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Tiny Doodle: Baby Flurry Heart

EDIT: Added color and simple shading to it! :3
(Spoiler of the teaser; don't continue if you don't wanna know what's goin' down)

Guess who watched the season 6 teaser? o3o

My god, Flurry was so damn cute I can't even stand it. Anyway, this is just a little doodle I did while I took a break from my projects and saw the Season 6 trailer. It's a little more than a scribble, but it's a little somethin' anyway so I decided to go ahead and post it. As for the teaser? I'm hyped. The hype is real. o3o

Is it bad that I'm already formulating headcanon for this character and other stuffs?  Because man, I certainly have some headcanon goin’ on in mah brain, especially in terms of her breed, what the deal is with her large wings and horn, and stuff. But I think I’ll wait before I actually dish out any headcanon on her, aside from this little snippet:

Her wings aren’t fully feathered like they are in the show but they ARE still unusually large for her age. She certainly can’t fly, but the limbs are long and indicate that they will be huge when she reaches adulthood. Her horn also isn’t as pointed as it was in the teaser but it’s still unusually long and developed for an infant. Her birth would be particularly hard on Cadance, so much so that I think it’d make sense if Flurry had to be a C-section birth instead of a natural one to avoid further harm to her and to her mother, but they both come out of the ordeal fine, if a little on the shocked side at her appearance and what that potentially implies. As soon as I learn more about the characer I'm dishing out a full-fledged headcanon on her, oh man. I'm so excited for the new season. ;_;

But anyway, as messy and as meager as it is, I hope you enjoy. I may just color it later if I have the time but we'll see. Also feel free to ask any questions if you have any. ^.^

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What a precious little thing :)
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She was/is pretty adorable. There seems to be some sort of on going discussion about which baby design for the pones is better, beady eyes or irises and whites. I never minded either and I really don't think the big eyes are creepy, guess it all comes to preference. I was also surprised on how big her proportions were and yet Cadence seems less tired than Shining was xD As for her as a character, she's still just a baby so there's not much there. It'll be interesting to see if they age her at all, but since the Cake twins have remained infants it's hard to say.

Anyway, I like your little revamp of her design. Giving her daddy's hooves was a nice tough :P
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I personally don't care which design the crew uses for baby ponies; either one can be pretty cute, I'd say. But everyone indeed has their own preference, so I'm not surprised. As for the Cadance thing, I honestly don't think Flurry was that much of a newborn. As in, while she was relatively new, she seemed much more like a baby that's been around for a few days instead of a few hours. If that's the case, it makes sense that Cadance didn't seem as exhausted as she may have been when she first gave birth to the foal. She probably was also more calm about being a parent since, of the two, she seems to have more experience in caring for a foal than what Shining does. He'll be a great father, though. :3

And thanks. ^.^
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Perhaps a few days, you're right and it'd make more sense. Cadence does seem to be a very loving mother, but she made that one big mistake of taking away something a baby wants xD I mean it was bound to happen eventually, but I don't think Pinkie minded having Flurry on her head, but then we wouldn't have a plot. Shining is gonna be a great daddy, I can imagine him doting on her constantly.
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So cute! Any more insight on your headcanon for how Flurry is going to be used?
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At the moment, no, since she's still only just a foal in my headcanon and I honestly don't want to get that far into her future at the current moment. I wanna play around with how family life is generally like for the new parents before going any further as far as Flurry's age and role goes. When I reach that point, though, I'll probably do an Age Thingy featuring here. o3o
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Can't wait to see all of that fun stuff!!!
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or its just your tale
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She looks adorable this way! 
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This is a beautiful drawing.
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just watched this episode again yesterday it makes me lol
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Someone give me the spoilers pleaseeee
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This is literally it. The design of the character and the fact that she's apparently alicorn is all the spoilers we got. And also what people where throwing a fit over. >.>
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so...this is Shinning Armour and Cadence's child?
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I didnt see that coming :v

Daaaamn ive missed so many seasons
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