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Nightmare Moon

**NOTE: Please forgive the quality of the photo; I'll have to retake it when there's better sunlight out o3o**

This is a speedpainting I did for the con that I finished today. I had the lineart finished for a while, but last night struck a creative cord in me, and I ended up painting. This, is the result! Painted on Canvas with Acrylics and Glitter.

So several of ya have been asking me about drawing Nightmare Moon, so I went ahead and used her for this painting. It's of the mare staring off into the darkness (she's probably on the moon or something), thinking hard about something that's troubling her. What that is can vary, so have fun coming up with theories. c:

I really like how this came out, considering how big it is and how fast I managed to finish it. I managedd to get it done far faster than what I expected (in about 3-4 hours), and I'm quite satisfied with the outcome. And once again, I decided to use glitter to help paint the image for a second time. I used it on her hair, and I have to say, I REALLY like the look the glitter gives the paintings. I really wish you guys could see it for real; this photo is very poor in quality (it was taken on my phone), so it won't show you how her hair actually sparkles when in motion.

That said, however, those who are going to the con CAN see this bad boy in real life! I'd like to get a better photo of it in case I want prints, but the primary reason I painted this was because I'm gonna try to sell her at the con. She will be among one or two other original paintings I will attempt to sell at the con. Like the others, she's the only one I've painted, so once she's bought there will be no more of her. I'm actually debating on not even selling prints, and making her an original painting exclusive only. So if anyone is interested and is attending the con, this is your heads-up. C: And if she doesn't sell that the con, she'll on sale here.

Okay, so I think that's it for now?As usual, feel free to ask me any questions you may have, and thank you for stopping by! C:


If you like my art and would like to support me, you can do so through Patreon or by Donating. Every little bit helps, and is much appreciated! Thank you! C:
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I really like the coloring, looks like chalk to me. 
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OMG! This Nightmare Moon! I love Nightmare moon :D
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i so will draw this at home!
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<3 Love it 2 <3
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How how how does one paint with acrylic? Doesn't it feel stressful because of the unerasability of paint? If I were to do that the thing would look horrendous. Im like WUT as I always do when I look at ur stuff. Could you make a timelapse of one of the watercolor pones? Or not depends im hoping for an possibility?
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Not really, no. To use any sort of medium takes practice, and with practice I've learned just how at ease I am with acrylics. Acrylic is great in that you can make any mistake and essentially erase the mistake you've made by painting over it with a couple of fresh coats, then go back and try again. It's fast drying time, for me, allows more room to work and more of a solid footing of what I'm attempting to achieve.

A timelapse would be cool, one I'd like to do, but I currently don't have the equipment to do one. :/
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Lol I seeeee. Paint sounds pretty expensive. Do you need a huge variety of shades?
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It can be pretty expensive depending on the quality and brand. That said, while it's a bit easier to have a variety of colors, you don't need all of them. The most you need is yellow, red, blue, and white to make just about any color aside from the select few that are manufactured and can't be recreated by traditional means. 
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This is one of the... no, it is the best image of Nightmare Moon I've seen yet.
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Thanks so much! ^.^
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My favorite Mare. Nightmare Moon looking very equine like. love it.
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OH MY FAUST THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
honestly, I am breathtaken...
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This is awsome!'
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Here is my take on the picture:

The Nightmares pooled in writhing masses at the base of the dais. While the vague forms of darkness and dark emotions appeared to boil over one another, no sound broke the anticipation laced silence.

Nightmare Moon looked out at her subjects. Using a fraction of her power to amplify her voice, she addressed them, "My kin, I did not succeed in bridging the gap between our world and that of the ponies." She raised her head high and smiled. "However, our toil did not end in vain. Luna and I are now one in both body and will. Due to my battle with her, it would seem that Celestia no longer commands the Elements as well." She stomped her hoof upon the stone floor. The resulting sound cracked like a hammer fall. "While our efforts this night were thwarted, we have a thousand years to prepare, to haunt their dreams, and to grow stronger! When our power reaches its pinnacle again, we shall descend upon them and take what is ours!"

The nightmares responded with a cheer of screams, roars, and shrieks that echoed hellishly throughout the castle.

Good art like this can inspire so much, and you create a ton of it. Thank you for sharing and inviting us to play around with our own ideas of what Nightmare Moon is thinking.

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Thanks so much! :3
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That is amazing.
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