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MLP Doodle- Put me down, Twi!

"Put me down, Twi! I'm too old to be carried like this!"

"Not a chance. We're going home, mister."

*grumbling* "This is embarrassing..."

UPDATE: Colors provided by the awesome  MiidniightSuun! Give a comment on her upload of the image HERE and make sure to check out her gallery! ^.^

Another small doodle I felt like doing, partly because Sunday is most definitely considered a "day off" from a lot of stuff for me, and partly because I wanted to do something small and quick. Once again playing with the Pint Pony style, and once again, Twilight is the subject. I just... she's my favorite character of the show, man. ;_;

Alright, but some context to this image: if you followed me for a while you should know by  now that I see Twi and Spike's relationship as a mix between brother/sister and mother/son. For me, though, it leans more toward the mother/son spectrum, so for the most part that's how I see a lot of their interaction together. Sooooo I wanted to draw a little bit of that.

In this doodle, Spike got himself in a little trouble (probably with the CMC), and Twi goes all momma-instinct on him and picks him up by the scruff to tow him home. Spike doesn't mind it too much, but he thinks it's a little embarrassing in public. Twilight does it anyway because Spike needs a timeout. What did he do to get in trouble? I dunno; you can fill that in for yourselves. Let me know what you think he did, if you'd like. C:

But yeah. Just a lil' something. Hope you guys like it. ^.^
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I love every bit of this picture, including the sound effects ;) and your description.
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'Mama horse sounds' XD
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I see them more as siblings, like in Lilo and Stich.
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Mother and son for me.
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It does make a beautiful picture!
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I love your art!!Heart Love Pink Heart Icon *Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) 
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I don't know what it is about the "mama horse noises" insert, but whenever I see it I just start chuckling like an idiot
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Yeah, It's very adorable.
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well she is his mom in away
I was going to say there should be a bathtub in the background, but then I remembered he likes baths. So I'm going to say there should be an ad for flu vaccines or something in the background.
There, all better.

In my headcanon, Spike in his unguarded and sleepy moments calls Twi "Mommy."
He also--in his newly hatched days--called Celestia "Grandma" once.
Now that that that's out of the way: this is a sweet and  beautiful picture. Thank you.
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Awww, That's adorable!
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Looks like Twilight got scratched
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Ah. Well, this is my first time seeing the art on this profile. My bad!
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Nah you're fine, it's nothin' to apologize for. c:
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After reading My little Pony FiM #40, this looks so in character and sweet.

And before anyone ask. FiM #40 is one of the oficial IDW canon comics, and the plot can better be described as "Twilight's Life as A Teenage Mom"
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I've been trying to find that comic for a while, but I can't seem to find where I could purchase the online version for reading. :/
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Oh sweet! Thank you! ^.^
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You're welcome!
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If you're talking about that especific issue- Right here:…

if you're talking about the whole collection. thats here:…

You can buy the colected editions there.

i'm not from the states, so i don't know if 3$ for 4 issues is a lot.
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