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Quiet Place

A collaboration between myself and the ever so amazing :iconaquagalaxy:. I did the linework and she gave it the brilliant colors. Aw man, I just love her coloring technique, man; it's so energetic and lively. ;_; I highly recommend giving her gallery a look, as well as giving her a watch! C:

So this here is of Fluttershy just kinda moseying around in a forest pond. Why she's doing so? I dunno, to be honest; maybe she just wanted to take some time alone, and what better way to have some "me-time" than taking a nice refreshing dip in a clear pond? O: Or whatever you guys think of; honestly, the lineart itself was mostly a doodle I never really finished, but the colors really brought it to life. :3

But yeah. As said, be sure to check out Aquagalaxy's gallery for more amazing works! ^.^
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The colouring makes it look like a dream! So nice
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She looks just so beautiful! Like and Angel in a Pegasi's clothing!Love Love Love 
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So Heavenly...:innocent:
Fluttershy Looks So Beautiful With The Light Touching Her. :love:
mlpfimisthebest222's avatar
S-so pretty OuO
*dies from amazing artwork*
*throws award at you*
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Senpai u r the BEST
Earthsong9405's avatar
I wouldn't say the best, but thank you. ^.^
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Fluttershy is always cute. She's my lovely pony, so I love your art ^^.
Sunbeams, water,  trees. Well, I definitely like this background. Yeah...
I don't know why, but this art makes me remember the best memories and moments in my life. You made warm and light-hearted athmosphere, so it has taken me away from my problems and disappointments. Thank you for this :з
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Quack quack quack
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Very beautiful, the birdlike tail is a nice touch and and the wing gestures are perfect in reminding of an aquatic bird.
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i like to think that pegasi can float on water like ducks.
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:wow: This is beautiful~! I love the colors.
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Thank you! Be sure to check out AquaGalaxy 's gallery; she's the one who gave this it's brilliant colors! :3
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Okay thank you c:
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Absolutely beautiful.
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