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Twilight Sparkle: Age Thingy

I've been drawing quite a bit lately because of... reasons, including some commission sketches. With them finished, I decided to do a little interval thingy before I started on my next batch, mainly to keep up whatever inspiration binge I'm on right now.

This one is another age thingy, but this time for Twilight Sparkle! :3

It's basically the same as the Rainbow Dash one, but I included a couple of other characters too and, instead of it being me explaining how I see the foal growing, it's more of me playing around with how Twi in particular grew up.

So, some headcanon, I suppose. Man the decks! D:<

Newborn Foal:
I've always figured Shining Armor was quite a bit older than Twilight. So here he is at the age of 8, taking a peaceful nap with his infant sister. At this point of her age, Twilight, like all unicorn newborns, would have a small little bump where her horn will eventually grow in; this bump is covered in fur and very rounded out in order to make birthing easier on the mother.

Anywho, I can easily see Shiny being fiercely protective of the tiny filly, so when he wasn't at school or out with friends he was by Twilight's side (they met Cadence much later).

Age 3:
Little Twilight here is throwing a bit of a hissy fit. xD It's mainly because she really really REALLY wants to be able to do magic, but she's simply too young at this point. That doesn't stop her from trying and trying again.

Age 12-14:
This is where a good majority of one of my headcanons comes in. In this image, Twilight is around 13 or 14, while Spike is a few months old.

The idea here is that, after managing to get into Celestia's school by an impressive show of magical power, Twilight was given the little hatchling and told that he was her responsibility. Obviously, Celestia and her parents would help Twilight raise the little fella, but she ultimately did it herself.

But, being the named protégé of the Princess of the Sun isn't always sunshine and roses (if you'll forgive the pun). I can easily see Twilight being bullied by other foals her age (and sometimes, foals older than her) that were jealous of what she had and how she gained it, and while it hurt, Twi did her best to ignore the name-calling and pushing around. She never told her parents, Shining, Cadence, or the Princess about this either.

That, however, immediately stopped when the focus shifted from her and to little Spike. Some of her bullies thought it was a good idea to mess with the little guy while he was playing in the gardens, calling him a little monster or freak. Twilight, having been in the gardens with Spike, stood up to the bullies for the first time. Yelling and snarling resulted in Twilight trying to take Spike and leave, but one of the bullies shoves Twi away while another made a grab for the hatchling.

That was the last straw, and it immediately turned into a fight between Twilight and the bullies.

Whether or not she won is up to you (I'm personally going with her losing the fight, being outnumbered and all), but regardless of the outcome the bullies leave and she came out of it with a black eye, battered and bruised and a scratch on her cheek (an alternative to how she got that scar). This sketch is when Twi collapses onto the ground, too pained to walk, as Spike clings to her, and the two remain like this for quite a while before they manage to make it back to their room. When Twi's family and the Princess finds out about the ordeal... well. Let's just say the bullies were quickly dealt with.

Buuuut yeah. This is one of the few headcanons I have that explains why Twilight had no friends other than the few she had and while she dwelled so much into studying.

Age: 21-24

Twilight as she's currently seen. This would be a couple of years after she turns into an alicorn, so by this time her hair is beginning to grow rapidly and she's still growing taller. Even though she gained the title "princess", I don't think she'd be immediately set to do royal duties and the like, especially with Luna and Celestia's rule being as healthy as it is. So instead, I'd figure she'd be more of an ambassador and knight representing Equestria. I think, eventually, the Mane 6 (Spike too!) in general would get more regularly involved with worldly and royal affairs of all sorts in the future, but for now, Twilight's the first to be integrated into this sort of career. The process of grooming her into a knight and ambassador for the country is long, vigorous, and often results in headaches and sore muscles, and while it does often bring about stress and doubt in herself Twi has her friends and family to back her up every step of the way. Overall, she's pretty happy with how her life's turning out. c:

SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO there you have it. Have a nice helping of headcanon possibilities.

Now that I think about it, I think I'll end up doing this for each of the Mane 6 and Spike as well, but since I already did Rainbow I'll just add my headcanon of her with Fluttershy's (since they kinda tie together when they were foals). But I'm sleepy (psh, what's new?), and today's definitely my lazy day, so I do believe a nap is in order. As always, feel free to ask questions and such, or hell, share your own headcanon with me. It's quite interesting to see how headcanons can be similar or different. c:

Other than that, as you already know, I really appreciate you guys taking the time to stop by and look at mah doodles. ^.^
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Aw Twily

lemme at those bullies!
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I love your work, all the little details like how unicorns aren't born with full-sized horns as they have been portrayed in the show (yeowch) and detailed items on their lives. I may very well have to add another folder to keep all your work in, and I may just be inspired to try my hand at doing this semi-more realistic equine look you have going as opposed to the softer rounder versions of the show. 11/10
ShaleZookeeper7's avatar
Great back ground story!:happybounce:  Tells a bit about Spike and Twilight's childhood together! Loved it! It's going into the fav's!!!Clap Clap Clap Love Love Love 
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oh i can see shining with a metal baseball bat right now approaching the bullies
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I love your age charts. Mind if I borrow the idea to help explain backstories for some of my OCs?
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Beautiful work - well done :)
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now comes the question of her lifespan. unless its been addresed somewhere else?
Earthsong9405's avatar
It has indeed been addressed a few times, but to make it easier:

Twilight Sparkle has an extended lifespan but she is not immortal. Her lifespan has been extended due to her link to the Elements as well as her ascension into an alicorn, but the lives of the rest of the Mane 6 has also been extended thanks to their connection to the Elements of Harmony. That said, so long as she isn't killed by some outside force (illness, an accident, someone killing her) then she will outlive her friends as well as Cadance. But she will eventually die essentially of old age, even if she physically won't look all that old.

TL;DR: she will probably live to be a couple of thousand years old but will eventually die.
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*years later*
Bully1: I wonder what happened to twilight sparkle?
Bully2: probably still in magic kindergarten like the wuss she is-
*twilight appears with wings*
Bully1:.... I'm gonna chop off my horn and jump off a cliff.
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"well. Let's just say the bullies were quickly dealt with." What happened to them?
Earthsong9405's avatar
Expelled from the school after dealing with Celestia herself, in front of their parents.
sanderninja's avatar
were they homeschooled?
Earthsong9405's avatar
Probably not; being expelled from one school doesn't mean they won't be able to get in another, and it is't like Celestia will forbid them to learn. They'd be kept under a watchful eye from there on out though.
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I like the color Twilight so pretty.
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The-Teacup-Doodler's avatar
I'm also a traditional artist, and I can't even come close to that amazing!
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Just a lot of practice, I suppose. o3o
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I don't think I've seen a tail design like that on mlp:fim art before.  I like it.
Earthsong9405's avatar
That's actually surprising. A lot of artists I've come across has done it either consistently or at least once. o3o
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