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Summer Showers

WHEW! The final pony of the Mane 6 is FINALLY completed. Everyone, here is the Bronycon Print of our lovable daredevil, Rainbow Dash! :3

I don't know if you guys have it where you live, but where I am we get a lot of rain that happens while it's still very bright out. It looks like a normal sunny day... only it's raining. Those are my favorite summer showers. So that's kinda what I went with here: Rainbow Dash and Tank are in the clouds, but they aren't high enough to be completely above them. As such, when it starts raining, they get rained on despite it being nice and bright (in contrast to the darkened sky below). But they don't mind; both Tank and RD enjoy sitting in the rain, so they take a moment to allow the cooled rain to relieve them of the summer heat for a moment.

This was super fun to do! I don't draw rain often but I should, I really enjoyed it. :3 Dashie was a lot of fun to draw too; I went ahead and gave her a different hairstyle because I figured she'd be the type to alternate between having a medium-lengthed mane to a short mane. That, and short hair looks good on her. >.>

But yeah, anyway, I really enjoyed working on this print, and I hope you guys like the result. The medium is watercolors on Bristol Vellum and it took me about 5 hours to finish this, lineart included.

As always, feel more than free to ask me any questions! ^.^
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That looks so peaceful 
Jay-And-Panda-art's avatar
i wish i could be in that rain ;-; maybe it could help me get out of drawers block XP
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welcome..wanna roleplay?
Earthsong9405's avatar
Nah, I'm good. :3
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I =love= how you do the eyelashes on your pone's, ugh so freaking cute
Earthsong9405's avatar
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Awesome art!!! :DDD how did u add raindrops on watercolor XD I love tanks
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I made the raindrops painting a dot with white paint then smearing it downward with my finger.
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I love your art! It is all so awesome, and cute. Keep up the good work! C:
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Thanks so much! ^.^
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You're very welcome! C:
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In this picture you can almost smell the refreshing's so good!
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Thank you so much! ^.^
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You're welcome :)
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Yuor horse art is amazing I cant even draw like that ^.^Waaaah! Clap 
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I live in a part of the Northwest where "Golden Showers" as I've heard it called in a book for the 'it's raining but the sun's out' weather, is common too!

Rainbow Dash looks so relaxed! That's rare.

Also, awesome touch with her wing feathers and eyelashes!
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