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Road Trip: Sleepyheads

EDIT: Made a few minor edits, as well as links to the WIPs of the image if you're interested! Just look lower in the artist comment to see them. :3

The first speedpainted photo for the Road Trip picture book I'm making for Bronycon this year! This one was more or less a test image before I fully went into the project to see how the style would work, and I think it's a success. :3 As far as what's going on:

This the group's first hotel they stay at, and it's been a bit of a long road. While Rarity, AJ, Shy, and the CMC are pretty alert, these four ended up crashing in a pile the moment they collapsed on the couch. Twi seems to make a great pillow! Fluttershy found the scene adorable and took a picture of it. C:

Also if you're wondering about the couch; I'd imagine they have special couches where it can be modified to better work with wings comfortably. This couch has an opening in the back for winged sitters to allow their wings to slip through, which is what Twi did here and what Dash did with her other wing.

This was so much fun to work on; the next few will be outdoors, as well as the "beginning image", or the picture of the very start of the Mane 6's trip. Speaking of, I might look for a few folks to maybe write short little stories to go with each image. If you're interested let me know, or just write a short somethin' in the comments. ^.^

Until then I hope you guys enjoy the image!

WIP Process (gif and still collage):
Animated WIP of Sleepyheads by Earthsong9405
WIP of Sleepyheads by Earthsong9405
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Spike sleeping around Twilight's neck is the most adorable thing possible lol Great job here!