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Princess of the Moon

Companion image to this:
Princess of the Sun by Earthsong9405

2 of 4 prints I'm making using the lineless style I'm trying out for Bronycon. This time of good ol' princess Luna. :3 Next up is Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon! ^.^

Companion Pieces:

Queen of Day by Earthsong9405  Queen of the Night by Earthsong9405  Princess of the Sun by Earthsong9405

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Nice art work you did.
nejtix's avatar
Oh gosh. So beautiful.
db1993's avatar
Wow, that look very beautiful:o.
Haelburn's avatar
She looks beautiful and I love that armor.
LeDaverix's avatar
neat :)   .. nice dress and the armor is really neat :)
WidowPeak's avatar
ThePenVsTheSword's avatar
This looks amazing!
Swiftraptor's avatar
Fantastic detail and a great contrast to the Celestia piece
DarkstormCH0077's avatar
Ryua's avatar
The armor suits Luna so much better than a gown would.
Spirit--Productions's avatar
Very pretty, I love the armor especially!

If I might point something out, the feathers on the wings appear a bit blocky (of course if that's intentional, then it doesn't matter.) it's mostly something I've noticed with the lifeless style you've used recently ^^;
Earthsong9405's avatar
The blocky feathers are indeed intentional if only to make it more visually interesting. I'm glad you like the pic. ^.^
Spirit--Productions's avatar
Okie dokie, that's what I was thinking :D
Dragonstar1278's avatar
Lurks-no-More's avatar
I'm liking how differently you're portraying the sisters! Luna's the dark knight protector, the warrior princess; whereas Celestia looks more like a ruler and leader, even a priestess.

Wonder if you're going to flip that with Nightmare and Daybreaker -- a dark queen vs. fiery destroyer, for example? :)
saints-fan-12's avatar
I love her stance, wings, and especially the sword!
missuny's avatar
This looks awesome! I love the pose, the colors and the overall design. :D
Tambelon's avatar
Weeps <3 I definitely have to pick up the entire set at BronyCon! Do you know how much you're gonna charge them for yet? :heart:
Michael2K17's avatar
Ashlynneatscookies's avatar
I want to make this my computer's wallpaperrrrrrrrr
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