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Princess of the Sun

I wanted to try a lineless style for a series of prints for Bronycon, and the first one I tried it out on was good ol' Celestia! I'll be doing 4 of these: Celestia, Luna, Nightmare Moon, Daybreaker, and they'll be made to be large holographic prints. While I've posted Celestia here, the other 3 will be posted on my Patreon for a few days first before I upload them here. c: But even still, here's the process Gif:

Celestia-process by Earthsong9405

Not much to say about this one other than it was a lot of fun to work on! I hope you all like it! c:

Companion Pieces:

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Oh goodness, she looks absolutely gorgeous <3
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She looks gorgeous! It's beautiful art.
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Amazing, very beautiful.
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Nice! :D
There's a definite Greco-Egyptian look here which I think is appropriate, sun-worship and all.
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Wow, this is a great looking piece!
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Very pretty, good job.
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I like it, it's really pretty~

but the process gif is out of order. It seems like step 2 is at the end, before it loops.
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It's not out of order. The order is: Thumbnail, rough sketch, flat colors, shading, final touches.
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The rough sketch is at the end though, after the final touches?
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It's not for me; it's in a continuous loop, so right after the gif finishes a loop, it repeats starting with the rough sketch.
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I am princess of the Sun, so of course they're gonna run a... wait wrong song....
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This looks so beautiful!
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