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This was meant to have some clever title, but... yeah, you see how that didn't work out. So I just went with "Twilight", because Twilight Sparkle and the  the sky being in "twilight". Eeyup. :/

So anyhoggledog, this is just something I whipped up really fast to sorta get more into painting before I start a commission. It's stand alone, but I thought it'd look  a little cool if it sorta worked with the Celestia and Luna images.  Those images can be found here:

And if you want to see how the three images look together, here that is:

They arent supposed to be connecting perfectly, but yeah. :shrug: They can be bought as prints, and to buy all three of these together will be $30. C: Sadly, this does not include shipping; I have to know where you are in order to give you a price on that (if you're in the USA, I'm pretty sure isn't no more than $5, depending on what you get o3o)

Dude, for a speedpainting, this was a litle difficult. I only had a completely black scratch panel to use since I'm using the other for the commission, so I had to repaint this like twice before it looked good. It took about... 4 hours? I didn't keep count so I don't know. Even still, please forgive me for a little wonkiness here and there; I'll be going back to touch it up later.

But regardless, it was the fun kind of difficult; I've never painted on  a pure black panel before, and it's about hightime I start doing some art out of my comfort zone. Like landscapes that are in the city or building; I never was good at that. :C

But anyhoos, let's get to a little headcanon here.

Twilight doesn't exactly look like how she does when I drew her a little while ago. Why? Because she hasn't begun growing yet. As in, here, she's only just recently been turned into an alicorn. Her appearance will change to the one I headcanoned her in in around her third year of being an alicorn. Regardless, it's beginning to gear itself toward that, as she has the somewhat etheral hair now and her pupils are starting to take a more oval shape. c:

Concerning the alicorn thing, I've seen many many fics and theories going with Twilight being absolutely, super depressed about being immortal and eventually losing her friends to old age. That sorta doesn't work for me since
a) My headcanon has the Mane 6 with extended life periods due to their connection to the elements
b) Twilight isn't immortal, but she'll live for quite a while (her lifespan is doubled, due to being both "ascended" and an Element Bearer)
and c) When her friends finally do pass, obviously she'll be very upset, but I think she'd be mature enough to be able to carry on without them while still keeping their memories very close to her heart.

Besides, her being an alicorn is pretty badass, so I'd be smirkin' up a storm too. XD

SooooOOOoooOOOoo... yeah. Don't think I have much else to say, so feel free to ask any questions if you have any. And thanks a bunch for stoppin' by! ^.^
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could you do one for cadence?
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Fantastic. The colors are simply delicious!
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Love the Sparks u put in her hair. It really fits her. Ecpicially since her name is Twilight. :D
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Princess of the friendship. *Free Icon/Emote* Twilight Hairball Pusheen :twilightsparkle: 
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AwwwwWWWwww yiss. C:<
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Twilight for the win woo! 
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I got that from BlackGhrph0n (I spelled that wrong)
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Nice!!! Love that expression! :meow: :meow: :meow:
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interesting concept with the feathers on other parts of the body aside from the wings. do you remember when the idea struck you to do this?
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I don't remember, to be honest. All I remember is that one day I was basically experimenting with looks to make the pegasus look more unique than simply a horse with wings thrown on, and I tried giving them feathers and tailfeathers. I really liked the end result, so I continue to add them. C:
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it's a great concept I think. It makes them look much more soft and also I think more realistic as far as how they would fly.
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Princess Twilight Sparkle: So you want to live forever?
Desperate person: Yes!
Princess Twilight Sparkle: I can do it but it will cost you...
Desperate person: Anything! Here, take all of my money!
*Princess Sparkle's horn glows*

Rarity: I am not sure Darling, that is very nice to those people.
Princess Twilight Sparkle: Yeah but the money is pretty good and they get what they want.
Princess Twilight Sparkle: Kinda.

Looks great.
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Lol, thank you! c:
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*Looks at hoof*
Hail Princess Sparkle!
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Absolutely beautiful~!
Wonderful headcanon, if I may add, as well!
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Either way, the writers have confirmed that Twilight will NOT outlive her friends, so that particular theory doesn't hold water. 
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