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Portrait Series: Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer

Guess who watched the Season 6 premiere.... I DIIIID! And BOY was it good; I honestly think it's one of the best premiers to date! So much character development, so much neigh, so much friendship, and some worldbuilding to boot! Oh man, do I have some headcanon coming up. C:< But no really I really enjoyed the premiere; the characters were of course great, especially the new ones. I've always been neutral to Starlight but this episode has helped me like her a little more, Flurry Heart's so freakin' cute, and SUNBURST OH MAN. Such a cutie. I love his personality and design. ;_;

So to celebrate the arrival of the new season here's another pair of headshots from my Portrait Series, featuring Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer! I'm not gonna lie... I kinda ship it. :I

Once again, worked with Watercolors, a black Sharpie, and White Acrylics on mixed-media paper. Both took about 2 hours each, and so much fun to paint! My scanner kinda faded the color on Sunburst but that's okay. :3

Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. And I hope you guys like them! ^.^
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I ship it
Also Sunburst looks so handsome here
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I recently marathoned a few of the more recent MLP episodes, and I must say, Sunburst is one of my new favorite secondary characters. <3 You captured his design super well here, and Starlight looks amazing as well.
they look like their coming out of the drawing  wow just wow!
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it was so enjoyable! I loved it! It was too funny to see starlight and sunburst kinda lie to each other, then burst the truth! lol
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I really enjoyed this premiere as well, maybe not as much as the others, but I had a good time. Starlight is slowly growing on me, her conversations with Spike helped make her feel more dimensional. Sunburst is also a welcome addition, I also liked how he and Starlight complemented each other. He had the research and drive, but Starlight had the power and aptitude. I do have many questions about him though, like how did he end up in the Crystal Empire? Some folks are theorizing that he's a mole for the changelings based on one of the last shots of the episode. That would be interesting, but he's such a nice guy!

Great coloring.
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The premiere was indeed enjoyable, but I think my favorite premiere at the current moment is definitely Season 4's premiere. Although to be fair I think season 4 is my favorite season thus far, but 5 comes REALLY close. o3o Starlight hasn't grown on me yet, but maybe she will as the show continues. I'm kinda hoping she isn't a permanent addition to the group, but that's just my biasedness to the Mane 6 talking. o3o

Sunburst was a VERY enjoyable character though! I absolutely loved him and his design, as well as his interactions with Starlight. He is a bit of a mystery though, and something's telling me he, Starlight, and Flurry Heart may have some big part in this season's finale. Whatever it may be, I have a feeling it may be a big one in some form.

And thanks! :3
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its lik:

the first time we see this




ets pieeeeeeeeeeeeE
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I don't ship it ;w;
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I swear, this ship has been planned. It can not be mere convenience to how gosh darn perfect their ship name is. 


Freaking starburst all the way. 
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To be honest, I wasn't to crazy about the premier, but I LOVE Sunburst and I love seeing him in your style! It's AMAZING!
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i agree! :D i loved everything! to be honest i teared up once and YUS. all ze ships!
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It was a very fun episode and I look forward to the rest of the season! AND THE SHIP HAS SAILED! D:<
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