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Love You Just The Same

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After what feels like forever, I'm extremely happy to present to ya'll the final product of the collaboration between Monochromatic and myself: Love You Just The Same!

Mono came up with the concept and wrote the script and story, I illustrated it! :3 Please be sure to support Mono ya'll, she's the reason this became a thing in the first place!! owo

This is probably one of the biggest projects I took on, and it was one hellofa challenge! I’m very proud of the end result, and I hope ya’ll enjoy!! ^.^


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I admit I teared up at the end.

ropen7789's avatar

I'm not that into my little pony but that hit me right in the feels

Earthsong9405's avatar

THANK! Also I love the gif so much ;w;

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you know you could have just ripped out my heart, would have made it easier :c

In all seriousness this is so good, Youre art is stunning and Momo's script was amazing. It was heart warming and heart breaking at the same time. I love youre mlp art <33

HobbesTCat's avatar

I remember reading this. The comic format did it a great deal of justice. Great job.

SamuraiPau's avatar
Well well well you just make me cry.
Springthehybrid's avatar

Saw this was like aw this will be cute

saw the ending and was like why you hurt my heart earth :'(

ASleepyB0i's avatar

Why must you hurt me this way

Foxboy1's avatar

It's so sad at the end but it's also so sweet at the same time.

sadcathathawa97's avatar
SynthTee's avatar

Ngl I cried at the end, gosh dang it Earthsong!!!

JustJohn11's avatar

A-ha I see what you're trying to do, you're trying to get me to feel! Commendable effort but I remain stoic as ever *sniff* just my allergies kicking up.

CaramelBolt24's avatar

When Twilight cries in the last panel my heart is Scootaloo’s face in the wedding panel QAQ


x-AzariaDragon-x's avatar

Oh my god, this is so sweet, If I could cry, I would <3

K-Zlovetch's avatar

My FEELINGS... ;_;

YokoSama's avatar

The simplicity of the statement along with your stunning work makes this all the more loveable. Like many who have stated before me this moved my heart with its meaning and artistry

demoniccharls's avatar

Wow, holy crap this made me tear up a bit.

Somelatinphrase's avatar

This is so beautiful!

RozalinVernea's avatar

Oh god my heart! This is beautiful and I love it!

It's cute and lovely but at the end it's sad and tear-jerking!


I love it just the same.

Husband-of-Lucoa's avatar

me at the start: aww this is cute!

me at the end: *uncontrollable bawling*

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