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Lookit what I got



Soooooooooooooooooo Spike got wings in the newest episode. I meeeaaaan... I'm down.

I'm sure like half of us saw this was coming and the episode itself was fun so, ye. Spikey boi wings accepted. :3

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So happy for Spike!
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I like the new concept of the molt being something all dragons go through, it explains spike not having wings and no dragon questioning it. Although in surprised Twilight didn’t know what it was if it’s so common? Oh well, I like his new wings.
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So smug. Lol. Wiiiiings ;p
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I just thought this was a cool "what if" but now that I know it's a spoiler fuuuccckkk xD I'll have to catch up ASAP when my hubby gets home!
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Yes he's got Wings and they're cool 😎
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Look at this cheeky devil. 
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I figured from the picture alone that this is what happened (Don't got cable, Google Play will give it to me by midnight) but it's the journey, not the destination. I can't wait to see how this happened! I always thought he was some sort of water dragon because of the lack of them, plus the fin-like things on his cheeks. 
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Even though I don't really watch the show, I do know most of the characters and even I can tell this is a pretty special time for Spike. You did a great job on this, by the way! It looks awesome. :iconthatsokplz:
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Awesome muscular art style. I love it.
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It's about time! We've been waiting for this his birthday episode
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He's becoming more and more of a Spyro...
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i havent seen my little pony but im glad he got wings because it was bothering me
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i was seeing his designs and be like "WHAT WHERE R THY WINGS????"
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YES ME TOO I cant handle dragon without wings unless they are asian or something
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