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MLP: Azure Edge character lineup


FINALLY! After teasing the ever lovin’ hell outta ya’ll with sneak peeks I’ve finally finished the core cast of this little mini-project! When I was posting the sneak peek images for this post many of ya guessed I was working on a new AU or rebooting one or doing a crossover. Long story short? All of those guesses are incorrect I'm afraid! So, what exactly was I doing these for?

WELP. A couple of weeks ago I visited FIMFiction for the first time in years and came across a fanfic called Azure Edge by LeafBlade. I ended up binge-reading the entirety of it and it inspired me to just do some designs for the core cast based on some of the descriptions and my own vision for them. The fanfic is a lot of fun to read by the way, and I highly recommend you give it a read! <: I'd go more into detail of what it's about but that would be spoiling it, so if you wanna know more just follow the fic link to start readin'. ;3

Now then, some notes on the art itself! If you plan on reading the fic I highly suggest you do THAT first before reading these notes; it gets a tiny bit spoiler-y! Now onward!


-Mane 6 are the same ones I drew a little while ago but I just tweaked their designs a bit then drew their outfit designs over those drawings. I 
was gonna draw new art for each but I figured I needed to draw clothes on the base drawings anyway, AND it saved me a lot of time. Work smarter, not harder ;3

-The first image acts as an impromptu height-chart to show the characters’ sizes in relation to each other. Rarity’s about the average height of a mare and Twi’s a bit over the average height of a stallion to give ya’ll a reference point.

-Given how Luna and Celestia are pretty dang huge in the canon show I made them mirror that here. Given they’re naturally born Alicorns, they’re basically literal giants to the little ponies they rule and protect. No other mortal ponies is as big as they are.

-Applejack and Pinkie Pie are the only two I gave two separate outfits: their work clothes and their default clothes. You can see them in their work getup in the extras, which I'll be linking below.

-All of the dragons have a glow in their eyes that the ponies do not. Even in their disguise this glow, while not as intense, is still there and gives their eyes a more intense feeling. Or at least that’s what I wanted. o3o As a side note, Spike isn’t a dragon, nor is he a dragon in disguise, so he doesn’t have the inner fire in his eyes Twi and Shy do.

-For extra context if you’d like them: AJ is a blacksmith, Pinkie’s an enchantress (who works with AJ), Twi’s a librarian, Fluttershy’s the guardian of her forest (both are dragons in disguise), Rarity and Rainbow are Hunters, Celestia and Luna double as queens and Hunters. Shining and Trixie don’t get any context because we don’t know what they are in the story yet.


I have a whole bunch of fun workin’ on these! I hope ya’ll give the fic a gander and I hope you like the end result of the art here! ^.^

Individual images of the characters:

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alpacagirl2020's avatar

awsomely awsome forever

NO-SoupForYou's avatar

Is Spike...Barb here?

Earthsong9405's avatar

Barb? I dunno who that is, but no. He's just a pony in this AU

NO-SoupForYou's avatar

"Barb" is the shorthand for a genderswapped Spike.

The artist Trotsworth is a good source for these r63-ed character names, and the artwork has an uncanny resemblance to the show's.

Earthsong9405's avatar

Ohhh. Then it's a definite nah, I don't "genderswap" characters

jendoes's avatar

Amazing! Love Lunas and the Dragons wings!!

Emilou1985's avatar

I love all the different body types. You even gave them all different noses.

Earthsong9405's avatar
Eeeyup. Variety makes the world go round; not to mention it's fun to draw uwu
nightmarerae's avatar
These are absolutely gorgeous!! You've taken characters we all know and turned them in to something entirely different, yet familiar! Love them all
PopCakeKid's avatar
this is really good I can imagine it being cannon redesigns
2manystripes's avatar
Ohmygosh this is wonderful I love this piece
qeveren's avatar
Lookit that sassy lil Trixie! :D

Fanart of a fanfic of your fanart!  The cycle continues! :)
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bobshmit13's avatar

I'm assuming hunters means dragon hunters?

Earthsong9405's avatar
Hunters hunt anything that could possibly be a danger. Manticores, hydra, cocatrice, cragadiles. It isn't exclusive to dragons.
bobshmit13's avatar

Oh ok, that makes more sense. So they hunt anything that could potentially be a threat? Even if they are actively being peaceful? Like they'd still hunt a dragon even if it was just chilling in its cave doing nothing to nobody?

Earthsong9405's avatar
You're gonna have to read the story to find that out.
DanielHarrington's avatar
THE TINY (compared to Twi, Shiny, and 'Shy) AND POWERFUL TRRRRRIXIE!
VladymyrSH's avatar
Wow, those dragons are gorgeous! 
Watermelonthecat's avatar
i love the designs but
i don't get how dragon twilight
is taller than fluttershy dragon.
Earthsong9405's avatar
She's taller on all four but Fluttershy would be taller if she stood up on her hind legs. Even still, their pony disguises aren't entirely accurate to their dragon form.
Ah-Yes-Spiders's avatar

Love these designs!! Very cool

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