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And finally, to complete the set... the ZORA! owo

Link is once again there for size comparison. uwu Anyway, the headcanon blurbs for the characters and the Zora as a race!


-Mipha is the beloved princess of the Zora, the future Queen of her people, and Sidon's older sister. Mipha is actually a bit shorter than the average Zora, but what she lacks in size she more than makes up for in her strength, bravery, and compassion. Despite her prowess in combat Mipha is a healer to her core and loathes to engage in combat, even when it's necessary; she doesn't relish the idea of hurting anything even her enemies.

Mipha is by far the best magic user the Zora have to offer, her ability exceeding the typical Zora and almost matching that of a Hylian Mage. Her specialty is healing, "Mipha's Touch", though she also has great control over the waters, able to create whirlpools and miniature hurricanes at will. Currently, her father has been giving her more and more of his responsibilities as monarch, his way of easing her into the position and making the transition of power between the two go smoothly when it's time for him to step down. As a princess and future queen, Mipha has attended many important meetings with the neighboring governments and leaders, which in turn has allowed her to meet Zelda; the two of them are good friends.

-Sidon is the crown prince of the Zora, second in line for the throne, and Mipha's younger brother. He's known as a bit of a heartthrob in the kingdom due to his good looks and personality; he's charismatic, enthusiastic, and polite to a fault, and likes to use his own self confidence to lift others instead of being boisterous. He's turned down many an attempt at courtship graciously, which has done nothing to lessen the hearteyes thrown his way.

Sidon and Mipha are both well known across all of Hyrule not because of their royal status, but due to a feat they managed years back where they both rescued the crew and passengers of a sinking vessel ship from drowning during hurricane, having fought against harsh waves and blistering winds to succeed; they didn't lose a single person. It's in part of this and his capacity to be a good leader that lead the Zora Domain to choose him for the role of Champion; the king allowed it to be to a vote among his people instead of him choosing, and Mipha endorsed the idea that Sidon would be a great fit. 

-Ruto is the mortal form of the Zora's Patron Deity, and like many of her fellow deities her true identity is unknown by her people. Her unique appearance is due to a rare birth condition that Zora could get, where their headtails are short or non-existent and instead they grow a traditional tail. This birth defect could be harmful to the Zora's swimming capabilities depending on how strong the tail is and how long the head-tail turns out, but in Ruto's case, she has no worries about it. Partly because, had she actually been affected she'd be perfectly fine to swim since she was "balanced" as a healer would said, but mostly because she is divine, and the mortal form is merely a disguise of sorts, therefore she isn't actually afflicted by the condition.

Ruto works, ironically, as the high priestess of the temple of the gods in the Zora Domain, one temple dedicated to her specifically. As a religious figure, she serves the additional role as pseudo advisor to the crown, where her word holds quite a bit of weight due to how spiritual the Zora typically are.


-The Zora Domain is located in the Faron River, which is the largest river in Hyrule, a river that connects to almost every lake in the kingdom before it eventually leads
out into the ocean. The domain sits dead center of the huge river, which is surrounded by tall tree-covered cliff faces with running waterfalls cascading down into the water, a natural protective barrier. To reach it, visitors must either by air or by foot, and if foot they must traverse a long bridge that leads to the domain. The Zora Domain is a largely popular location to all of Hyrule, hailed as one of the most beautiful locations in the kingdom, something the Zora take great pride in.

-The Zora are one of the larger races of Hyrule, clocking in on average of about 8ft tall, but it's common for them to grow much larger depending on their ancestry; King Dorephan is one of the largest Zora to live

-The Zora hold moderate capability over magic, especially hydro-based magic, though their magical skill typically don't reach heights seen in Hylians or Gerudo. That said, they take a page from the Gerudo's books in that they combine their magic with their physical combat (unlike Hylians, who typically master either magic combat or physical combat), making them extremely diverse warriors. Their weapons typically lean to tridents, spears, and scythes.

-The Zora are not mammalian, and do in fact have ancestry in ancient fish. Despite it, they do give live birth instead of laying eggs, though mothers are unable to produce milk and so baby Zora will usually be fed blended and soft foods before they're able to eat solids. Typical baby formula for baby Zora involve fish, veggies, and some fruits blended together. The kids love the stuff.


AND THERE YA HAVE IT! That is the final race for the Hyrule headcanon set! I might do some super rough concept work for the locations and such but outside of that, keep your eyes open for the next bit of content! Coming soon is a cute little comic about Link and how his rivalry with cuccos started (WIP of the full thing now available on my Patreon) and after that, I'll either continue with the next kingdom in the AU or start doing some more character-driven sketchdumps; I think I'll ask ya'll about it later!

Other than that if you have any questions please feel free to ask!! owo

More LoZ content:


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After having read "Hyrule Historia", it occurs to me that your styles would not be unwelcome in Nintendo game development.

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I love all of the headcanons you do, so much!! could I get permission to use these myself (like, maybe in a comic that'll probably never happen, or just like, doodles and ideas?) I would of course credit you!

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I absolutely love your headcanons. I absolutely love your designing skills.

In the actual games, I am honestly surprised of the size difference between mipha and sidon

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This looks awesome, as always!

Interesting fact: to my knowledge, there exists a fish that gives "milk" to its young.

There is a guy on Youtube, who covered the topic of why female Zoras in the Zelda games have breasts.

I think the video is age restricted, but I'll leave the link below, if someone is interested.

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I love how the guy has a shark for a head. It reminds me of Fang from Teen Titans
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Yes... that's... litterally how Sidon and pretty much every Zora look like in the latest Zeldas

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Hehe, big fish, tiny boy
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The zora species is always been my number one favorite.You draw them incredible!
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THEY ALL LOOKS SO INCREDIBLE!!! Also Mipha's arms size is giving me life!

Joke aside, I love your versions of the Zora! I do wish Mipha was as tall as her brother, but hey, I still love her either ways <3 !

~~Also I hope her and Link will be good friends again in this version <3!~~

No, my real question is... Will Ruto be less annoying than her OOT version so I can actually appreciate both her design and character lol.

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Fish people = AWESOME

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I see a bunch of comments about Ruto and Sidon, but Mipha though!! The colors you used make her design seem so rich, and her shows strength without getting bulky (bulky ladies are underappreciated, but for a healer I feel this fits better?). I absolutely love her, thank you for these beautiful fish!

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Me: Ha, I won't swoon so easily. I have high standards!

Earthsong's Zora designs: exist

Me: Oh no! They're meeting all my standards! O//w//O

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I love Ruto's markings :)

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Hell yes Sidon bby
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I’ve always had a fondness for merfolk and such so the Zoras are my favorite race in Zelda. How you depict them is just incredible.
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Thanks so much! I'm in agreeance with you there; the Zora are awesome and I absolutely love their designs; it kinda makes me wish more fish or water-based races would be explored in other fantasy media O:

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I adore how you made King Dorephan an actual good leader, as well as a kind and caring father!! The fact that he nurtures Mipha's strengths and ensures she settles into her role as future ruler at her own pace is amazing, and he doesn't force either her or Sidon to face their main responsibilities, like a certain king we all know. That's genius writing right there! ^w^

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Ruto's design is amazing, all of them are

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So Mipha, Sidon and Ruto seem to be modeled after a porpoise, shark and ray respectively.

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