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The Element of Honesty

The second entry to my first digital painting series, "The Standard Model", which will depict the Mane 6 showcasing the element they represent as well as their own inherit magic in some way. Being living embodiment of the Elements of Harmony has inhanced the Mane 6's magical prowess so that it surpasses that of the average pony when they aren’t directly using them, and have their magical power increase significantly when in direct use of the Elements (to deity-like levels to be specific). Just in case it’s needed, here’s the link to my headcanon on magical elements and their subcategories.

This time it's of our trusty, good ol' country cowmare, Applejack!

Before I get any questions:
-No, she isn't male here
-No, she doesn't have boobs here

If you're wondering about what sort of anthro style I'm using here, it's basically semi-anthro. Anthro enough to be bipedal and have hands, but not so much to actually have a need for clothes. They're all also gonna lack noticeable boobs because none of them are expecting or lactating, so there's no need for anything all that prominent. o3o

One of the many things I'm always told was that I made my version of Applejack look "masculine", and at this point you'd think folks would catch on that it's intentional. Applejack, at least in my eyes, isn't the stereotypical female with nothin' but soft, supple curves (I avoid that stereotype when drawing anyway). She's a farmer, a hardworking one at that, one that works day and night and keeps herself in top shape. She's physically powerful and I want to depict that, and as such, I draw her the way I see it: heavy, muscular, and solid. Which also helps solidify my headcanon revolving her around her magic.

Applejack is obviously associated with the Earth element (look at the above link if you need more info on my headcanon of magic elements in general), and not just because she’s an earth pony. It’s because of her ability to grow luscious fruits and vegetables, especially apples, but it’s also because her advantage lies within brute strength paired with a level head. She has the geokinetic ability to manipulate the solid earth as she sees fit (if you’ve seen Avatar: The Last Air Bender or its sequel, it’s similar to earthbending). Applejack is a relatively powerful magic user; the amount of magic she has paired up with her discipline in magic use has allowed her to master the art of creating miniature earthquakes at will with a strong, magic-powered stomp of her hooves.

While the initial plan was to have the Mane 6 kinda floating in their given space, I decided Applejack would be more suited to be grounded. I went with darker colors for her to both represent the solidarity of earth as well as the harshness that is the truth. Honesty is neutral, and can be enlightening just as much as it can be hurtful. It's how you go about that honesty that makes the difference.


I think that's all I got for this one. Two down, four more to go! If this keeps up I may do "special editions" of the Standard Model series that will include the Princesses, Discord, Chrysalis, and maybe even Sombra to make it even. o3o

Anyway, feel more than free to ask me questions if you have any, and I hope you enjoy!

If you like my work, perhaps consider pledging to my patreon? c: $
1 will get you stuffs, and the pledge will always be much appreciated! ^.^
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Considering that Celestia and Luna are demigods in your imagination, not to mention that they have near-impossibly massive power and discipline in the magic of all three races, do you think they'd be capable of the stuff AJ is doing here, perhaps even more?
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The sisters have the capability to wield all the elements of magic and, in theory, perform all elements of magic, but in practice it isn't that simple. Having a large amount of magic doesn't automatically give them the leeway to spontaneously do the things AJ here is doing; even as something resembling Demigods, there are elements the sisters are not adept in. For example, Celestia's biggest magic-based strength deals with heat, fire (courtesy to her connection to the sun), but she struggles with magic based in water, ice, or earth. She's okay with wind-based magics, but she hasn't quite practiced it in years. Luna in contrast has a firm grasp on water and ice-based magic, and she has a strong understanding on earth-based magics (specifically gem/mineral-based magic), but she struggles with fire magics. They are both skilled in wielding raw, unfiltered magic. Of the two, Luna is the more skilled magic user and is able to cast a wider variety of spells and magic, whereas Celestia is more of a powerhouse and has a larger magic font, which allows her to patch a stronger punch to her magic, so she in tern is more a of a "brute force" magic user.

I love that you show that despite literally thousands of years of experience, there's things even they don't know about when it comes to magic. XD
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DAAAANG!  Why haven't seen this earlier! This is JAW-DROPPING to see!   I mean, wow!  Applejack looks so darn cool like that!
Amazing work!

I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
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Maud Pie is still One Punch Man. 
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This is super awesome :D love the concept!
BurtonLovr's avatar
Your faces and poses are always so great! Definitely one of my go to's for reference material :)
X-I-L2048's avatar
This gives me a very A:TLA vibe, and that's not a bad thing. ;) I like your headcanon for AJ's design, too. Makes a lot of sense, I think.
Earthsong9405's avatar
That's where I got the inspiration from! :3 And thanks so much. ^.^
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So this is kinda like a bit of Avatar: The Last Air Bender or something? Because I think your ideas are awesome!
Earthsong9405's avatar
Sort of but not quite. o3o
CooperGal24's avatar
^^; Still cool though!
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Apple jack is now an earthbender. Cool!
grisador's avatar
Great work ! :o

She really deserved her own picture; her character is slightly underrated in genre unfortunately
Earthsong9405's avatar
Thanks! And indeed, there's a lot of art of AJ but not as much in comparison to the others, I don't think. Which is sad; she's a fantastic pony. :/
grisador's avatar
You're very welcome !

Very true; she's almost the least cared character of the main6 :no:
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I love what you've done with AJ here. Earthbending totally suits her, and so do those muscles.
Earthsong9405's avatar
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YES!! YES!! I KNEW AJ is Toph tier! And seeing this just PROVES it!! I love it! The determination in those eyes...The mental focus...BAR. NONE!

Although....(Now this is just from my POV, and I do apologize if any of this rubs anyone the wrong way) she seems more....compact here. The body frame seems more along the lines of either Rarity or RD and along the back pectorals (is that the right term for the females upper torso??) where it tapers off into the narrow area where the hips start looks like it needs to be wider juuuuuuust a smidge. Working the farm tools makes for repetitive motions, so I think she could probably bench press as much as Big Mac can (if not more XD).

I love how you detailed the contours and pronounced muscles/tendons of her legs too!!! Shading is right on the money, and the colors are exquisite!! I can't wait to see what else you have in store for thee works!! ^^
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