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AWWWWW YEAH NEW POST! This time it’s art for that Pokemon story I’m working on! You can read a bit about it and the characters here:

Pokemon story concepts! owo by Earthsong9405

Our grumpy grandma Charizard, Torch, providing warmth and shelter to the youngins during a rainstorm. She may look tough and grouch about her loss of quiet ever since the kids came around, but she ain't foolin' no one. She's a softy. uwu

Also no worries about Torch in the rain; I like to think Fire-types, while vulnerable to water, aren’t so vulnerable that a bit of rain could hurt them. Especially the Char family; the flames at the tip of their tails can go out and they’ll be completely fine since that fire is generated from within; this is what allows Chars to swim or submerge themselves entirely with water, though they typically loath to.

Torch in particular actually likes the water; it helps her cool off uwu

BUUUT YEH! Feel free to ask any questions if ya have any. I hope ya like the art and keep your peepers peeled for incoming content soon! ^.^

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I love Gramma torch so much 😭

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I have a question: Why is your so cute and this good?!

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Really cute and beautiful.:heart: I love that Torch can be both a shelter and a fireplace for the kids with her wings and tail-fire. She's perfect to get some warmth from!:D

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Heheheh I love it SOOO cute!!!
Starling5's avatar

Did touch have any bio kids . Also awesome drawing

Earthsong9405's avatar

She has not! Either because she was entirely uninterested when she was younger, or simply infertile and couldn't.

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If they had voice actors/actresses who D’you think they’d be?
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This is amazing, I actually drew something similar ages ago. Of course your is greatly superior, absolutely beautiful work x

Rainy Nights
Ari-Renardi's avatar

I love the way charizard's tail is like a campfire x3 I love your artstyle btw x33

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I'm actually quite new to pokemon still (my mom hated any of stuff when I was a kid) So I'm adoring this different take on this new content! Can't wait to see more!

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Aaaaa too cute!

JousimusPrime's avatar

wonderful and amazing work.

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Very good work :clap: .

animalpainter's avatar

I'm such a sucker for characters who are tough on the outside, but nougat on the inside 😌

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*When you don't have any way to keep yourself dry, but feel obligated to keep others dry.*

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