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Queen of the Night

3 of 4 of the lineless prints I'm doing for Bronycon, this time of Nightmare Moon. I made NMM look more like Luna since... well, she is Luna, just with a darker coat and crazy. This one took longer than the last two because I took a little too much time with the details of her armor, but I think it was worth it. I like how it came out. :3 Now all that's left is Daybreaker!

Companion pieces:

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Your colors, composition and anatomy are too gorgeous for this world, but if I may offer a small critique; there doesn't seem to be quite enough definition between "objects" and it makes it a little difficult to really see the details of the body without looking closer. I realize it is a tough color scheme to work with (monochrome can be a bitch), and it was more on the experimental side compared to your usual art, but if there was perhaps a little more highlight work and color from her wings on her body, then it might help her stand out a little more. At the moment, all of the focus is on the wings and hair (especially the brightest part of her mane in the middle), and everything else becomes a little jumbled in the colors. Overall it just seems to lack an interaction between parts and appears more like a flat color piece. I still think it's a gorgeous piece, but if you would like to do more of these in the future, my only suggestion would be to define them just a little more, and to shift the focus more on her face.  
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Aaaah oh my gods I´m in love... This is gorgeus! Heart 
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she is a knight

of the night :iconomgshoesplz:
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She looks AWESOME. I love the mane colouring.
 Now this, I like.  You captured "The Battle Hardened, Medieval Warrior' motif, rather splendidly.  Luna/Nightmare Moon, looks especially choleric here.  Heaven help the fools who dare affront her.
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So awesome, I love the designs in the armor and her wings!
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Oooo A Moon Anthro! Total awesome!
Maybe I'll see you at the con!
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Of course the villainess is going to show a little leg.
Earthsong9405's avatar
Nothin' wrong with showing off if ya got it.
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Hm, with all the effects you put onto both of them, I honestly wouldn't have been able to tell them apart at first glance.
Earthsong9405's avatar
I'll take that as a good thing since that was kinda the goal.
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Can't wait to see daybreaker. :D
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The shattered moon in the back makes me think of RWBY.
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I love her armor and they way her hair looks like a galaxy.
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She looks awesome!
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oh my gosh, the colours! This is amazing!
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Wow, the armor looks nice.
SparkleMongoose's avatar
These colors are so gorgeous!
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:iconraritydelightedplz: Really awesome piece.
Midnight-Soliloquy's avatar
The extra time you put into this one really shows, it's really lovely
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