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Speedpaint: Spirited Away

The speedpainting of this week, this time featuring the main characters of one of my favorite movies of all time! I love Spirited Away to bits; I love how whimsical and magical the story is and the animation is absolutely stunning. Hayao Miyazaki's work is definitely one of the main factors that inspired me to get into animation in the first place: I want to bring worlds and characters alive like that! One of my favorite things about his work is how the characters' hair is used to express emotion, like it's such a fun touch oh man. ;-;

Okay but enough gushing. This speedpaint was once again focusing more on the characters and feel and not so much the BG detail. Took me about.... 3 hours? I worked on this super late so I dozed off a few times working on it, but I really like how it came out! This will also be a print I will bring with me to the conventions I'm vending at this year. C:

The Process Vid Here:…
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An incredible piece of art. I just love all the details you put in the picture. It's beautiful!

You did an excellent job n.n

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Thank you so much!! ;w;

i don't care what anyone else thinks, these two deserve a love story... and a happily ever after.
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Holy crud! This is awesome! I love this movie and I love your style!Love 
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This is beautifully done!
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This was a speedpaint? *sees 3 hours* nah I'm still impressed. Your use of color and shading is impeccable as always. Did you intend for Haku to be all symmetrical like that or did it just sort of happen while you were drawing?

Spirited Away came out at pivotal point in my life as well, I think I was about Chihiro's age too? I was just starting to broaden my palate in terms of animation. I had grown up on Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, etc, but knowing that animation could come from different countries opened a lot of doors. I enjoy how your style incorporates characteristics of the original designs, but you've also added your own flair. Dragon!Haku with eyebrows works surprisingly :)
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If you're talking about his whiskers then yeah; all I did was copy, paste, and flip a whisker when I finished drawing it so I wouldn't have to draw it again. o3o
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Yeppers the whiskers. Understandable :P
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This is one of the best fan arts for this movie
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Wonderful! The colours and the expressions are so, so good. Makes me wanna go rewatch Spirited Away. <3
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Spirited Away is one of my favorite movies by Miyazaki :)
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I got my niece to watch Spirited Away recently~ now for my half-sister~
You did an amazing job with this, I love how you made then both look! Haku looks so regal ^^
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Ahh, I love that old movie! This is very nice. n.n
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Spirited Away! That is part of my childhood! Gibly has such a gorgeous animation style.
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gorgeous! i love the colors
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Spirited Away is my favorite Miyazaki film! You did such a great job on this!  
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Ahhh this is gorgeous!! You captured the characters to well and chihiro is friggin adorable in your style :)
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A great way to represent that moment in the movie between these two ^^
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Wow, that is some beautiful painting work there...! If this is a speedpainting, I would wonder how much more dazzling this would be without the 'speed' aspect...!
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I love this film, Haku's my favourite :3

Awesome Drawing, super beautiful and it reflects the characters personalities really well :)
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