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Queen of Day

FINALLY finished with all 4 prints of the Sisters! Last but not least is the nightmare version of Celestia herself, Daybreaker. Despite me kinda wishing her pelt had gone a bit darker like Luna's did, I really do like the canon version of "nightmare Celestia" quite a bit. Especially her armor and her eyes. So each character had a bit of a theme to them: Luna was a knight, Celestia was greek goddess/mage, Nightmare Moon was warlord, and Daybreaker's is a mix between shaman/mage.

This one thankfully didn't take as long as NMM but she still took longer than Luna and Celestia to do, partly because her outfit and partly because her hair. But she was fun to work on regardless. With her, all of my digital-medium prints are complete. I hope to finish 4 more prints but using watercolor, but I'll be getting to work on commissions for a couple days before I do that.

I hope you all like the outcome! ^.^

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Swiftly you move
To reclaim and to prove
You're the goddess of fire
And none can withstand your flare
All must give way
To the eternal day
May you reign forever
Burning eye of the Sky
Shining sun of the night
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Oh man, do I love this hypothetical character. So many possibilites.
A Celestia driven by lust for power?
A Celestia looking to just, get away from it all? I like this one the most, and I think it would lead to the Ashlands timeline we saw in the season 5 finale.
A Celestia who wishes to protect her much-desired kingdom by any means possible? 
Or a Luna who finally got what she wanted- Her elder sister scorned, and she adored? Though maybe not quite in the way she wanted. 

Love the drawing, Daybreaker looks ripped lol.  she also looks a little short ?? Though that may be just her armor.
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I know right! No one really thinks that Tia could harbor such an alter ego.
That is what makes this so cool. 
MOM Alicorn has a rough side. :D!!
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Luckily its a very cool rough side lol.  DayBreaker Icon 14 by MissToxicSlime Praise the sun !!
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Yes! "The sun shall shine forever!"  Might get a little warm though. lol XD
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That looks great. I like how she is more jacked than Celestia :D

I am not a huge fan of how the played her personality. It was like a dead ringer of Nightmare's
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Your not a fan of Tia's or DB's personality? 
WidowPeak's avatar
Daybreak. Celestia can hardly be a copy of Nightmare's personality
JaymieDaggerBark's avatar
Why would Tia do that?
JaymieDaggerBark's avatar
You said, Celestia can hardly be copy Nightmare Moon's personalty.
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Do you know what 'hardly' means?
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Now that I think about it though that might've been the point since Daybreaker never actually existed, and if she was the product of Starlight's imagination (for lack of a better word) then I'd imagine all she has to go on for a "nightmare" version of a pony is... well, Nightmare Moon. That said I think Daybreaker actually did have a bit of uniqueness to her, she seemed far more gloaty, boastful and, dare I say, cockier than even Nightmare Moon, who always seemed very confident in herself but not really brag-y about it if I'm remembering correctly.
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I could not tell you, I do not remember a lot form the episode, I was very bewildered; but you might be right.

That being said, I prefer...somebody's version of nightmare Celestia; in which she spoke little and did a lot (Violently). The opposite of what she usually is.
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Damn thats good
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I kid I love your art.
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"Queen of the Night"
"Queen of the Day"

Queens of losing their shit because they aren't appreciated enough waaaaaaaaaaaah.
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You may know this already, but the main reason she was so light is because Daybreaker is basically an exact opposite to Nightmare Moon, being the actual inverse of her colors! I just thought it was a clever fact. I wish I could tell more people, but I don't want to annoy them. Shrug
 Beautiful prints! 
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Huh, that's pretty cool! O:
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I thought it was clever ^w^
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