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Summertime Nap


So did you guys see the “Slice of Life” episode today? IT WAS FUCKIN’ AMAZING OMG. Quite a bit of my headcanon actually meshed very well with what I saw too, so it’s a win-win in my book! Very fun episode, it almost felt like a tribute to the fans, but that’s probably wishful thinking. o3o

Anyway, this image doesn’t actually have much to do with the episode from today. It’s just a little something I did for fun and because I wanted to play around with my watercolors. c:< The image was inspired by the fact that it’s really hot here, and to cool off my dog likes to lie on concrete that’s been sprayed with water. So I figured it’d be a cute idea if it were a hot day in Ponyville, so to cool off Fluttershy found a shallow pond to lie in but fell asleep. A duckling finds her and touches noses with her, curious about why a pony is lying in a pool of water.

It’s not as great as I’d like since I worked on it quickly, but I enjoyed drawing and coloring it all the same. I’ll probably sell the original, but it definitely will be one of my small prints available for Bronycon (It’ll be pretty limited though, maybe only about 6 or 8 prints made of it. Dunno yet). But yeah.

As always, feel free to ask any questions if you have any! :3

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How adorable!
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i love how cute this picture is, and tbh it's so wonderfully, softly feral i feel it fits shy's character in a way

but when i first saw the thumbnail, i thought she had drowned or something. 

lmao whoops phew she's just fine.
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I LOVE how you drew her eyelashes!
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I'm looking into doing water colors, myself. I was curious as to your water color process. What are your steps? Do you out line your water color in pen/marker, or just leave pencil lines? What is your technique, and do you have any tips for beginners? I'd also love to learn how you did the water. Sorry for all the questions! This piece is beautiful and portrays feelings perfectly. I'm in love with it. Amazing work!
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I don't mind questions, so no need to apologize. :3 Okay, it's been a little while since I painted this image, so I'll remember what I can. For the water, in the original sketch it was only indicated in very, very faint lines of pencil that I could see but easily paint over to make them disappear without effort. For the most part it was only to indicate what the water surrounded and it's overall level. And since the water was to be crystal clear, I completely drew the characters and the background opaquely, as if the water weren't there to begin with; it was the last thing I painted for the image.

So after everything in the image was painted I focused on the water, where I essentially painted VERY thin layers of blue, green, and brown to give it at least some sort of presence in the image. I don't know how many layers, but they were enough to give some color to effect what was underneath the surface, but not enough to muddy the image (to achieve that you have to use coats that's more water than paint). When that dried, I use slightly more opaque layers to give a slight reflection of the background on the water, which you can see much better from the water toward the back. When that was finished and dried I used opaque white acrylic and painted the needed ripples, reflections, and such to give it the appearance of water you see above. Turned out working like a charm. :3

For this sort of thing I recommend trying the mixture of acyrlics and watercolor. Watercolor is nice, but for painting actual water that's really clear, it can get a little tricky since you can still pick up paint after it dries with the watercolor medium. Acrylics you water down and treat like Watercolors will act like watercolors, only with the distinct lack of being able to pick the paint up after it's completely dry. It also dries faster, watered down or not. >.>

I hope this helps. :3
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This really helps! I didn't think about using watered down acrylics, so I'm excited to try this. Thank you so much for your time, it means a lot!
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Fluttershy should be labeled as the dangerous weapon she is: "Warning, may cause death by adorable." o3o
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It's perfect. I love Fluttershy, and this art is really awesome ^w^
She looks so sweet, ah...
Atmosphere of serene and silece takes me far-far away :з
(I'm sorry for my English ^^')
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I'm glad you like it. And no worries about your english, you have nothing to apologize for. C: 
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That's very beautiful!
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So adorable, but it also looks a little sad, like something happened to Fluttershy.
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Aw, don't worry, Shy is completely fine. Tired, maybe, but fine. ^.^
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draw ducks more often, bro.
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You'd like to think it was a tribute to the fans? I'm pretty sure it was, that's what I had assumed. Either that, or the staff at DHX like the backgrounders as much as the fandom does xD
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It definitely was a tribute to the fans; M.A Larson confirmed it on his twitter when he said the episode was basically a huge thankyou to the fans for our support of the show. :3
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Wow, just WOW! This is the greatest drawing I have ever had my eyes laid upon!:O (Eek)
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Thanks so much! x3
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Hate to break it to you Flutters but ponds aren't very good places to nap in...
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Sure they are! :3
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