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Allllrighty, now it's time for some Rito headcanons! owo (with Link thrown in for height comparison)

Of all the LoZ races the Rito are the ones I did the least for, so I’m actually pretty happy to finally show ya’ll something on them. :3 Hope you like the headcanon and feel free to ask any questions! owo


The Characters:

-Medli is the kind and polite apprentice of Kass, who in this timeline tends to the temple dedicated to their patron deity. Despite her small size she packs enormous personality, and is often open and compassionate and... well, stubborn. She takes her job seriously and has a deep love for music, especially her favored harp.

-Teba is one of the best warriors the Rito have to offer; his size makes him slower than the typical Rito but he more than makes up for it for raw strength and his ability to tank most blows thrown his way. He and Revali often clash against one another due to their different attitudes (Teba more composed and humble, Revali more showy and a bragger), but despite the tension the two share a surprisingly friendly rivalry with one another. That "frenemies" friendship soon went sour when the village chief chose Teba as captain of the Rito Champions over Revali.

-Like Teba, Revali is one of the best warriors the Rito have at their disposal. Arguably, he's an even better warrior than Teba, even with the older bird's experience. Revali is faster, the quickest of his brethren, he never misses a shot, and above all of that Revali is a surprisingly talented magic user. Rito are notorious for being low-skilled in magic (something they more than compensate for in their archery prowess), however Revali has been able to utilize his magic in ways Rito rarely dream of. Specifically, his signature Gale Arrows: instead of using regular arrows to fire from his bow, Revali is able to summon and compress his wind magic in a tangible and dangerous projectile.

Yes, on every account, Revali truly is the better warrior... the best warrior the Rito have seen in recent times. And even then, Teba is the one who is chosen for Champion, not Revali. The Rito is furious about this decision; he's wanted that title all of his life, and feels cheated in something he knows he should have gotten. As a result, his friendship with Teba has soured and is little more than jabbing, scathing remarks.


The Race:

-The Rito are native to the tall, deep canyons in Hyrule, with their capital residing on the highest mountain spire. Their homes and structures are embedded into the mountain’s cliffsides and tops, often with bridges built to connect the natural spires to one another.

-Tthe Rito aren’t terribly magically inclined in more than wind-based magic, but they make up for it with their scarily stunning accuracy with the bow and arrows. The practice of archery is so revered in their culture it’s almost a religion: almost every Rito practices it and become adept at it at young ages.

-Speaking of archery, I’d surmise that the Rito are warrior-centric in culture. For the most part, all Rito are encouraged to take training in combat and especially in regards to archery, and every male Rito is expected to serve their military for at least 10 years after the age of 20. This isn’t exclusive to just being a soldier though: their military is all-encompassing and serves the tribe in every way imaginable. This includes being a hunter, a mentor, a law enforcer, an engineer, in any capacity. In this way it might be more accurate to say the Rito believe in serving their tribe and not so much serving just the military.

In the past, while they were also taught combat female Rito were discouraged from being warriors and were moreso encouraged to serve their tribe in more peacekeeping or artistic ways, such as being judges, musicians, cooks, historians, artists, writers, teachers, so on. It was generally frowned upon in the past for males to take one what was once considered a “female role” and vice versa, but ever since BotW that belief has since changed. It’s now more common to see female Rito in combative roles and male Rito in more artisan roles, and the culture has grown more for it.

-The Rito have an animal that’s sacred to their culture. That animal being the Dragon. It’s believed that the Guardian Spirit of Dragons, Valoo, is what granted the once flightless Rito the ability to soar in the air, granting them their feathers and wings in return for their patronage. On the highest peak of their spire sits a shrine dedicated to this dragon, where the Rito are known to make the long voyage to make offerings and to pay their tributes. Valoo does exist but is rarely seen by the Rito, and seeing him is thought to be one of the highest privileges known to their culture.

Dragons as a whole are seen as sacred due to this belief, and seeing any dragon is seen as a sign of good fortune to come.

