a unicorn tail for twilight, I always thought unicorns should have them since in mythology majority of them are depicted with it. Alicorns I think it should vary but with twilight being a unicorn turned into alicorns a unicorn tail makes sense. ^^
SkullyDotCartoonist's avatar
I realize this is old, but what is that little spike you add at the top of the wing? o^o
Earthsong9405's avatar
It's essentially the wing's thumb. It's called an alula.
SkullyDotCartoonist's avatar
Ah, ok. I just see you draw it on wings a lot, but know little to nothing about wings or birds, so I figured I'd ask. Btw, you draw wings beautifully. Do you use the diamond trick or something else?
Earthsong9405's avatar
I've no idea what the diamond trick is. I just draw using basic shapes to make things easier.
SkullyDotCartoonist's avatar
Oh. Well, that's pretty much what the diamond trick is; drawing a diamond on it's side and using it to draw a wing. Sorry if I'm bothering you, btw. ;w;'
Earthsong9405's avatar
Huh, I don't think I've ever seen it. Whatever works I reckon; and no worries you aren't being a bother. c:
chuck-vic-norris's avatar
No lie, I looked up "character sheets" online (have to make one for a class) to get an idea of how to do mine, and THIS VERY PIC CAME UP IN THE GOOGLE SEARCH
Earthsong9405's avatar
This is the part where I DAB SUPER HARD.
kajsamountainbridge's avatar
Can i use your charcter sheets as refrences for animation and drawing?
PutterPen's avatar
I must say you have inspired me to draw my ponies with more diverse body shapes. Experimenting will be fun!
TheDeemoNexus's avatar
Ditto! I think that it looks better that way.
MrsMoonPon's avatar
Would you mind if I was to reference your (Shape Pass) there?... for future art and anatomy?
HWASAH's avatar
These scars are from the episode of Cerberus?
Earthsong9405's avatar
Only one of them is, and she got it while handling Cerberus. The other is from years ago, in a fight she got into with her bullies at the time.
HWASAH's avatar
Oooo bullies. Sounds interessing. You could do a HeadCannon for this :D
kleopatraa15's avatar
hikariviny's avatar
Omg she look's so adorable!
Can I use this as a reference to draw her? I will give you credits of course n . n
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