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The Sun's Daydream

EDIT: Flipped, due to the making of the third painting to connect this one and Luna's together. I think it looks better this way anyhow.

The sister pic of this:

I apologize in advance; the scanner's too small to fit this one, so I had to improvise with my brother's Ipad's camera. It's an OK photo (MUCH better than what my phone can take) but it's still not as vibrant or as good as the actual image. I'll probably try retaking the image when it's daylight, but for now this will do.

So, uhh... Yep. The 3rd speedpainted print I've made for Bronycon. I had a WHOLE bunch of fun working on this, and just as I thought, I realized just how much I love Celestia. Her color scheme is wonderful, and I had a kick with her hair. I was gonna make it a little different, but I decided not to. o3o This took me like.... what, 3 hours? I can't remember. It's painted on 9" x 10" Artist Panel  with Acrylics and pencil. Overall, I really like the result. ^.^

Like Luna's painting, an 8" x 10" print of this badboy would be $10, and an 11" x 17" print would be $20. If you're interested, just comment or note me. C:

Not much eles to say 'cause I'm tired, but as always, feel free to ask questions and all of that. And thanks a bunch for stopping by to take a look! :3
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You're such an inspiration to me! ;0;
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It's so beautiful, what brand you use for colour it? Seriously i need to know
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Are the prices the same internationally or just in the US?
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Shipping for something so flat generally remains the same even internationally, although sometimes it can go up from $5 to 6$ or $7 depending on the weight of the thing and how far, exactly, it's going.

So to be safe, I'd probably charge $7 for the shipping but if it turns out cheaper I can always refund the leftover extra. But be aware that the painting itself isn't $15, due to it being on a panel and painted with acrylics instead of of it being on flat paper like the sketches. This thing is $45. o3o

Alternatively, I'd recommend going for the AU Celestia and Luna sketches 'cause they're $35 but, because I drew them on separate pieces of bristol, you get all four sketches that makes that deviation up (the 2 sisters, the wings, and the headshots) instead of having to pay $15 each. So to get all four it's $35 in total, not including shipping (which may be cheaper because they're much flatter than what the Celestia painting is. o3o)
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Oh, okay. So glad I asked because this stuff is so complicated. xD I'll think about it, thanks!
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Ik this is random and probably weird, but your b day is the day after mine haha
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I think I had that same daydream once.........
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My feelings go to Luna, but Celestia is such a beautiful princess. So kind, understanding, wise, protective... I keep thinking of her song... that probably made lot of fans cry of joy. I remember Nicole Oliver sang the first two sentences of this song at the Bronycon for a young fan who asked a question on a panel. She has that natural beauty and elegance that kids and adult fans can't ignore and like.

More love for the princess of the sun.

Wonderful work
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Thanks so much! ^.^
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*BLUSH* so lovely~
kyo4kusanagi's avatar
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sooooo pprreetttyyyy!!!
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I was about to say ' hey, did you flipped it?' XD You're right I think it does look better and it's a great continuation to the Luna one.
Everytime I see a piece like this of Celestia I try to remind myself that she's a loving Queen and not a molesting and pervy troll XD
Sometimes da internetz get to me O__O
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So you must quite happy that this blog is gone.
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The blog of Ask Molestia. It's gone for good since recently in case you didn't know.
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Lol, thank you!

And I totally hear ya. The interwebz does strange things to all of our minds. D:
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So pretty, thats all I can say about it. 
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