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Princess Sisters

Just me playing around with mah pencils and I decided to give it some flat color. o3o Mostly as some practice, since I want to make the alicorns look physically different in comparison to their pony subjects. :3

In my headcanon, the Alicorns would be kinda exotic in terms of appearance, and a little odd. Like, they're definitely pony, but their structure is obviously different than the norm. The way I see it, the alicorns would be slender and thin, almost reminiscent of a swan or even a deer, with long necks and legs and sleek body structures. They'd also have a noticeable curve to their horns.

Here, Celestia and Luna demonstrate the way I see the alicorns. I think Luna would have a body more like that of a predator built for speed, like a cheetah or a greyhound, while Celestia would have a slightly stockier build. Where Celestia thrives on raw power, both physically and magically, Luna would be more for precision and execution. Like... Celestia would be stronger than her sister, but Luna knows a wider range of magic and a far better grasp on how to control and manipulate said power.

Also, since folks have asked me how big the sisters where... Celestia would be around 7 1/2 feet, give or take a few inches, at the withers. Luna, being slightly smaller and shorter, would be somewhere around 7 feet at the withers, give or take once again. C:

Anywho. Every time I draw these two, the more I fall in love with them! D: And they're finally beginning to get closer to how I picture them in my own style, so that's a plus. C: And before anyone asks, Luna has bat-like wings on purpose. The way I think about it is, the closer she reaches the peak of her power, the closer she begins to resemble Nightmare Moon. Only, you know... she doesn't look corrupted, and remains very obviously herself. She'd gain the bat/bird hybrid wings, sharper fangs, tufted ears and slit pupils, and even a slightly darker coat, but that's about all. Although, like in canon, she'd still be able to take up the appearance of Nightmare Moon, usually in battle to further intimidate her foes... as if she needs help doing that, though. >.>

Same with Celestia; the fandom version of Nightmare Celestia, "Solar Flare", would be a more etheral and intimidating form she'd take to help scare her enemies. :shrug:

As always, if you have any questions ask away. Other than that, though, thanks a bunch for stopping by to take a looksie at mah doodle. c:
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I love these designs!
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But isn't celestia thinner then Luna in the show? 
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Nope. She's taller, and thicker with a wider barrel. Luna is thinner and has a build similar to a greyhound in the show.
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No, celestias built is similar to a greyhounds built too. Go on google images and search "mlp celestia and Luna" in the search bar. Celestia isn't fat. And seriously don't make her seem fat. 
And don't reply to me I suck. 
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Wider barrel does not mean "fat". Even if it did, her being thicker than her sister wouldn't be a bad thing at all. A side by side comparison easily shows who's the thicker one in terms of build, and yes, that's Celestia. Is it by much? Maybe not in the show's standard, but she is all the same.

And if you didn't want me to reply, maybe you shouldn't have commented in the first place.
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But may I ask you, why you make Luna thinner then celestia and why you make Luna have a greater control over magic?
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One question. 

Could you please draw Nightmare Moon and Solar Flare fighting side by side like, battling against some unseen enemy?  That would be awesome. 
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I'm afraid I don't accept requests. Sorry. :C
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Then could you use the idea?
its technicaly not a request then.
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I honestly have no interest in drawing what was suggested.
acoronadluvsprowl's avatar

why not though?
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I'm honestly just not inspired by it at all, nor do I have the desire to put the time and effort draw it.
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It'd look awesome in your style, but I understand.
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Loving your Luna design!
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Nicely done! =P
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Woah, that's AMAZING!!!
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Whoaahhhh. The wings are gorgeous. Luna's mane and tail are so super beautiful, and I love the silky texture of both ponies. You portrayed them PERFECTLY - expressions and all!! Please keep it up, I Little Pixel Heart your work.
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I agree that work is amazing
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my thoughts on this peice.

celestia's colors are eye candy as in the show aswell her main and tail flow and can be shown vary well in this drawing her wings are amazing the idea overall if her design is amazing.the only problem i have with her is the horn. the base of it looks good but it looks a bit over curved.overall she lookes amazing. as for luna she is amazing the wings look vary well done and given alot of thought. the main looks amazing! i can not express how good it looks but as fro the tail the only ishue is how it come down.meanign that small tick like thing but overall it looks amazing. please dont take this the wrong way just trying to help.

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