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Portrait Series: Torch, Ember, and Garble

After last week's episode Gauntlet of Fire I got a few questions regarding two of the newest editions of the MLP dragons, as well as Garble, sooooooooo I decided to draw them as a part of my Portrait Series! 8D Here are my takes on Lord Torch, Lord Ember, and Garble. These three were huge amounts of fun to draw, especially Torch; of the images from the Portrait Series, his original painting is probably gonna be the largest I produce. :3 I noticed that Torch was wearing some sort of helmet thing that had some gems jutting out of it in the episode, and my mind got to working. I though it'd be cool that, instead of a helmet, Torch had Blood Gems growing out from his body, hence why there are crystals growing from him here! ^.^ Also, if anyone's wondering, I headcanon that dragons, unless they actually grow hair/fur in some fashion, don't have hairy eyebrows. Instead, they have scaly brow-ridges that act as eyebrows, and they can be a different color from the rest of their bodies.

As usual, these were made with Watercolors, black sharpie, and white acrylic. They each took about 2 hours to finish. ^.^

Feel free to ask questions if you have any, but until then I hope you guys are enjoying this series so far! :3
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I don't like this red dragon. (Forgot name)
He don't looks nice in MLP. But here he is nice ^^
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No problem friend :hug:
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You have inspired me to try water coloring my art instead of pencil crayons-also your art is beautiful:3
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wrote a concept where garble changed his ways
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awesome dragons. Especially Ember!
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The eyebrow idea is neat, very dragon-like. Torch is an incredible looking dragon and the fact that he does wear armor does make you speculate, those blood-diamonds could very well be a reality. Wonder if he's the most complicated flash puppet the team has ever worked with? It was begrudgingly nice to see Garble again, he was kind of funny this time around. And I do hope we see Ember again or at least hear from her, she has a lot of potential.
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lol they just completely busted my username lol
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I have absolutely no idea if I've commented here before, but I have to say it looks amazing! Oh, and thanks to your awesome art, I decided to add in my list of future projects making my own Equestria Girls designs by adapting into human forms your version of the physical appearance of the Mane Six. Not sure if I'll really do it, but anyways... Good job at drawing these dragons!
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I absolutely love the new characters this episode brought. Well, I know Garble isn't, but still. ^^
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I know what you mean. It's nice to see more dragons appear in the show! ^.^
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Garble's eyebrows look hairy to me, but I prefer scaled-ridge eyebrows on dragons so I think it works! :)
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If you're talking about the canon version of him, he does indeed have hairy eyebrows. I think it's mostly to pull off the "mean and big bully" without having to actually animate a big, scaley brow-ridge pull all the expressions he does in the show. In that context, I can understand why they would just use simple eyebrows instead (cuts costs and quickens animation time), but my own case, I'll draw him with scaley brow ridges.... like I have here. ^.^
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So cool! I love the recent episode these guys are from! It gave me  a new ship for Spike  <.< >.>

Edit: and thinking of a cool picture for this said pairing just helped me come up with a nice headcannon for the dragons OwO
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I don't particularly ship anyone with Spike aside from Sweetie Belle, myself. But that's just me. >.>
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*shrugs* and that is fine. I never really shipped Spike with anyone. I was staring to get alright with Spike and Rarity because of the art of their children I've seen on here, but otherwise I never felt completely comfortable with that ship. With Sweetie Bell would be cute. I saw someone draw a child of him and Scootaloo which I also thought was adorable.  I could honestly ship him with any of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I just like how he managed to eek a friendship out of Ember andI felt more things could develop from it if he kept showing her how nice friendship is.

And now I've babbled about stuff you probably don't want to hear about. Sorry :P
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I shall favorite this because if I don't, Torch will probably yell at me to do so.

Seriously though they all look great.
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He probably would. "ADMIRE ME AND LEAVE A FAV! D:<" xD

And thank you! ^.^
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Now that you mention it, I really haven't seen much in the way of Torch fanart. It's a shame, he's a great character with a very unique design.
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Indeed indeed! There's huge amounts of Ember, but sadly no Torch. :C
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On a different note (and sorry for the late reply), I've been wondering: you mention Blood Gems growing out of Torch's body. If I remember, you also mentioned, a while ago in your Sombra headcanon, that your possible "corrupted aileron" origin for him had him replace his horn with a dark magic-saturated blood crystal. I was wondering, is there a connection?
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