-Speaking of, the Rito are not related to the Zora in any way in my headcanon. They evolved from the Rito in the Wind Waker game but those Rito aren’t evolved Zora either in my headcanon. For me, they were always bird-like, but overtime evolved to be even more bird-like and obtained the ability to fly without the aid of Valoo’s blessing.


And there ya have it! owo Since I posted this one a bit later than intended I'll probably be posting the next headcanon earlier, which will be the Gorons! Until then, please feel free to ask any questions you have and thank you so much for taking a peek! uwu

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i love this version of medli she looks soo cute:la:

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Awesome work!

I love that you gave Teba a tomial tooth and I like his heavier armor. I also like that you drew the nostrils/nares and skin around them. I also like that you drew them with the "proper" number of toes, since that's a minor annoyance for me (likewise with the Chocobos in the Final Fantasy franchise).

I like the idea of the Rito living in the canyons of Hyrule similar to the Anasazi. I use this idea in my fanfic, that the Rito were spread out across the whole Tabantha region and most fled Hyrule after The Great Calamity, choosing to live in cliffside dwellings along the big canyon to the northwest of the Village (also using Rito Village as a former capital of the Rito Tribes and that "Rito Village" is a poor translation of the actual Rito name for the place.)

Teba looks like he's been through some stuff. And lastly, does Medli have webbed feet?

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bird up

nice stuff

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Excuse me, but where's Prince Komali?

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Didn't use him for the AU; didn't quite feel the need to.

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Oh....*snicker* Poor Komali

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Revali gets knocked down a peg. I like it.

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I like Rito as their own race rather than an evolution of the Zora.

pookiesaurus4's avatar
IKR? Them being a Zora evolution makes no sense.
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Fun fact; the concept art for the Ritos reveals that those aren’t pants; them’s their bare legs. The Rito people walked around completely bottomless!

TNC-N3Cl's avatar

Huh. I've have wondered about that... Though when it comes to Kass it would make no sense having a yellow belly and then white legs.

DeadPegasus's avatar

There are birds that colorful in the wild. Can't rightly name any off the top of me head, but they exist.

TNC-N3Cl's avatar

This is true. For example, the white-cheeked turaco has a green chest but black belly and legs.

Mouselemur has some pictures they've taken that better illustrate this than what's in the Wikipedia article. (As well as lots of awesome photos of other birds and non-bird animals.)

For Kass, considering he's based on a blue and yellow Macaw it would make more sense for him to have yellow legs as well. But then again, Revali is supposed to be based on a blue jay and thus his entire underside would be white, but apparently it's only his belly that's white. And the tips of their wings aren't white. So it's not an exact one-to-one match. That and dialog indicates that Kass likes to eat fish which is not something macaws do. It just goes to show that any similarities between Rito and other birds they may share apperences with are purely aesthetic.

DeadPegasus's avatar

Point is.....

The Rito wear no pants.

TNC-N3Cl's avatar

Fair enough. They are birds after all, so their feathers would provide almost all the insulation and waterproofing they would need so clothes would be of little use outside of fashion, pockets and such being useful, armor being useful, other protective purposes (keeping their feathers clean if they have a dirty job for example), or whatever sense of modesty they have. Considering they don't have doors or walls in their homes, they don't seem to have much of a sense of privacy.

Birds can easily overheat cause of their feathers so throwing clothes on top of that would compound the issue (though probably not as big a problem for Rito considering their home is in a cold environment and they don't get out much). Not to mention I'd imagine compressing those feathers could be a tad uncomfortable, especially considering they'd be trying to puff up when angry, excited, scared, etc. (Which is why, outside of body armor/NBC protective gear/etc., the birdfolk in my sci-fi/fantasy hybrid universe "Project 47" wear loose fitting garments akin to spa robes or housecoats...)

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*starts the KFC machine with malicious intent*

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Don't you dare! I shall have your head on a platter!
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Love Meldi! She looks so cute!
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Although the title of the art hasn't escaped me. XD

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I tell you what, Revali needs to be taught a lesson in humility, the hard way. He won't learn unless he actually suffers, unfortunately.

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